120 Fair Instagram Captions for Fun Times and Thrilling Rides

There’s nothing like a fair to get the whole community excited! Grab your friends, family, or other half, and buckle…

There’s nothing like a fair to get the whole community excited! Grab your friends, family, or other half, and buckle up for a wild ride! We hope you have a GoPro, because your phone definitely won’t be able to capture all those sky-high moments!

Whether you’re there for the rides, indulgent foods, live entertainment, petting zoo, or carnival games, you’ll have an amazing time. The photos you take and videos you capture for Insta deserve memorable fair captions Instagram followers will love, like, and comment on!

With all that adrenaline still coursing through your veins, you might have some trouble coming up with great fair Instagram captions, but that’s what this list is for. Grab the captions that resonate, and  share your favorite moments from the fair with your Instagram friends and followers!

How to Write Exciting Fair Captions for Instagram

Everyone loves going to the fair, and it won’t be hard for your followers to fall in love with the wild photos you take. Writing engaging state fair Instagram captions is a different story, though! If you’re completely blanking on ideas, take a peek at these tips and see if they help:

  • Fair captions don’t have to be deep or complicated. Any catchy one-liner about how much fun you’re having, who you’re with, and what you’re doing is likely to get positive reactions. If you’re not sure what to write, keep your captions simple!
  • Adding a touch of humor is always a good idea, too. Funny fair captions for Instagram can use puns (the cheesier, the better!), tell awkward stories about chickening out of a ride at the last moment, or include funny idioms.
  • It’s also a good idea to capture the vibe and excitement of the fair. Fair captions Instagram users can relate to highlight your favorite moments and capture your unique experience. Every fair has a different atmosphere, and there’s lots to say!
  • Fairs are the best time to indulge and over-indulge in terribly unhealthy but equally fun foods. Writing cute fair Instagram captions about all the snacks you just couldn’t leave behind turns your posts into like magnets just like that!

Still need cool Instagram captions for the fair? We’ve got you! Buckle up and scroll down, because our captions cover just about any fair moment you can expect!

Fair Instagram Captions for Selfies

  1. Meet me at the state fair and take me on a ride.
  2. Here’s the before photo. I’ll post an after if I don’t throw up during the ride.
  3. All’s fair at the fair.
  4. Rides… but first, let me take a selfie.
  5. Go where the food is delicious and the rides are insane.
  6. Fair hair, don’t care.
  7. I’d say it’s a ring toss-up.
  8. The fair ain’t fair, but I don’t even care.
  9. Memories of funnel cakes and merry-go-rounds.
  10. Dance to the rhythm of carousel music and have a laugh.

Fair Captions for Instagram with Friends

  1. Ferris wheels, rollercoasters, cotton candy, and my crew. What more could I need?
  2. Friends who puke on rides together laugh about it together.
  3. Got 99 rides, and our only problem is picking which one’s next.
  4. The state fair: Because life can be a wild ride sometimes, and it’s always better with friends.
  5. Rolling into the fair with my squad like yeah!
  6. We’re here! Let the fun begin!
  7. It’s fair o’clock and we’re ready!
  8. Bag me a huge teddy, why don’t you?
  9. Happy nights, fair lights, and friendly fights. It’s fair time!
  10. Life’s a rollercoaster. Ride it with your friends.

State Fair Instagram Captions for Couples

  1. Cotton candy for two, please?
  2. Take aim and win me a prize, baby!
  3. Don’t mind us. We’re just here for the cheese fries.
  4. Rollercoaster rides are romantic — feel the fear and hold onto your bae!
  5. Take my hand. Let’s get lost in the fair together.
  6. You’re the cotton candy to my funnel cakes.
  7. Couples who go on wild rides together stay together.
  8. Let’s get spooked together and show them what we’re made of.
  9. My love for you is sweeter than funnel cakes.
  10. This rollercoaster reminds me of our relationship…

Funny Fair Captions for Instagram

  1. The corndogs were just a-maize-ing this year!
  2. Me to the Ferris wheel: You spin me right round, baby, right round.
  3. Feeling fair-ly optimistic about my chances of winning some prizes tonight!
  4. Reminder to self: Rides first, food later. You don’t want a repeat of last year.
  5. We’re just two lucky ducks in a small pond.
  6. When life gives you state fairs, head straight for the food.
  7. All the carnival games are rigged, so it should really be called an “unfair.”
  8. Selfie game strong, balance game… OK, let’s never mention that again.
  9. Sugar rushes and adrenaline-filled rides. I feel like a kid again!
  10. Let’s head to the fair and make some noise!

Cute Fair Instagram Captions

  1. The state fair, where clouds are made of cotton candy.
  2. Oh, this scent? It’s called “Second-Hand Rollercoaster.” Sorry!
  3. I followed my heart, and it led me to the hotdog stand.
  4. Fair vibes and corndog cravings.
  5. On the Ferris wheel, love is always in the air!
  6. Sweet rides and cotton candy vibes.
  7. Fair, you said? I’m in.
  8. I think I’m finally tall enough for all the grown-up rides. Yay!
  9. I’m the CEO of High Striker and I’m here to collect my prize.
  10. Winning the duck game? Peanuts!

Nostalgic Instagram Captions for the Fair

  1. Childhood dreams and happy times.
  2. I’m just here to relive the best days of my childhood!
  3. I swear, the cotton candy hasn’t changed one bit.
  4. Everything’s the same, but the Ferris wheel feels smaller…
  5. Time flies and rides come and go, but the state fair still makes me glow.
  6. Am I too old to pet farm animals? But they’re so fluffy!
  7. State fairs are like a blast from the past, where happy times and big smiles come to life.
  8. Meet me at the state fair and win me a cute prize.
  9. Reliving the magic of the state fair, where everyone’s without a care.
  10. Deep fried foods and fond memories.

State Fair Instagram Captions About Rides

  1. Keep calm and hold onto the bars…
  2. I want another go!
  3. Hop on the rollercoaster, feel your heartbeat speed up, and call it cardio.
  4. Miles of smiles and wild rides.
  5. Carousels and excited smiles. Life starts at the state fair!
  6. Live, laugh, and experience the scariest rides the state fair has to offer.
  7. Did you really go to the fair if you didn’t try all the rides?
  8. “Pics or it didn’t happen,” scary rollercoaster edition.
  9. Butterflies in my stomach, fair dreams in my heart.
  10. Life is too short to avoid risks. Grab your friends and roll into the sky!

Fair Captions for Instagram About the Petting Zoo

  1. The state fair: Where you discover that goats are the G.O.A.T.
  2. Radiate positive vibes and hope you don’t throw up!
  3. Farm animal vibes only.
  4. Can I take him home, pretty please?
  5. The petting zoo is my favorite part of visiting the fair.
  6. Life ain’t perfect, but these cuties sure make it better.
  7. Love, cuddles, and fluffy fur.
  8. You call him a sheep like it’s a bad thing?
  9. You can always find me at the petting zoo.
  10. Just me and a hen, because life’s cool like that.

Fair Instagram Captions About Food

  1. Let’s not talk about the Elephant Ears in the room…
  2. Sticks + apples + caramel = perfection.
  3. Lost at the state fair, found at the food stands.
  4. Cotton candy, caramel apples, and corn dogs. I think I’m in heaven.
  5. Nacho average fair experience.
  6. Food coma mood: Activated.
  7. Live life, enjoy the ride, and don’t forget to stack up on snacks.
  8. The fairground’s food heaven.
  9. Getting up close and personal with this cotton candy.
  10. Eat hotdogs and try all the rides. Just make sure you don’t do it in that order.

Great Quotes for Fair Captions for Instagram

  1. “She’s got a ticket to ride.” — The Beatles
  2. “You could have fired a cannon down state street and hit nobody, because everybody was out at the fair.” — Sally Rand
  3. “It’s been one blur of fun.” — Lily Pulitzer
  4. “I wish for happiness like this forever.” — Charity Barnum, The Greatest Showman
  5. “Up, up, up. Can only go up from here.” — Shania Twain
  6. “You loved Ferris wheels more than roller coasters because life shouldn’t be lived at full speed, but in anticipation and appreciation.” — Amy Harmon
  7. “Cotton candy lips and Ferris wheel eyes.” — Jessica Katoff
  8. “God put us here, on this carnival ride. We close our eyes never knowing where it’ll take us next.” ― Carrie Underwood
  9. “Nothing wrong with you a good roller coaster wouldn’t fix.” ― Elizabeth McCracken
  10. “I see nothing in space as promising as the view from a Ferris wheel.” — EB White

Short Fair Instagram Captions

  1. Life’s a fair.
  2. Carnival games are my love language.
  3. Howdy, pardner!
  4. Stepping into the magic of the fair.
  5. Chasing magic in a bumper car.
  6. Fair delights and bright lights.
  7. Fair? I’m in!
  8. I’m just here for the food.
  9. It’s carnival time, and I can’t wait!
  10. Popcorn, cotton candy, and the time of my life.

Creative Writing Prompts to Help You Craft Engaging Fair Instagram Captions

We hope you have already found some great Instagram captions for the fair on our massive list — but we also know that some pictures are so special that they deserve a little extra love and care. If you want to write fair captions Instagram will go crazy over, but you have no idea how to start, these creative writing prompts will get your creativity flowing!

Just choose the opener that best captures what you want to say, and finish the sentence! Don’t think — just write. The best captions come from authentic feelings.

  1. Lights, laughter, and endless fun. But my favorite fair ride is still…
  2. The fair: Where diets go to die and…
  3. When the fair comes to town, I always…
  4. Stepping onto the fairgrounds and into a story that says…
  5. Life’s like a game of ring toss. You always…
  6. The best fair memories are made when…
  7. At night, the fair…
  8. State fair priorities: …
  9. Playing carnival games makes me feel…
  10. It was an exciting af-fair when…

FAQ About Fair Captions for Instagram

How can I make my fair ride photos for Instagram stand out?

State fair Instagram captions go a long way toward sparking conversations on your feed, but you can’t forget about the other half of your post — an amazing photo! You can make your pictures stand out by capturing exciting and hilarious action shots, using wide angles to show the beauty of the fair in its full glory, and experimenting with time-lapse videos.

Ride photos are best taken with GoPros, but you can always capture an artistic photo of a Ferris Wheel or Lucky Duck game!

What are the best emojis for fair captions for Instagram?

First things first: Resist the temptation to post a long string of emojis and stick to three (or so) emojis that capture the vibe and complement the color scheme of your photos well. We love 🎡,🎢, 🎠, 🍭,🍿,🍦, 🎪, 😄, 🌈, and ✨ — but you have other options for capturing the fair experience with friends or kids in tow or winning one of the carnival games.

Can you recommend some good hashtags to add to fair captions for Instagram?

Of course! Instagram hashtags don’t just make it infinitely easier for more people to discover your great posts about going to the fair. They also add a ton of context, personality, and charm to your cute or funny fair captions for Instagram.

Some of the most popular hashtags are #fairfun, #carnivalvibes, #fairmagic, #fairnights, #carouseljoy, #ferriswheeladventure, #rollercoasterthrills, and #cottoncandydreams.