120 Wicked Good Boston Instagram Captions

Millions of tourists flock to the great city of Boston every year. They might come for the exciting trails, historic…

Millions of tourists flock to the great city of Boston every year. They might come for the exciting trails, historic buildings, amazing museums, or Harvard University, but somewhere along the way, they’ll fall in love with the vibe.

If you’re about to take a trip to Boston and the surrounding areas, like Cambridge or Plymouth, you’ll walk away with a newfound appreciation for all things Massachusetts and a camera roll full of amazing photos.

You know you’ll impress your Instagram followers with those epic snapshots, so only one question remains — how should you caption them? If you’re lost for words (or just too busy eating Boston cream pies), you’re in luck.

We’ve compiled a wicked list of Boston Instagram captions that you can tweak to suit your style or post straight to your feed. You’re welcome!

How to Write Wicked Good Boston Captions for Instagram

So, you want to show Boston in its best light and do your photos justice with clever and engaging Boston captions Instagram followers won’t hesitate to like or comment on? You’ve got a two-part mission — capture the city’s unique atmosphere and share how you feel about your trip.

Try these tips if you want to write winning Boston, Massachusetts Instagram captions:

  • Incorporate local slang into your Boston captions for Instagram to make your captions feel more authentic. Beyond “wicked,” you could add slang like “the T,” “spuckie,” “blinkah,” “packie,” or “frapp.” Pair this with clichés about tourists picking up Boston accents in days, and you’ve got a fun caption!
  • Use your captions to talk about everything your followers can’t take away from your pictures. Mention the smells, the temperature, the sounds you hear, and your mood to create a more immersive experience. Do it right, and your followers will almost feel like they’re in Boston with you.
  • When in doubt, make your captions funny. You can never go wrong with Boston-related puns or stories that make your followers laugh.
  • If your trip to Boston is part of a longer East Coast trip, make sure all your New England Instagram captions aren’t about urban adventures. Share the history and great views with your followers, too!

Have fun writing your captions — and have a look around ours if you prefer a ready-made solution that allows you to get right back to your adventures!

Boston Instagram Captions for Selfies

  1. Running away to Boston.
  2. East Coast vibes only.
  3. Eyes on the Boston pie.
  4. I followed my heart, and it led me to the Boston Common.
  5. I’m just here for the swan boats.
  6. Welcome to the Paris of America.
  7. Came for the college experience, stayed for the people.
  8. I need me some Boston time.
  9. Lost in Boston, but loving every moment.
  10. Feelin’ crabby.

Funny Boston Captions for Instagram

  1. Bean there, done that, got the farts to prove it.
  2. Today’s forecast: Fun and swan boats with periods of lobster rolls.
  3. I came to Boston because I’m wicked smaht.
  4. Another day in Boston, another trip to Dunkin’ Donuts.
  5. When life Sox, come to Boston.
  6. Wicked vibes and Boston cream pies.
  7. I’m on a lobster roll…
  8. Don’t mind me. Just working on my Boston accent.
  9. Got 99 problems, but who cares? I’m in Boston!
  10. Wind in my hair, don’t care.

Cute Boston Captions Instagram Will Love

  1. It’s a swan boat kind of day. I could get lost in the Boston Public Garden.
  2. Meet me at Quincy Market and bring your wallet.
  3. Daydreaming about lobster rolls and Boston cream pies.
  4. Gone to Boston. Won’t be back.
  5. No matter the question, Boston is always the answer.
  6. Boston isn’t just a city, it’s a whole mindset.
  7. Newbury Street dreams and endless adventures.
  8. Adventure mode? BostON!
  9. Well, I certainly didn’t come here for the weather!
  10. From Boston with love.

New England Instagram Captions

  1. It’s sweater weather and I’m here for it.
  2. Take my hand and come explore all the farmers’ markets.
  3. I just donut care about any other food here.
  4. When life gives you a weekend off, buy a plane ticket to New England.
  5. Clam chowder, anyone?
  6. Lost in New England? Nah. I’ve just replaced my GPS with Dunkin’ Donuts.
  7. In love with old brick buildings. I think I’ve found my happy place.
  8. Find me where history meets tomorrow, and the cream pies are good.
  9. A weekend in New England? The definition of happiness.
  10. Living life one lobster roll at a time.

Massachusetts Instagram Captions

  1. Seas the day and enjoy those clam dips.
  2. Oh my cod!
  3. Don’t mind me. I’m just eating a MAssive lobster roll!
  4. Making memories and chasing Boston sunsets.
  5. There’s so much to sea in Massachusetts!
  6. Massachusetts, you’ve got my heart!
  7. I’m on vacation, and nothing else MAtters.
  8. To bean or not to bean, that isn’t even a question.
  9. My little slice of heaven is a Boston cream pie.
  10. Life is short. Do what you want and start with a trip to Massachusetts.

Boston Instagram Captions with Friends

  1. Oh, this scent? It’s called “Dunkin’ Donuts and Traffic,” and we came all the way to Boston for it.
  2. Find us where dreams meet skyscrapers and there are only two seasons.
  3. Just two girls with lattes from Dunkin’ Donuts.
  4. Stunning waterfront views and bright city lights with my crew.
  5. Big college vibes and concrete jungles.
  6. Just two girls on the trail to freedom.
  7. We’ll knock this trip out of the Fenway Park!
  8. Meeting my crew in Little Italy, where the last slice is always mine.
  9. Hiking the Freedom Trail with my ride or dies.
  10. Find us in Boston’s Public Garden, hiding behind lush greenery in an amazing swan boat.

Boston Captions for Instagram About Food

  1. It’s not a regular burrito. It’s a Harvard Square Burrito.
  2. You haven’t lived until you’ve tried Boston baked beans. Just sayin’.
  3. Meet me where the baked beans are fresh and flavorful. Boston, here I come!
  4. I cannoli believe how good this is!
  5. I spy, with my little eye, a Boston cream pie.
  6. Frankly, this Fenway Frank doesn’t Sox.
  7. Going nuts for the Fluffernutter!
  8. Clam chowder? Yes, please! Down the hatch!
  9. Came for the adventure, stayed for the cod.
  10. Buttery, delicious, and beautiful. I’m talking about Saccotash!

Inspirational Boston Captions for Instagram

  1. Boston: Where collegiate dreams come true, adventurous trails are everywhere, and nothing feels impossible.
  2. It’s Fenway or the highway, guys!
  3. Beautiful sights and endless nights. I’d stay in Boston forever if I could.
  4. Let’s snuggle up and enjoy the beautiful Boston skyline together.
  5. Livin’ my life on Boston time.
  6. We’re in Boston and absolutely nothing else matters.
  7. Feet on the Boston streets, head in the clouds, and eyes on this amazing skyline.
  8. Huge city, small village energy. I think I’ve found my happy place!
  9. Venturing into the unknown with a plane ticket to Boston in one hand and a map in the other.
  10. The compass of my heart permanently points to Boston.

Great Quotes for Boston Captions for Instagram

  1. “Anyone who lives in Boston knows that it’s March that’s the cruelest.” — Stephen King
  2. “Boston has two seasons: August and winter.” — Billy Herman
  3. “Everything about Boston is unique. It isn’t one thing. Boston is its own deal.” — Bill Burr
  4. “That’s all I claim for Boston — that it is the thinking center of the continent, and therefore of the planet.” — Oliver Wendell Holmes
  5. “Boston is a great city, and Music Hall has a fame almost as extensive as that of Boston.” —

Frederick Douglass

  1. “Boston is an oasis in the desert, a place where the larger proportion of people are loving, rational and happy.” — Julia Ward Howe
  2. “The spring in Boston is like being in love: bad days slip in among the good ones, and the whole world is at a standstill, then the sun shines, the tears dry up, and we forget that yesterday was stormy.” — Louise Closser Hale
  3. “I fell in love with Boston, so hopefully, I’ll be here for a long time.” — Johnny Damon
  4. “Boston: Their hotels are bad. Their pumpkin pies are delicious. Their poetry is not so good.” — Edgar Allan Poe
  5. “Boston is large enough to learn your independence and small enough to make your own.” — Henry Winkler

Short Boston Captions for Instagram

  1. Simply wicked.
  2. Live, laugh, and explore Boston!
  3. Boston? I’m so in!
  4. Keep calm and say yes to Dunkin’ Donuts.
  5. Boston’s officially my new home away from home.
  6. Just an ugly duckling on a swan boat.
  7. Boston: Because everyone needs a favorite city.
  8. Go, Red Sox!
  9. Concrete dreams and wicked donuts.
  10. Boston, here I come!

Creative Writing Prompts for Boston Instagram Captions

Still looking for your next great caption? There’s no question that captions that match the vibe of your photos perfectly are the best — and writing your own is the easiest way to get there. Why not try these creative prompts? They’ll get your creativity flowing in no time!

  1. Standing at the edge of Boston Harbor, I…
  2. If you visit Boston, you have to… at least once.
  3. You’ll probably find me riding Boston’s swan boats, and…
  4. My trip to Boston in three words: …
  5. Having a wicked good time today, doing…
  6. Walking in the steps of history on the Freedom Trail, I…
  7. North End food is…
  8. Meet me at the Boston Public Library and…
  9. One thing I definitely won’t miss about Boston? …
  10. I’d stay here forever, just for the…

FAQ About Boston Captions for Instagram

How long should my Boston captions for Instagram be to get the best results?

If you want to play it safe, keep your Boston captions short and to the point. Aim to limit yourself to around 220 characters and give your followers no more than a unique taste of the city’s vibe. However, if you prefer to use your Instagram page as a travel journal of sorts, you can play around with extended captions that share more, and see how your followers react to these stories.

What emojis should I consider adding to my Boston Instagram captions?

You have an amazing variety of emojis to choose from, because 🏙️, 🌊, 🏛️, 🍔, 🍩, 🚶‍♂️, 🦢, and ⛵ all capture the Boston mood! Just don’t go crazy with too many emojis, and keep it classy!

Can you recommend some good hashtags for my Boston Instagram captions?

Of course! Some great hashtags for your trip to Boston include #bostonadventures, #bostonbound, #bostonvibes, #bostoneats, #bostonbyfoot, and, of course, hashtags that mention specific sights and foods!