130 Fashion Captions for Instagram to Make Stylish Outfits Come to Life

So, you could style (almost anyone) with awesome results, and you’re known for your unique style wherever you go —…

So, you could style (almost anyone) with awesome results, and you’re known for your unique style wherever you go — but you can’t think of fresh, engaging outfit Instagram captions? You’ve probably used up your most inspired ideas, and now you can’t think of anything else to say about fashion!

It might seem like a luxury problem, but here’s the deal. Unless your Instagram clothing captions are on point, you’ll have a hard time attracting the likes and comments your posts deserve. Think about it this way. Even your best outfits aren’t complete without the right accessories — and that’s what your Instagram captions for dressing up do for your photos!

If you’re screaming out for new caption ideas, scroll down! No matter what the occasion, you’re bound to find at least a few captions that can help you light your Instagram feed on fire!

How to Write Amazing Instagram Fashion Captions

If you’re new to posting Instagram captions for outfits (as opposed to general captions for photos where you may just happen to wear something great), you might need some tips to get started! If you’re hoping to level up your caption game and get more likes and comments than ever before, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Make every word count! Instagram’s caption character limit may be super generous, but your followers’ attention span probably isn’t. Lead with a bold statement nobody can ignore, and keep going from there if you have to — but ideally, keep your dress up Instagram captions short and sweet. We’d recommend captions of around 220 characters unless you’re using Instagram as a micro-blog.
  • Make sure your  dressed up Instagram captions are as creative as your style! Fashion is all about expressing yourself, and unique, clever captions can make all your best outfits pop even more!
  • No matter what you do, allow your personality to shine. Your followers love your creative OOTD posts, but they want to hear the stories behind them, too!
  • Don’t just add emojis, but make them highly relevant, too — and if possible, try to match the color scheme of your emojis to your outfits. This goes a long way toward tying everything together and creating a beautifully polished look.

More than anything, keep your fashion captions for Instagram positive, uplifting, and authentic! Have fun — because that’s what fashion is all about!

Writing Fashion Captions for Instagram: Some Tips for Businesses

Do you run a fashion-related business like a boutique or an ecommerce store? Although many of the caption writing tips above still apply to you, you do need a slightly different approach. Here’s what to keep an eye out for when you write boutique captions for Instagram:

  • Make sure to highlight any sales, promotions, or discounts in your boutique Instagram captions, encouraging followers and customers to make use of the offer while it lasts!
  • Share some behind-the-scenes photos showcasing your team at work — ideally, having a blast and building excitement about your products. Then write dressed up captions for Instagram to adorn these special posts. It’s a great way to build brand awareness and loyalty!
  • If you collaborate with Instagram influencers, other brands, or local businesses, give them a shout out in your fashion captions for Instagram! Not only does this make your collaborations more effective, but these posts will also resonate with your followers and help you build a unique brand voice.
  • Nearly always end your fashion captions for Instagram with a call to action. Artfully written CTAs don’t have to feel pushy, but they can play a huge role in driving sales.

OK, enough tips! Let’s get to the fashion, clothing, and dress captions for Instagram! Feel free to use any caption ideas that catch your eye, and remember — you can always adapt them to your unique needs, or expand them to tell more of a story!

Cool OOTD Captions for Instagram

  1. Making everyone else look mediocre, one great OOTD at a time.
  2. Slaying it, one outfit at a time.
  3. I’m a one-person trend-setting machine.
  4. Sorry, I can’t hear you over the sound of my fabulous outfit.
  5. Blazing my own trail. What’s your superpower?
  6. Fashion is what you buy, but style? All mine, baby.
  7. I’ll shop. You drop (to bow to your Queen).
  8. Who said the clothes don’t make the man? Just look!
  9. I don’t dress to impress. I dress to excess.
  10. Today’s forecast: Sunny, with a 100% chance of dazzling style.

Cute Outfit Captions for Instagram

  1. Fabulous from head to toe.
  2. This is more than an outfit. It’s a mindset.
  3. Today’s outfit screams: Invincible with a touch of shy girl.
  4. My favorite sport? I call it “getting ready,” but it’s more of a marathon than a sprint.
  5. Ice cream time means sweatpants and cute caps.
  6. Proof that not everything that looks too good to be true actually is.
  7. I love this outfit on me.
  8. Cute outfit, cuter face.
  9. My outfit and I are ready to conquer the world.
  10. Fashion is my love language, and this outfit is more than fabric and accessories. It’s a soft hug and a smile.

Elegant Dress Instagram Captions

  1. Trends may come and go, but some things are forever. Embracing classic outfits and sassy attitudes.
  2. You know what they say. Elegance is forever.
  3. Stay elegant and be timeless in a world of trends.
  4. I may be limited edition, but my outfit screams “timeless style.”
  5. Keep calm and stay elegant, ladies.
  6. Dressed up and ready to dance. But only if you hold the door open for me.
  7. Elegance is that one dress that still looks good 20 years later.
  8. First impression? Nailed it.
  9. Elegance is more than style. It’s my secret weapon.
  10. Elegance runs in my family, like a secret recipe passed down through generations.

Stylish Instagram Captions for Boutiques

  1. Looking for a world of cuteness? Come find us!
  2. When life’s too short for boring clothes, but you’ve worn everything you own at least twice.
  3. Fashion’s what you buy here, but style is what you do with it! What accessories would you pair with this outfit?
  4. Ready to let your outfit do all the talking? Come find your perfect match! Our racks are armed and ready to slay — just like you!
  5. That feeling when an outfit just speaks to you. Buy me, wear me!
  6. We slay fashion, so when you’re getting dressed to kill, we’ll provide the murder weapon.
  7. Good clothes open doors — so we’re open until 9 pm!
  8. Come, see, and conquer.
  9. Life ain’t perfect, but these outfits? Well, judge for yourself.
  10. Our pro tip? Go shopping with friends, and divide and conquer. You do the shopping, let your friends hold your bags.

Dress Up Captions for Instagram

  1. Look at the big picture, but never forget to zoom in on the little details!
  2. Slaying it, because less is more and the power lies in the simplicity.
  3. If you own it, flaunt it — and don’t forget to capture all angles!
  4. Looking great, feeling like I’m on top of the world!
  5. My secret? Always dress like you’re going to a concert.
  6. Dress like it’s the best day of your life, because you never know what surprises are just around the corner.
  7. Chin up, heels high, crown straight.
  8. Don’t count your blessings, count your outfits.
  9. You can put that umbrella away. I’ll be the sunshine.
  10. Fashion goals: Make sure they still talk about it in 10 years.

Casual Outfit Captions for Instagram

  1. Sorry, but I can’t call this outfit anything but “I definitely didn’t try.”
  2. Dressed to relax. Sue me.
  3. Keep calm and dare to wear the tracksuit. Your snacks don’t care how stylish you look.
  4. Forget about the dress. Bury me in this tracksuit.
  5. I didn’t choose the glam life today, and the glam life didn’t pick me, either.
  6. PJ selfies be like: Yeah, I actually did wake up like this.
  7. Casual outfit, killer vibes.
  8. Too shabby to give a damn. (But get back to me tomorrow, and I’ll show you an epic transformation!)
  9. Casual vibes, cozy moods.
  10. Got 99 problems, but my comfort ain’t one of them.

Runway Captions for Instagram

  1. Cleared for takeoff! Destination: The sky ain’t the limit.
  2. Who’s ready to run away with me?
  3. Shine, shine, and sparkle!
  4. Ready to wear means ready for anything.
  5. Dripping with drip.
  6. Bold designs, fierce attitudes, and fashion dreams come true.
  7. Who wants a sneak peak?
  8. Feel the fear, embrace the adrenaline, turn heads.
  9. Feel the vibe and tell me how you’d wear this.
  10. The runway: Proof that fashion was never about blending in.

Seasonal  Clothing Captions for Instagram

  1. Falling hard for this outfit.
  2. Snowflake is the new black. Don’t try to change my mind.
  3. Sunkissed vibes and dreaming of paradise.
  4. It may not be high fashion, but this outfit screams, “Ready for football season.”
  5. When spring is in the air, I attract floral prints like flowers attract bees.
  6. Unpredictable fall weather? I’m ready, with 50 layers and 50 shades of orange.
  7. My fashion sense is changing like the wind this fall. Brace for a storm!
  8. Dress for the weather, not the season.
  9. I’m my own golden hour.
  10. Spring fever personified.

Outfit Captions for Instagram for Girls

  1. Dress for the occasion. Chase your dreams in high heels.
  2. 90% pretty, 10% petty, 100% fabulous.
  3. Make your heels high, but your standards higher.
  4. A spring in every step, a touch of crazy in every outfit.
  5. My motto? Make sure your actions match your words, and your bag your outfit.
  6. Life may not be perfect, but my outfit sure comes pretty damn close!
  7. Don’t dress for the job you have, but the job you want! My aspiration? Runway model, obviously.
  8. That feeling when you’ve got too many great outfits to decide which one to slay the day in.
  9. My outfit’s black and timelessly elegant. I’ll bring the attitude.
  10. I’m the CEO of Style.

Outfit Captions for Instagram for Boys

  1. Maybe he was born with it. Maybe it was his girlfriend’s fashion tips.
  2. Me? Yeah, Stylish is my middle name.
  3. Life goals: Learn to tie a tie properly.
  4. My motto? The man makes the clothes.
  5. Clean clothes? Check. Clean teeth? Check. Ready to take on the world.
  6. Keep calm, keep it real, and be your own kind of handsome.
  7. Fashion sense: Sharper than a knife.
  8. Dress like a gentleman, cry like a hipster.
  9. When life gives you clothes, wear them. But only sometimes.
  10. Suit up and chase your dreams.

Dress-Up Captions for Instagram with Friends

  1. A wardrobe full of killer outfits means a closet full of friends.
  2. We’re not twins, but our outfits are!
  3. Double the trouble, twice the killer outfits.
  4. BFFs: Best ‘Fit Fridays.
  5. Fashion game strong, friendship stronger.
  6. Baddie vibes, cute outfits.
  7. You’re the elegance to my style.
  8. Slaying it in our PJs.
  9. We’d say outfits speak louder than words, but this pic doesn’t come with audio. You’re welcome.
  10. We don’t believe in matching outfits, so we’ll call this one “chalk and cheese.”

Great Quotes for Fashion Instagram Captions

  1. “You can never be overdressed or overeducated.” ― Oscar Wilde
  2. “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” ― Coco Chanel
  3. “The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy.” ― Yves Saint Laurent
  4. “Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn.” — Orson Welles
  5. “And now, I’m just trying to change the world, one sequin at a time.” ― Lady Gaga
  6. “Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick.” ― Gwyneth Paltrow
  7. “I don’t believe in fashion. I believe in costume. Life is too short to be the same person every day.” ― Stephanie Perkins
  8. “There is good clothing design on every level today. You can be the chicest thing in the world in a T-shirt and jeans — it’s up to you.” ― Karl Lagerfeld
  9. “Oh, never mind the fashion. When one has a style of one’s own, it is always twenty times better.” ― Margaret Oliphant
  10. “My attitude is if fashion says it’s forbidden, I’m going to do it.” ― Michael Jackson

Short Style Captions for Instagram

  1. Dress like you own the place.
  2. Dress to express.
  3. Today, more is more.
  4. Sassy, stylish, and slaying it.
  5. But first, get dressed.
  6. Chic vibes only.
  7. Say yes to the dress.
  8. Slaying the fashion game.
  9. Style is power.
  10. Dress to make yourself smile.

Creative Writing Prompts for Fashion Captions for Instagram

We hope our list of outfit captions for Instagram inspired you — and they’re definitely short enough to add more details about your fashion statements! If, however, you prefer writing your own fashion Instagram captions, we get it. There’s nothing like knowing your caption is 100% unique, just like your sense of style!

Our writing prompts will get your creative thoughts flowing, so you can write killer OOTD captions for Instagram that your followers will love and comment on! Just pick the sentences that resonate, and remember — you’re in charge of your own story!

  • I’m ready to… in this outfit. Because style is the start of every…
  • My wardrobe’s theme song. It’s obvious, isn’t it? …
  • I call this look…
  • Remember, kids, you don’t need a reason to dress up. You just need to…
  • Fashion is the universal language, and this outfit says…

FAQ About Outfit Instagram Captions

How do I come up with creative style captions for Instagram?

We hate to state the obvious, but you have two clear sources of inspiration — your outfit and how you feel about it. Bold colors practically beg for color-related puns, for example, and outfits that make you feel especially powerful, cute, or playful deserve special mentions, too.

When in doubt, explore puns and idioms — or start your caption off with a famous quote from a fashion designer! From there, add your own unique ideas, and you’re good to go.

Can casual outfit captions for Instagram be interesting, or should I only post about my best outfits?

That’s a great question. Our take? Your PJ, athletic wear, Casual Friday, and lazy Sunday afternoon outfits deserve some love, too. Especially if you usually impress your Instagram followers with stunning outfits, it’s good to show that you’re not always dressed to the nines. Casual outfit pics make you look more relatable.

How long should my Instagram fashion captions be?

That depends.

Short OOTD or dress up captions for Instagram usually work best — remember, people’s attention spans are pretty limited. However, if you run a business and you’re busy writing  Instagram captions for boutiques, or you treat your Instagram page more like a micro-blog or fashion journal, you can definitely get away with longer captions.

Our advice? Experiment with different caption lengths and test which ones get better reactions from your followers.

What are some great hashtags to add to my Instagram captions for outfits?

That’s a really tricky question. You may not have as many options as there are stars in the universe, but you’ll come pretty close. Some of our favorite hashtags for clothing captions for Instagram include #ootd (obviously), #styleoftheday, #outfitgoals, #instafashion, #fashionista, #fashiondiaries, and #fashioninspo.