What is An Instagram Influencer?

A new breed of Instagram user has emerged over the past few years, taking the world of marketing and advertising…

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A new breed of Instagram user has emerged over the past few years, taking the world of marketing and advertising by storm.

Instagram influencers as users who leverage the platform’s reach by making themselves a valuable asset – first through their own profile and then through collaborations and campaigns funded and launched by others.

An influencer typically has a high following and/or an incredibly credible position within an industry or market – and has the power to influence the decisions made by followers.

They are engaging and, while on the surface are valuable marketing tools for businesses and brands, can actually be highly influential when it comes to building relationships with – and connecting with – customers and followers.

How to Use Influencers

If you are interested in using influencers for your own campaigns and business marketing on Instagram, then it is worth noting first and foremost that there are different kinds of influencers. These include:

  • Mega influencers (traditionally celebrities and those with an exceptionally high following, where quantity wins out over quality. These influencers do not tend to attract a niche audience, but can get a brand name in front of thousands of followers in minutes)
  • Macro influencers (those with a high following – though not as high as mega influencers. These influencers have weight in certain sectors and will tend to appeal to certain demographics and age groups)
  • Micro influencers (normal users who are known for and connected to certain industries. They are ideal if you want to reach a specific audience, owing to their relationship with that audience)
  • Nano influencers (experts in a highly specialised field. The epitome of quality over quantity in terms of their following)

Selecting the right influencer group for you will be defined by budget and what you want to achieve. If you’re reaching out to a very targeted group then you will likely be looking at micro and nano influencers – if your sole aim is to increase your following figure and get your name out to the widest possible audience, you’ll need the backing of a mega or macro influencer.

NOTE: If you want to become an influencer yourself, that’s a whole other topic. But in order to get started on your journey, our advice is to choose a niche and something that you can become known for and start creating memorable and truly engaging content on a regular basis!

We hope this helps. Look out for our other blogs on influencers and how to grow your following.

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