135 Epic Self Captions for Instagram to Help You Stand Out

If you’re a bona fide Instagram addict, you may be surprised that just four percent of all the photos we…

If you’re a bona fide Instagram addict, you may be surprised that just four percent of all the photos we take are selfies — but we still spend an average of seven minutes a day taking them! Each one is its own way of sending a unique story out into the ether, and each deserves to be decorated with a unique caption.

But let’s face it — while selfies are easy to take, our self-consciousness can make them hard to share and even tougher to caption. We’re here to help you get that creative flow going. Choose from a massive collection of great Instagram captions for selfies, and grab some tips on crafting  good selfie captions for Instagram as well!

Short Cute Captions for Instagram Selfies

Looking for some cute Instagram captions for selfies that show you’re not just a pretty face but also a cool, sweet human being?  Start here and discover that cute selfie captions for Instagram don’t always have to be about your photo!

1. Who’s that gorgeous person looking in the mirror? Oh, it’s me!

2. Love your selfie.

3. Hi there!

4. I love to overcomplicate things.

5. Sparkle & shine.

6. Be you.

7. Be nice to yourself.

8. Feelin’ good.

9. Smile on fleek.

10. I bite back.

Short Cute Captions for Instagram Selfies

Inspirational Instagram Captions for Pictures of Yourself

Despite the obvious subject matter, selfies don’t have to be an endless self-promo fest. When you grab that one selfie that makes you look as awesome as you feel, take the opportunity to craft some Instagram selfie captions that share positive messages about self love, self-acceptance, or taking good care of yourself. If you’re looking for good captions for Instagram selfies that your followers can be inspired by, start here!

11. Here’s to the battles that made me a warrior.

12. Need a reminder that you’re enough, you’re strong, and you’re worthy? Take a selfie and dare to share.

13. Every smile had to jump over countless obstacles to get there, and they make every happy moment that much brighter.

14. Perfection doesn’t exist, but when you come close, savor the moment!

15. Make every day the best day of your life!

16. Dare to believe in yourself.

17. The road to happiness is paved with exciting little flaws.

18. Be that breath of fresh air you crave.

19. Every once in a while, when you dare, make them stop and stare.

20. Unlimited potential!

Hot, Short Instagram Captions for Selfies

Looking for a short hot caption for Instagram for that one flaming selfie? If you usually go for cute captions for selfies on Instagram, you might have some trouble showing yourself off in all your glory. Here’s some inspiration for you!

21. Are you staring at me?

22. Gorgeous, aren’t I?

23. Content warning: These looks can kill.

24. Catch a glimpse!

25. Keep dreaming!

26. Born to shine.

27. Hot off the press!

28. Catch me if you can…

29. Here’s mine. Show me yours?

30. Rock those heels and chase your dreams.

Silly Instagram Captions for Myself

Are you quirky and proud, or just in a silly mood? Those are the best moments! Try these light-hearted, silly, and cute captions for Instagram selfies whenever you’re feeling goofy! (Be careful, though — when you get silly on your Instagram page, it’s vital to read the room and make sure all your followers “get” your message!)

31. All my friends are here! Me, myself, and I!

32. I’m positively glowing! You might even think I just ate a light switch!

33. When your face smiles at you in the mirror, smile back. It’s only polite!

43. Laughter is the best medicine. When you can’t find anything else to LOL at, laugh at yourself!

44. When life gives you lemons… take a bite and a selfie!

45. Acting like you’re five is the secret to eternal youth.

46. When you can’t take a selfie, photobomb someone else’s.

47. Talk to yourself, and you’ll never get bored.

48. Keep those silly vibes coming!

49. Define serious.

50. When adulthood comes with a double dose of juice boxes and a sprinkle of sprinkles.

Silly Instagram Captions for Myself

Savage Instagram Captions for Yourself

One of the keys to writing captions that consistently engage your Instagram audience is to develop a unique voice — and keep it alive in all your posts. Not everyone naturally takes to cute short Instagram captions. If you’re sassy and a touch sarcastic, savage solo Instagram captions might be your thing!

51. Sarcasm is my spirit animal.

52. Wishing for a world where everyone could be me. But not all dreams come true.

53. Compare and contrast, I dare you, but get ready to lose.

54. Quit whining and get over it. Not everyone can be me.

55. One thing you should know about me? I bite back! Don’t touch the fire if you can’t handle the heat!

56. Yeah, masterpieces take time. Pull out a chair and keep waiting.

57. Feel free to stare at this selfie. Nobody can see you doing it.

58. From A to Z, from beauty to beast.

59. Shut up and look at me.

60. Just remember the alphabet, where I comes before U.

Celebratory Captions for Instagram Selfies

Got something to celebrate? Time to take out that selfie stick! If you can’t wait to share your successes with your Insta fam but you don’t want to boast (too much), these cute Instagram selfie captions that celebrate your wins without being self-indulgent could be the ticket!

61. The road to happiness is paved with celebrations.

62. Living life to the fullest!

63. Good times, laughter, and wins.

64. Popping that cork like a pro!

65. Dream so hard it scares you.

66. Because I’m worth it!

67. Party time is the best time!

68. Just leveled up!

89. Seize the moment!

90. But first, celebrate yourself.

Fitness Selfie Instagram Captions

Have you been hitting the gym like a maniac while trying your best to eat clean? Show your Insta fam that all that hustle led to muscle with good captions for selfies on Instagram for gym lovers! The recipe for success? Be proud of your hard work and the results — but add a motivational twist for your followers!

91. Proud member of the “go hard or go home” crew.

92. Fitness looks good on me.

93. I hope the question isn’t if I’ll be able to walk tomorrow, ‘cause the answer is probably no.

94. Champions are made, not born.

95. Gym day, let’s go!

96. Oh, these? They’re my muscles’ muscles.

97. Quitting is not an option.

98. Spoiler alert: The “after” looks better than the “before.”

99. Pain really is gain.

100. Feel the burn.

Fitness Selfie Instagram Captions

Instagram Captions for Girls Selfie

Looking good, feeling better? That deserves to be celebrated! Good Instagram selfie captions for girls often share the feels behind the selfie or take that extra step by spreading that girl power to all your followers. These cute picture captions for Instagram are some of our favorites!

101. The best selfies are with besties!

102. Never let anyone treat you like you’re basic.

103. Walk it like you talk it.

104. 60% cute, 30% sass, 10% nerves, 100% me.

105. Be a boss.

106. New heels, same attitude.

107. The little things in life matter… like me.

108. P.S.: My friends are my superpower!

109. Selfie is a state of mind.

110. Live every day like it’s your last.

Good Instagram Captions for Selfies for Guys

If you’re a guy writing Instagram captions about yourself, you’ll probably want to focus more on the thing you’re doing in the picture than how you look. With these confident and short Instagram captions selfie photos vibe well with, you can get your followers to stare without mentioning your looks.

111. Long time no see!

112. Fitting in was never my style.

113. Don’t wait for anyone.

114. Life’s full of surprises.

115. If it doesn’t make you grow, it’s not worth your time.

116. Skill + attitude = success.

117. Cool guys only.

118. Whenever you’re in the mood for a good horror, take a selfie.

119. You know you’re on the right track when 50% of the people in the room try to prove you wrong.

120. Thank you, come again.

One Word Selfie Captions for Instagram

Just one word? You bet! One word captions for Instagram can feel limiting, but they have a special power — these unique captions really force you to think about your core message. You’d be surprised what you can do with a single word, too. Don’t get us wrong. “Selfie” is fine, but you can definitely do better. Here are the best Instagram selfie captions that don’t take up more than one word. According to us, anyway.

121. Sass.

122. Queen.

123. Vibes.

124. Dare.

125. Dream.

126. Euphoria.

127. Define.

128. Human.

129. Blessed.

130. Welcome.

Trendy Self Captions for Instagram

Trendy Self Captions for Instagram

If you hang out on Instagram enough, you’ll quickly notice that certain captions come and go. They take the Gram by storm… but also disappear as quickly as they appeared. Any face captions for Instagram you see more than twice in your friend group might just be an in-joke. The Instagram captions for selfies 2022 you see everywhere? Yup, those are hot right now!

We’ve made a list of the trendiest selfie Instagram captions 2022 to help you stay up to date. Before you wonder whether sharing trending captions makes you look unoriginal, it doesn’t. Even if you pick some of the top Instagram selfie captions 2022, your picture ultimately sets the mood. Something that’s cheesy with one picture becomes hilarious with another!

131. Too glam to give a damn.

132. “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” — Steve Jobs

133. If it doesn’t open, it’s not your door.

134. Good things come to those who hustle.

135. Life isn’t perfect, but your outfit can be.

Creative Prompts to Help You Write the Best Instagram Captions for Selfies

We hope you found at least one awesome Instagram caption for self photos on our massive list, and that the captions inspired you to come up with some of your own. But we get it — the best Instagram captions for selfies are ones written for the moment and the selfie.

These creative writing prompts are a handy launchpad that allows you to shoot off into cyberspace with great vibes! You’re welcome!

  • If your selfie were the cover of a bestselling novel, what would the title be? Write that and post it. (Don’t worry — you can edit your selfie captions later if you get shy!)
  • Turn your caption into Pun Appreciation Day, using just your outfit, background, or facial expression.
  • Dive deeper and explore the (possible) symbolism in the elements represented in your selfies.
  • Turn your next Instagram selfie caption into a mini-confessional, and share something you’re mildly embarrassed about.

FAQ About Self Captions for Instagram

How do I pick the right Instagram captions for selfies?

Great question! Start by considering the mood of your selfie and add context. From there, think about the voice your followers are used to hearing from you, and keep your message authentic. You can find out what kinds of captions your followers prefer by posting lots of different ones and seeing which get more likes, views, and comments.

How long should self captions for Instagram be?

You’ve got a ton of space — but most Instagram users get the best results with funny or cute Instagram captions for selfies that aren’t much longer than around 220 characters.

What hashtags should I add when I post selfie captions for Instagram?

Popular hashtags for Instagram captions for pictures of yourself include #selfie, #instagood, #likeforlikes, #selfiequeen, #loveyourself, #smilemore, and #strikeapose. Always look for trending hashtags to make sure your epic selfies get the love they deserve!