50 Deep Instagram Captions for Selfies Tumblr to Bring Mysterious Vibes to Your Insta

50 Deep Instagram Captions for Selfies Tumblr to Bring Mysterious Vibes to Your Insta This guide is dedicated to making…

50 Deep Instagram Captions for Selfies Tumblr to Bring Mysterious Vibes to Your Insta

This guide is dedicated to making it happen. We’ll take an exciting look at the differences between Instagram and Tumblr, show you how to learn from the mood you find on Tumblr as you continue to build a unique presence on Insta, and give you some quirky, hard-hitting ideas for Tumblr captions for Instagram?

Ready? Strap in and expect the unexpected!

Need Good Instagram Captions? Tumblr Can Help, and Here’s Why

So, we can probably all agree that every social media platform is unique. If they were people, they’d each have completely different personalities:

  • X/Twitter is the auntie who read Nietzsche for fun as a teenager and who can argue everyone under the table in 140 characters or less. You know she’s going to ruin Thanksgiving dinner by devoting her verbal jiu-jitsu skills to her latest political pet project, but you kind of hope a picture of a cuddly cat will pacify her.
  • Facebook is the grandpa who runs a diner down the street. He loves scouring the web for old furniture she can buy and restore, and his menu hasn’t changed in the last 20 years — but you’re in the mood for his comfort food (burgers and fries, mainly) sometimes.
  • Reddit is the high school friend who now runs a successful construction business, absolutely has to have the best of everything, and conducts in-depth research before buying just about anything, from sneakers to pocket knives and power tools. He’ll try to save you from sub-par purchases with a barrage of data — but he’ll send you a meme about it, too.
  • TikTok is the cool teenage cousin who always challenges you to try new dances and knows how to make you laugh. Ignore her at your peril, but watch out — she’ll throw a bunch of trendy slang you definitely don’t understand your way.

Instagram? Well, she’s the fashionista whose style is always on point. She’s perfect. She makes life’s simplest moments look aspirational, but sometimes you wonder if she has a heart under that glamorous exterior.

If she came face-to-face with Tumblr — the eccentric artist who can’t help but introduce you to brand-new ideas, complete with thought-provoking statements and unapologetically quirky visuals — Instagram might be a little intimidated. The fresh energy Tumblr brings to the party is also magnetizing, though, and over time, the two could definitely become friends.

Where would their journey start? With selfies, of course! Let’s leave Instagram’s polished look behind and bring a little raw authenticity to the table with ideas for Instagram captions for selfies Tumblr would be proud of, too!

Creative Instagram Captions for Selfies Tumblr

1. Yes, I’m exactly the kind of girl who would wear this outfit to work. I don’t believe in “for your eyes only.”

2. Stand on your tippie toes and kiss me if you dare.

3. It’s not your fault, but I still hope this selfie takes your breath away. What fun is life without some choking hazards?

4. I’m lost, but at least I’m lost in the world of my own dreams. Come find me at your own risk.

5. Because raw beauty can only come into existence where there are sharp edges and blurred lines.

6. Dress to depress, but feast your eyes if you must.

7. I only fall in love with the magic of the moment. Don’t hold your breath.

8. Be yourself and give ‘em hell.

9. I never let haters ruin my day. Yes, it’s a superpower. No, I’m not sorry.

10. With a smile that says, “My self-esteem doesn’t depend on your approval.” But feel free to approve if you want.

Unapologetically Quirky Instagram Captions Tumblr

11. Love your selfie, ‘cause confidence is healthy.

12. It’s a beautiful day to have intrusive thoughts about you.

13. I don’t think I’ve been struck by lightning, but I still feel electric.

14. Sorry, but I won’t be your bad habit for the day.

15. The hole in my heart where you used to be? I’m filling it with pizza and skydiving.

16. The smallest moments lead to the biggest smiles, especially when I thought you’d forgotten about that months ago.

17. Crayons are my favorite flavor, but I’m not scared to pour a whole bottle of glitter on top.

18. Adorable, but remember that even kittens have claws and teeth.

19. Oh, me? I’m just capturing memories like falcons capture pigeons. Move along…

20. Buddism teaches you to accept the present moment, but I challenge you to make it sparkle.

Dreamy Tumblr Captions for Instagram

21. Lost in my daydreams. I can’t find my way out, but perhaps I don’t want to.

22. If you walk over the cliff where nightmares and dreams collide, you’ll find me there, singing under the apple tree.

23. Splashing your best friend on a cloudy beach, with a cocktail with one of those little umbrellas? That’s the stuff of memories.

24. BRB, just aligning my chakras.

25. Drifting through the endless river of selfies, hoping you’ll find me.

26. I live for unwritten chapters and blank pages.

27. Turning scares into scars, and scars into strength, one dreamy day at a time.

28. Can’t talk. Too busy getting lost in a daydream.

29. Lost in my thoughts. Someone help me find a way out of this maze.

30. When nightmares turn into dark horses that gallop away into cyberspace.

Philosophical Instagram Captions Tumblr

31. Because some angels carry whips in their pockets.

32. I’ll never stop smiling about that moment we could have had, that one day in the park.

33. Before you try to pick the flower of my soul, remember that some plants are poisonous.

34. Life is nothing but a memento box with faded photos of lost dreams.

35. When life gives you lemons, definitely freak out a little. Life was never meant to give you lemons. If you want them, you either buy them or grow them. Chew on that.

36. Just me, wondering if the hugs you give life up to the hype.

37. If you’re looking for love, you can find me where South Park meets Duck Tales.

38. The sarcasm in my soul greets the sarcasm in yours. Have fun with that.

39. It’s just not your day to get the last pizza slice. Come back tomorrow, and let’s try it again.

40. As long as it makes a cool sound, I’m in.

Good Instagram Captions Tumblr About Life

41. That feeling when you realize that your relationship is nothing but a glitchy WiFi connection, and it’s time to restart the modem.

42. I don’t expect you to understand. It’s not the kind of art you make for someone else’s viewing pleasure.

43. Walking around in a fog, hoping to find myself. The weekend has only just started.

44. Every ending you worked toward and looked forward to just hides a new beginning. Can we just ban Mondays?

45. Dancing is fun and all, but I’d rather run into your arms crying.

46. Unbrushed hair and baggy t-shirts. It’s just me, but you’ll have to wait for me to emerge from my hibernation if you want to have fun together.

47. Forever an undergrad at the university of life, but at least there aren’t any cookie cutters here.

48. Tales of pickle jars I couldn’t open, and coffees I forget to drink.

49. My outfit says I’m ready for an adventure, but my mind is telling me to go home and binge-watch Game of Thrones.

50. Three-quarters through and still looking for you.

How Do You Nail Instagram Captions for Selfies Tumblr?

We really hope you had fun exploring our ideas for Tumblr captions for Instagram — because we had a great time adding a more mysterious, introspective, and authentic twist that blends Instagram’s polished vibe with Tumblr’s quirky nature.

Want to post good Instagram captions Tumblr would feel right at home with? Here are some tips to keep the vibe going:

  • So, if you’re not actually on Tumblr, checking out some of the things people on there say is an obvious first start. By immersing yourself in Tumblr’s quirky, creative mood, you’ll instantly get fresh caption ideas for Instagram!
  • If shopping is a metaphor for social media, think “yard sale,” not “high-end storefront” as you try to bring Tumblr energy to your Instagram posts. You can find some real gems at a yard sale, but you’ll definitely have to wade through some weird stuff before you get there — and that’s part of the fun!
  • Mix authenticity with humor. Tumblr routinely gets quite a bit darker than Instagram, but almost never without an introspective kind of wit that lightens the mood a little. Seeing that kind of mood on Instagram can be very refreshing!

Above all, be yourself. You don’t have to share all of you, but everything you say has to be all you. Have fun, too, because you’re about to bring a breath of fresh air to Instagram!

FAQ About Instagram Captions Tumblr

How long should my Instagram captions Tumblr be?

That’s a good question. While Instagram has a very generous character limit of 2,200 characters, the platform is famous for short, catchy captions. Tumblr, on the other hand, tends to go into more depth and detail, so longer captions are common. Try to find a perfect mix between the two. Perhaps start with shorter captions that bring Tumblr energy to Instagram, and work your way up from there — checking if your followers are still paying attention.

Should I add emojis to my Tumblr captions for Instagram?

Tumblr users take a different approach to emojis than Instagrammers. They tend to use emojis to add some visual flair where it’s really meaningful, but they rarely replace words with emojis or use emojis as the main way to communicate. Keep that in mind if you want your captions to be as Tumblr-esque as possible.