70 Beautifully Confident Self Love Captions for Instagram

Did you know that over 92 million new selfies are snapped every single day? That’s right! We live in a…

Did you know that over 92 million new selfies are snapped every single day? That’s right! We live in a world where a good portion of us have practically transformed capturing our best angles and showcasing our unique personalities into an art form!

But here’s the kicker. Although the average person smiles in 60 percent of their selfies, only 30 percent of us make time for a hefty dose of self care every day. A bit of a downer, isn’t it?

What’s the point of all those cool selfies you post on Instagram if they’re not also a reminder of the essential role loving and caring for yourself plays in good mental health? If you want to remind yourself and everyone who sees your posts how important it is to look after Number One, make your next selfie Instagram caption about self love!

Nearly every selfie is the perfect canvas for a beautiful self love Instagram caption — so yes, that means the selfies you’re not sure you’re happy with (because they expose all the things you hate about the way you look!) as well as those where you look picture perfect.

Here’s the thing — you never just write an Instagram caption for yourself. All your love yourself Instagram captions also send a powerful message to your followers and friends. It’s not just OK to love yourself, but very healthy. Penning inspiring and witty self love captions unlocks the power of inspiring others to give themselves a royal dose of TLC, too.

Not sure where to get started? This list of self love Instagram captions is more than a handy resource. It also shows you how to craft your captions to celebrate “Number One” in style. Because you better believe it — you’re worth it!

Inspiring Love Yourself Captions for Instagram

Looking for an Instagram caption self love shines in, because you don’t just want to make yourself feel good, but you also want to motivate all your Insta followers to take better care of themselves? Here’s a little secret. The most inspiring self love captions dive deeper.

Beyond “hot and I know it” (which is a great message — don’t question it!), you’ll find messages that share a universal truth. We can’t always live for other people. We all deserve to take care of ourselves, too.

Start with these inspiring self love captions perfect for all your selfies, and let the creative flow carry you from there!

1. When it dawns on you — fully — that you’re worthy of love and respect, weeding out the toxic folks who drag you down becomes easy. Don’t respect me like I do? Bye!

2. Never forget that you’re more than enough.

3. While you’re appreciating others, don’t forget to do yourself the same favor.

4. You & you: The one love story that never has to end.

5.  Dare to be your own best friend.

6. Let your confidence be your superpower, and don’t apologize for being awesome.

7. You are your own masterpiece.

8. You can’t love others if you don’t start with yourself.

9. Never wait for someone else to tell you how awesome you are.

10. Self love is a journey. Make it an epic adventure.

Short Self Love Captions for Instagram for Girls

Short Self Love Captions for Instagram for Girls

Some of the best Instagram captions self love shines through in are short and get straight to the point. You know your followers best, and if you don’t think they have the patience to read through the longer inspiring self love captions we started off with, go for something succinct and snappy, instead.

Here are some examples of empowering but short captions for girls to get you started off — but feel free to tailor them to your own unique personality!

11. I’m my own biggest fan.

12. My mirror — my favorite place to be.

13. Never forget to love yourself.

14. Self-love isn’t selfish.

15. I have unlimited potential.

16. Taking myself on a date.

17. Need some me-time today.

18. Confidence is key.

19. Meet my bestie. Me.

20. Be glad you tried. Yes, you’re good enough.

Body Positivity Self Love Captions for Instagram for Girls

Girls are constantly under pressure to appear perfect and live up to impossible beauty standards. There isn’t a girl in the world who doesn’t have doubts about her body, and there isn’t a girl in the world who doesn’t wonder if she’s good enough on a daily basis.

These loving yourself captions for Instagram help you get the message that you are your body, flaws and all, across. Why not celebrate it for all the wonderful things it can do?

21. Everyone’s got a body, but this one’s mine.

22. Perfectly imperfect, from beautiful head to oddly-shaped little toe.

23. If you’ve got curves, flaunt them!

24. Squishy thighs and a vibe that never dies.

25. Confidently curvy.

26. Mistakes are learning opportunities. Learn not to care what others think of your body, because it isn’t theirs.

27. Slaying it, weird hair and all.

28. Embracing my shape, embracing myself.

29. Beautiful in your own skin.

30. Shame-free zone.

Instagram Captions for Self Love for Guys

Girls have been rocking self love and body positivity for years now, but the guys still lag behind. Love yourself? Good for you. Show you can be confident without being cocky (OK, maybe a little!) with these short self love captions for Instagram — guy edition.

31. The CEO of Self Love.

32. Who’s a handsome fella?

33. Look sharp, ditch the haters.

34. Perfection is overrated.

35. Breaking news: There’s just one you.

36. This is me. Take it or leave it.

37. A masterpiece in 3D.

38. Body love, man.

39. My body, my story.

40. You think I look weird? Wait until you see how I act.

Simple Self Love Instagram Captions

Simple Self Love Instagram Captions

Want to keep things super simple with your Instagram self love captions? Some self captions get a touch too poetic, and if that ain’t your style, these no-nonsense captions for Instagram will show your followers how healthy it is to love yourself.

41. You’ve got this.

42. Sanity, not vanity.

43. Dare to be flawesome.

44. Love myself no matter what.

45. You’re amazing. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

46. Love thine own self as thy neighbor.

47. But first, love yourself.

48. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

49. Glow from within.

50. Got everything I need right here.

Sassy Instagram Captions About Self Love

Are inspirational sayings not your thing, but do you still want to inspire your followers to love themselves as much as you do? A sassy, savage, or baddie vibe might be your best option. Try these self love captions for Instagram if you want to add a little bite to your bark.

51. It’s better to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission.

52. Loving yourself is the best sport, and I’m betting on me.

53. Take me as I am, or watch me as I go.

54. I don’t need your approval. I’ve got my own.

55. Pour yourself a great big cuppa self love.

56. Can’t stop thinking about me…

57. Everyone else was already taken, remember? Dare to be yourself.

58. Please your future self.

59. Let go of what weighs you down.

60. Me: A story worth telling.

Best Quotes for Self Love Captions for Instagram

Are you afraid to be boastful, or not sure you can find the right words? A well-placed and sufficiently powerful self love quote always does the trick. You can draw from an infinite well of literary and musical wisdom when it comes to loving yourself captions for Instagram, but why not start here?

61. “It always seems impossible until it is done.” — Nelson Mandela

61. “The hardest challenge is to be yourself in a world where everyone is trying to make you be somebody else.” — E.E. Cummings.

63. “The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely.” — Carl Jung. Are you brave enough?

64. “How you love yourself is how you teach others to love you.” ― Rupi Kaur

65. “Until you value yourself, you won’t value your time. Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it.” — M. Scott Peck

66. “I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live up to what light I have.” — Abraham Lincoln

67. “As I began to love myself, I found that anguish and emotional suffering were only warning signs that I was living against my own truth.” — Charlie Chaplin

68. There is nothing noble about being superior to some other man. The true nobility is in being superior to your previous self.

69. “If you’re lucky enough to be different, never change.” — Taylor Swift

70. “Uh, I’m in love with myself.” — Lizzo

Best Quotes for Self Love Captions for Instagram

Why Give Your Followers the Gift of Self Love Captions for Instagram?

Have you ever witnessed anyone spend hours taking the perfect selfie, only to either lack the confidence to share it or to rely on filters to create the impression of flawlessness? Yeah, we thought so — and we bet it was you!

Instagram is the most visual social media platform of them all. More than any other social network, it encourages us to show ourselves and our lives in the best possible light — all the time. As a social media “addict,” you know better than anyone how that trend makes you feel. Oh, the pressure!

Here’s the thing. Nobody is perfect. Everyone has the potential to be themselves, but not everyone lives up to it. Many of us try so hard to be someone else that we totally forget about that important goal!

You may think that sharing self love captions for Instagram only draws you further into that game, but nothing could be further from the truth! Every self love Instagram caption has the potential to lift your followers up, too. You might post the Instagram caption for yourself, but it could make everyone who sees it wonder, no matter how briefly. Your Instagram captions about self love have the power to help others embrace themselves, and that’s a gift.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with doing it just for you, either. If you’ve been going through a rough time, Instagram captions for self love can show your haters that they can’t beat you down — and that you’re unapologetically worth it.

How to Write the Best Self Love Captions for Instagram

Many of us give the impression that we’re our own favorite topic on our Instagram profiles. That makes sense, because our Instagram pages are all about us!

There’s nothing wrong with showing yourself in your best light and spreading the message that you’re pretty darn happy with yourself. The best Instagram self love captions go a step further, though. They might make your friends and followers laugh, but they’ll definitely make your friends and followers think.

The best kind of positivity is contagious, and if you can spread it with your self love captions for Instagram, you’re on a winning track.

Because self love is a deep and important topic, you can afford to make your captions a little longer. Those snappy selfie posts, though? They’re often better off with short and simple self love captions. If you can say it in a few words, do — but if you have something more profound to share, don’t be afraid to go for it!

Feel free to use this list of Instagram self love captions as you want. See a caption you love? Go ahead and post it, confident in yourself! There’s something for everyone on this list. We hope these captions can also inspire you to share your own truth, though! Self love captions can take many forms, and the best stories are told in your own voice!

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