80 Great Vacation Instagram Captions for Your Next Relaxing Break

Vacations give you so much more than a break from the daily grind in a brand-new, beautiful setting. They’re some…

Vacations give you so much more than a break from the daily grind in a brand-new, beautiful setting. They’re some of the best chapters in the story of your life, and if you do it right, your vacations are packed with memories you’ll cherish forever.

Those sunsets by the beach, mystical day trips with friends to explore new cultures, mountain views, and spa days will always give you something to smile about. Your stunning vacation pics? They’re your personal ticket to (mental) time travel on demand!

You might post those beautiful and beautifully relaxing vacation pictures on Instagram to give your followers a little taste of the good life, but your social media feed also serves as a digital photo album that can transport you back in time whenever you need a bonus break.

Good vacation Instagram captions manage to capture all those wonderful vibes — not just for your followers, but for you, too!

As you pack your bags and get ready to set sail for a new adventure or a relaxing oasis, make sure you pack some of these great vacation Instagram caption ideas and make your next Instagram vacation caption one to remember!

Funny Vacation Captions for Instagram

Hoping to make your vacation Instagram captions funny? There are lots of ways to do that, and one is bound to resonate with you and your audience. Puns are our favorite, but you can also poke fun at yourself, humorously exaggerate your experiences, or write about vacation fails everyone can relate to. Not sure how? You might find your next  hilarious holiday caption for Instagram right here!

1. To-do list? Beach, please!

2. This is my resting beach face.

3. Just, like, literally climbed Mount Everest.

4. Taking a vacation from those takeouts back home and trying new ones in a different place!

5. I don’t waste time. This is me dreaming about my next vacation.

6. Lost in paradise! Sorry, boss, I’m not coming back.

7. Making waves, waving hi!

8. Collecting passport stamps and seashells.

9. Happy place, relaxed face.

10. Eating and sitting around hits different here.

Funny Vacation Captions for Instagram

Cute Vacation Instagram Captions

Cute Instagram captions for vacation make your beautiful pictures extra sweet. Infuse your next caption with a touch of cuteness by expressing gratitude and talking about all the fun you’re having with your family or friends — or highlight something extra special you come across during your vacay! Cute crabs, delicately packaged vacation foods, or sunny outfits bought on location are the perfect fodder for your next cute caption! Not sure? Start here — and feel free to lift any elements that resonate with you!

11. We always go the extra mile for each other!

12. This dish may look picture-perfect, but it’s better. You can’t eat pictures, after all!

13. Rise and shine! It’s vacation time!

14. Now playing: Laughter and seagulls.

15. Loving every moment!

16. Serenity and a touch of hilarious laughter.

17. Imagine if we could stay here forever, you and me.

18. Say hello to this little bird! He just tried to steal our food!

19. Proof that nature is the best artist? Right here!

20. Turn the volume up and the stress down! It’s vacation time!

Instagram Vacation Captions for Romantic Escapes

Getting away from it all with your special someone? A romantic caption for Instagram vacation should express your love and highlight the most heart-meltingly sappy moments, like sunsets on the beach, candle-lit dinners, or relaxed strolls through a new city. If you’re after good Instagram captions for vacations with your other half, try these!

21. Adventure looks great on you!

22. Just you, me, and the sea!

23. Me, you, and this special view!

24. Making dreams come true, one day at a time.

25. And to imagine we can do this together for the rest of our lives!

26. Hand in hand, one adventure at a time.

27. I love the sunshine in your eyes.

28. Lost in romance.

29. Fall in love and relax, because everything will be fine.

30. Nothing makes me happier than discovering a new city with you!

Instagram Vacation Captions for Romantic Escapes

Budget Vacation Instagram Captions

Sometimes, being frugal opens the door to countless adventures you wouldn’t have enjoyed if you had convinced yourself you needed a higher budget. Cheap holidays can lead to stunning and Insta-worthy photos, too — and you might even inspire other people to set off on a budget adventure. Find your next holiday caption Instagram followers can be inspired by here!

31. Cheap out and explore the world!

32. Traveling the world on a dime, one street food stall at a time.

33. Smaller budget, bigger adventure!

34. Vacay on a budget: If you can’t go far, uncover local treasures.

35. Last minute vacay time!

36. It’s just a weekend, but it means everything!

37. Spend less, go on vacation more often.

38. Count your money in weekend getaways.

39. Heart full, wallet empty — let’s go on a budget trip!

40. Because the best things in life are… reasonably priced.

Family Vacation Captions Instagram Followers Will Love

Are you diving off the deep end by taking your little ones on vacation, or are you taking your adult siblings on a relaxing trip? The best family vacation caption Instagram followers can instantly relate to shares those special moments that strengthen that connection. These captions are often cute and filled with gratitude. Here’s a start for you!

41. Making memories with the most important people in my life!

42. There’s no gift like the time you decide to spend together. Make it count!

43. There’s nothing like watching the wonder of the world through a child’s eyes.

44. So. Very. Worth. It.

45. Logistical nightmare, emotional bliss.

46. Feet in the sand, kiddos hand in hand.

47. Sun on my skin, sand between my toes, love in my heart.

48. Don’t be sad it can’t last forever. Remember the best of times and look forward to new adventures.

49. Miles of smiles with this crew.

50. Slow down enough to notice every little smile, every wonder awakened.

Vacay Instagram Captions About Recharging Your Mental Batteries

Most Instagram users post tons of vacation pictures with captions highlighting the beautiful scenery, unforgettable memories, and endless adventures. There’s another side to taking a vacation, too, though — relaxing vacations are one of the best ways to look after your mental health and recharge those batteries. If you want to emphasize that aspect, try these Instagram captions vacation moments come to life in.

51. Now in power-savings mode!

52. Bye-bye, daily grind! Hello, relaxation!

53. So, about those remote work options…

54. I might come back to work with sand in my hair, but you bet there’s an extra dose of motivation, too!

55. Just bottling some of that vacay spirit to bring back home with me!

56. Because the only thing better than doing nothing is doing nothing with an awesome view.

47. Taking that chill pill!

48. Skin, tanned. Heart, full. Mind, relaxed.

49. Living life in the Goldilocks zone.

50. When adventure calls, answer. Then, turn the phone off and walk until the WiFi is gone.

Vacay Instagram Captions About Recharging Your Mental Batteries

Captions for Vacation Pictures on Instagram for Different Destinations

The best Instagram caption for vacation are written especially for your stunning photos! Although we can’t help caption your unique vacay photos, we’ve got the next best thing with these captions for different destinations.

Instagram Captions for Beach Vacations

51. Seas the day!

52. Enjoy the sunset where the sky meets the sea.

53. I might be lost at sea. I’m not shore.

54. Beach face on!

55. Life is better in flip-flops and a bikini.

56. Waves and sand!

47. When the tan fades, I’ll still have these memories!

48. Soaking up some good old vitamin sea!

49. Go where every day is Sun-day.

50. The king of my sand castle.

Instagram Captions for Mountain Holidays

51. Living the high life!

52. I’d move mountains to enjoy another vacation like this!

53. We’re on top of the world!

54. The silence is so loud up here.

55. It was a steep climb, but worth it!

56. I think we’ve peaked!

57. Onward! Upward!

58. I’m not looking down on you!

59. This view really puts things into perspective.

60. The view is breathtaking up here.

Instagram Captions for City Getaways

61. Every skyline tells a unique story. This is ours.

62. GPS off, curiosity on, mind open.

63. When in doubt, dance to the soundtrack of a new city’s heartbeat.

64. Let the skyscrapers forge your path forward.

65. My heart beats for adventure, and you’re calling my name.

66. Blinding lights, metropolitan delights.

67. The adventure starts at sunset.

68. City vibes.

69. There’s no place I’d rather get lost.

70. Loving the lights and urban adventures.

Instagram Captions for City Getaways

Short Vacation Captions for Instagram

You know the drill! Plenty of Instagram users think of their captions as their personal vacation diary, and that’s great! But sometimes, the best captions for Instagram vacation are those that don’t make your followers tap that “More” button. Give your audience a bird’s eye view of your experience with these short vacation captions for Instagram.

71. Vacation: Best served with a side of loved ones.

72. These days are the best days.

73. Jet lag is for noobs.

74. Hitting the road.

75. We’re off!

76. Find your peace.

77. Beautiful escape.

78. I want to watch this movie in my dreams.

79. Vacation + me + you = the best time ever!

80. Paradise found.

FAQ About Vacation Captions for Instagram

How do I come up with the perfect vacation caption?

When you’re crafting clever, funny, or romantic vacation Instagram captions your followers can really resonate with, there are a few important things to consider. First off, why are you posting about your vacation? Do you want to share your wonderful experiences with your followers, or are you intending to use your captions as a vacation diary?

Once you define your purpose, make sure to post Instagram vacation captions that aren’t just relevant to your photos but also capture the emotions and experiences of your trip or relaxing getaway.

What can I do to make my vacation Instagram captions stand out?

Vacations are often the highlight of the year, so it’s not surprising that nearly everyone you follow posts pictures — often with the same set of overused captions. Vacation-related puns and universal messages about adventure and relaxation can be wonderful, but try zooming in on a unique part of your experience to write good vacation Instagram captions that really stand out.

What’s the difference between vacation Instagram captions and travel captions?

Vacation Instagram captions are all about getting away from everything that can make your life stressful and basking in the glory of relaxation. Travel Instagram captions focus more on life on the road and chasing new adventures.

How should I use this list of vacay Instagram captions?

That’s totally up to you! We know how hard it can be to get creative with your vacation Instagram captions, especially if you’re actively trying to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life to take in the new views and soak in the sun.  These captions are meant to inspire you, so you can enjoy your vacation in peace — and without worrying about social media.

You’re welcome to copy/paste any of the Instagram vacation captions you find here, but you’ll get the best results by adding unique elements that reflect your vacation photos and experiences.

How long should my Instagram captions for vacations be?

You have a lot of freedom to play around with caption length. Generally speaking, most Instagram users prefer shorter captions of no more than around 220 characters. Having said that, everyone looks forward to a good vacation, and your followers are probably happy to live vicariously through you when you post longer captions that tell a fascinating story.

What are some good hashtags to use in my vacation captions for Instagram?

Choosing the right hashtags doesn’t just make it easier for others to discover your vacation posts. Hashtags also add charm and character to your vacation captions. Pick hashtags that reflect the kind of vacation you’re on. Some of the best ones include #tourism, #beachbumming, #sandandsea, #sandytoes, #mountainmagic, #vacationmode, #relax, and #beautifuldestinations.

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