80 Tuesday Instagram Captions to Spark Conversations

It’s not fair! Every other day has social media themes, from Throwback Thursday to Hump Day and from Monday Scaries…

It’s not fair! Every other day has social media themes, from Throwback Thursday to Hump Day and from Monday Scaries to Fri-Yay, but poor old Tuesday has been left out in the cold! Taco Tuesday is about as interesting as it gets, and let’s face it — you can’t write engaging captions about that week in, week out unless you own a taco restaurant.

Does that mean you should give up and stay away from Instagram on Tuesdays? Of course not! This “second Monday” gives you the perfect opportunity to write engaging captions that your followers will love, precisely because almost nobody else is doing it.

You’ll find Tuesday Instagram caption ideas here, but that’s not all — we also come bearing some tips to make the start of your week more interesting on social media.

How to Write Eye-Catching Tuesday Instagram Captions

Tuesdays are among the slowest days on Instagram. It’s easy to find an army of social media users still mourning their lost weekends on Mondays, but by Tuesday, they’ve accepted reality and settled in for a busy workweek. Plus, there’s no special reason to look forward to social media updates on Tuesday.

So, how do you change that? How do you write Tuesday Instagram captions that brighten your feed and get your followers chatting? Success is never guaranteed, but here are a few tips you could try:

  • Start a Tuesday Instagram tradition and encourage all your followers to adopt it, too. If you’re a fan of alliteration, you could go for Truthful Tuesdays, Trendy Tuesdays, Travel Tuesdays, Tasty Tuesdays, or Tired Tuesdays — but the sky is the limit!
  • You can never go wrong with a little midweek positivity! Encourage your followers to adopt a grateful attitude or just share what’s going well for you today. Small wins can sometimes spark big conversations.
  • Keep your Tuesday Instagram posts relatable, and think of them as a continuation of your Monday posts. Humorous posts about work emails, boiler room conversations, or skipping leg day will always go over well.

Still pondering your next great idea? Scroll down to find your Tuesday Instagram caption, and feel free to adapt all of our examples to your liking!

How to Write Eye-Catching Tuesday Instagram Captions

Tuesday Instagram Caption Ideas for Selfies

  1. Wake up and smell the productivity!
  2. Tuesday is selfie day… just like every other day.
  3. Never too busy to take a cute selfie.
  4. That Tuesday magic.
  5. Slaying it this Tuesday.
  6. Espresso, please, and make it a double.
  7. Tuesdays are boring, so make them shine and dress up!
  8. Let’s start a Takeaway Tuesday theme… for when you’re too lazy to cook dinner!
  9. On Tuesdays, we chase dreams.
  10. Rise and grind, Insta fam!

Motivational Tuesday Captions for Instagram

  1. Monday V2: Where I magically manage to get everything done. Who’s with me?
  2. Tuesday is my kinda jam.
  3. On the plus side, we eat tacos today.
  4. Tuesday: The Monday that makes the week a day shorter.
  5. Think big. Think weekend vibes.
  6. Make every Tuesday count, and you’ll do great things.
  7. Let’s conquer the day (and the world?) together!
  8. Start your Tuesday with a smile, and anything is possible.
  9. Choose happiness this Tuesday, and it will choose you right back!
  10. Go big or go home, Tuesday edition.

Bored Tuesday Instagram Captions About the Weekday Grind

  1. Just another Monday, but without the novelty…
  2. On Tuesdays, we play with the photocopier.
  3. Tuesdays, when the weekend is in a galaxy far, far away.
  4. Tuesday blues, weekend dreams.
  5. Today’s mood: Yes, but do I really have to?
  6. Oh, really? I always thought it was spelled “bored room.”
  7. Thanks, coffee. You make my Tuesdays worthwhile.
  8. Tuesday: When you’re not sure whether to look back on the weekend or look forward to it.
  9. Oh, Friday, how I miss you.
  10. Tuesdays are for long meetings and tall lattes.

Bored Tuesday Instagram Captions About the Weekday Grind

Funny Tuesday Instagram Captions

  1. Slaying it, even on the worst day of the week.
  2. Sign the petition: Let’s ban Tuesday and replace it with Friday!
  3. Keep calm and eat tacos.
  4. You deserve some smileys this Tuesday.
  5. Friday in T minus 3… 2… 1… Lift off!
  6. What day of the week was it, again? Friday, right?
  7. Keep calm and dream of the weekend.
  8. Monday Scaries are so yesterday. What about Terrifying Tuesdays?
  9. Do what you love. If you can’t, work hard so you can do what you love on the weekends.
  10. Tuesday vibes: Unstoppable, with a side of coffee.

Cute Tuesday Captions for Instagram

  1. Tuesdays are better with cute selfies.
  2. Every day is better with friends and cake!
  3. I’m all about those Tuesday tacos.
  4. Let’s taco a selfie together!
  5. Seize the day and smile!
  6. Start your Tuesdays with a delicious cup of coffee and a grateful heart.
  7. Be bold, be efficient, be you!
  8. Monday’s little sister.
  9. Tuesdays are all about those dog snuggles. Stay paw-sitive!
  10. On the upside, I’ve got these kitty cuddles to look forward to when the day is over!

Short Tuesday Instagram Captions

  1. Let’s tackle Tuesday together!
  2. Create the Tuesday you want to see in the world.
  3. Tuesday is nothing special, but that’s what makes it great.
  4. Monday+.
  5. Tuesday: Just do it.
  6. Ready for Tuesday adventures.
  7. Tuesday mood: Slaying it.
  8. Power to Tuesday.
  9. Tuesdays are about inside jokes.
  10. Tuesday toast!

One Word Tuesday Instagram Caption Ideas

  1. Slay!
  2. Ambition.
  3. Vibes.
  4. Work!
  5. Success.
  6. Fearless.
  7. Lunch.
  8. Tacos.
  9. Today.
  10. Why?

One Word Tuesday Instagram Caption Ideas

Creative Writing Prompts for Tuesday Captions for Instagram

Are you still looking for the perfect Tuesday caption for Instagram? You know what they say! If you want it done right, do it yourself. If you’re low on inspiration, nobody can blame you. It’s Tuesday, after all! We’re here to fix that!

We’ve already started the sentences that can tell your Tuesday stories — swoop in for the grand finale to craft your own unique Tuesday Instagram captions!

  1. Move over, Throwback Thursday! Give it up for… Tuesday, where we…
  2. This Tuesday, I’m conquering the world with…
  3. My favorite way to turn a boring day into an adventure is…
  4. A snapshot of my Tuesday mood: …
  5. If Tuesday were a color, it would definitely be…, because…
  6. Tuesday vibes are…
  7. It’s Tuesday. Keep calm and…
  8. When it’s Tuesday and you don’t like tacos, …
  9. Turning my Tuesday into magic, one… at a time.
  10. Tuesday playlist: …

FAQ About Tuesday Captions for Instagram

Should I even bother to post on Instagram on Tuesdays?

Absolutely! It’s true that Tuesdays tend to be a little slower on Instagram. Nearly all your followers are hard at work, trying to get over the fantastic weekend they had and taking a mini social media break — mainly because they don’t expect many fantastic posts. It’s easy to break the midweek monotony up with a catchy or hilarious Tuesday Instagram caption, though!

Post captions that spark conversations, and your followers will be grateful! In fact, start a new Tuesday trend so you can count on an active feed on this second Monday.

What are some cool hashtags to add to my next Tuesday caption for Instagram?

Instagram hashtag trends come and go, so always check your Explore Page to discover the latest hashtags. Some of our favorite hashtags for Tuesday Instagram posts include #feelgoodtuesday, #goodnewstuesday (or just #goodnewstues), #tuesdaythoughts, #tuesdayshoesday, and #tunetuesday.