85 Awesome NYC Captions for Instagram (+ Writing Prompts)

You might know and love New York as the city that never sleeps, the metropolis where dreams are born to…

You might know and love New York as the city that never sleeps, the metropolis where dreams are born to come true, or simply the Big Apple. Whether you call it home or are fulfilling a lifelong wish by visiting NYC, one thing’s for sure. Every picture you take there is bound to be Insta-worthy.

It’s no wonder New York’s iconic skyline, famous landmarks, vibrant streets, and exciting nightlife are a never-ending source of inspiration for locals and traveling influencers alike. Still, you’ll need more than photos to make the Big Apple come to life for your followers.

What’s a stunning picture without a cool New York caption for Instagram to frame it, after all!?

You’ll never run out of things to say about NYC. The only problem? It’s hard to come up with fresh ideas! This massive list of NYC captions for Instagram plays with familiar puns in a fresh new way and offers new takes on world famous sights.

Ready for the Big Apple? Let’s brighten your Instagram feed up together!

Funny New York Instagram Captions

Funny New York Instagram Captions

Crafting your next funny New York Instagram caption can be a real challenge. Our advice? Don’t even try to avoid the clichés, but lean into them so hard they’re genuinely funny again. If you don’t want to, you can always play around with hilarious stereotypes about NYC culture or visiting tourists — or share something quirky you’ve noticed in the city. Here are some ideas to get you started.

1. I’m about to take a bite out of the Big Apple. Let’s hope it’s not a forbidden fruit!

2. This city never sleeps, but me? Adventure is exhausting, and I need a nap!

3. This city’s subway is the original thrill ride. Ups, downs, unexpected stops, and the occasional lost tourist. That’s me!

4. It’s not the selfie stick but the wide-eyed newcomer look that gives me away every time!

5. Rude? Nah, New Yorkers are just pro multi-taskers who drop the optional tasks.

6. New York, new outfit!

7. Bucket list item number 5412: Surviving an up-close-and-personal encounter with an OG hot dog cart. Selfies included.

8. My iPhone fits right in here in the Big Apple.

9. I’m Booklyn for adventure in new places!

10. Even the pigeons have places to be and people to see here. I’m just trying to keep up!

Cute New York Captions for Instagram

Cute Instagram captions for NYC are infused with sweet moments and adorable anecdotes. If you go this route and you’re a tourist visiting New York City, don’t be scared to give off big “feeling lost, but happy about it” energy. Give these options a go, and feel free to add your own experiences!

11. Hi, Big Apple! Meet little tourist!

12. Hello, Times Square! I finally managed to sync with your rhythm!

13. These skyscrapers are as big as my wildest dreams.

14. Not coming home until I find my lost heart! I think it’s somewhere on the subway, but I don’t know where. Falling for the Big Apple, head over high heels.

15. This city keeps things light — all night long!

16. I came here to find myself, but I think I got lost!

17. I could sit here and watch the world go by forever.

18. I’ve said hi to pickle sellers, listened to buskers, and taken selfies in Central Park, and it’s not even noon yet. This ET doesn’t have time to phone home!

19. Dancing like I’m in NYC… because I am!

20. Lost in the magic, not mad about it.

NYC Captions for Instagram for Girls

Do you have a girly vibe going on on your Instagram account? Keep it flowing with sweet and fashionable New York captions Instagram followers will enjoy! Play around with sweet puns about shopping and adventure, or focus on the unexpected emotions your time in NYC awakens in you. Not sure where to start? This section is your next stop!

21. Streets packed with stories, bags packed with outfits.

22. This skyline makes my heart skip a beat every time!

23. I still can’t believe I’m here!

24. Fashionably late!

25. Exploring the Big Apple, one coffee shop at a time.

26. If you get lost in NYC, just follow your heart.

27. Small-town girl, Big Apple dreams.

28. All the feels! Where to next?

29. Meet me in New York City. If you can find me.

30. I knew I was yours from the very first moment!

New York Instagram Captions for Guys

The guys of Instagram don’t tend to focus on emotions quite as much as the girls, and they often prefer captioning their most exciting moments with some astute observations about the action. Try these Instagram captions for New York to stick to that adventurous vibe.

31. This isn’t a city. It’s an entire universe.

32. Keep that volume turned up and dance to the NYC beat!

33. Everything’s possible here, 24/7.

34. Be back never!

35. Bright lights, bright ideas.

36. Energy that feeds me.

37. Taxi! Take me to my next adventure!

38. This city is unstoppable, and so am I!

39. Hustle that muscle in NYC.

40. Go where the action is, never leave.

New York City Captions for Instagram for Couples

If you’re exploring the Big Apple with your one special person, you’ll need a romantic and fun New York caption Instagram followers will melt for! Whether you’re dancing the night away or enjoying a relaxing day at Central Park, these captions for couples are a great way to spark new inspiration for your Instagram feed.

41. You’re still the (Big) Apple of my eye, I promise!

42. In the city of endless possibilities, my BF chooses to… eat a bagel. And a hot dog. Duh!

43. Just you, me, and NYC!

44. If my heart was a pizza, you’d be welcome to the last slice!

45. Together in the city of dreams!

46. Romance hits different in NYC.

47. Meanwhile in New York…

48. Go where you feel most alive, but never go alone.

49. New York fairy tale.

50. New York, the city of love.

New York City Captions for Instagram for Couples

Short New York Instagram Captions

Looking for a short Instagram caption New York residents can appreciate as much as tourists? You can’t go wrong with these classic themes! As a nice bonus, your followers definitely won’t have to hit that More button to admire your entire caption!

51. Big Apple, big appetite.

52. Love you to the top of the Empire State Building and back!

53. My kind of vibe.

54. City of lights.

55. Thanks, NYC! Feeling so alive!

56. Where everything is possible.

57. Making my own headlines here.

58. New York, new me.

59. Once upon a time in NYC.

60. When no place else is good enough, go to NYC.

NYC Instagram Captions About Iconic Sights and Different Neighborhoods

Whether you want to make your New York Instagram captions funny, cute, adventurous, inspiring, or short, there’s no doubt that it’s easier to make them unique if you write about the sights and neighborhoods you’re experiencing. You’ll find NYC captions for Instagram tailored to famous sights in this section!

NYC Instagram Captions About Iconic Sights and Different Neighborhoods

SoHo Instagram Captions

61. I’m SoHo not going home!

62. These looks don’t disappoint, no matter where you gaze.

63. More cobblestone than in Minecraft.

64. SoHo has an iron grip on my heart.

65. Cast iron, creativity, and fashion vibes.

Manhattan, New York Captions for Instagram

66. Touching the sky with an Empire State of mind.

67. Stand tall in the shadow of giants.

68. A date with Lady Liberty.

69. Lost between living and dreaming, Chinatown and Lady Liberty.

70. Paradise made concrete.

New York City Instagram Captions About Central Park

71. Finding my Zen in the concrete jungle.

72. You haven’t lived until you’ve eaten pizza in Central Park.

73. You could say this is a central part of my itinerary.

74. The serenity among the chaos.

75. The best of New York.

Instagram Captions New York + Statue of Liberty

76. Freedom is more than a dream.

77. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (and adventure).

78. You, me, and Lady Liberty. One amazing picture.

79. Beacon of hope.

80. I’m a real tourist now!

Brooklyn and Brooklyn Bridge, NYC Captions Instagram

81. I followed my heart here, or maybe it was just the lights.

82. The bridge to adventure.

83. Let’s run away to Brooklyn!

84. Walking in the footsteps of legends.

85. I can see why Marilyn Monroe liked it so much.

How to Craft Great New York Instagram Captions (+ Creative Writing Prompts to Get You Started)

How to Craft Great New York Instagram Captions (+ Creative Writing Prompts to Get You Started)

Whoever “they” are, they’re not lying when they say NYC isn’t a city but an entire world. Iceland, Malta, Belize, and Seychelles are just some examples of countries with fewer inhabitants than New York City — and even states like Vermont, Alaska, and Montana don’t boast as many permanent residents as NYC.

On top of that, New York City attracts over 66 million tourists every year. And 21st century Instagram users aren’t the only ones with something to say about the city that never sleeps. There’s no shortage of stars and other famous figures from history who spilled their hearts about NYC.

The point? As you write NYC Instagram captions, keep in mind that everything unique that can be said about the city as a whole, including its iconic landmarks, has already been said millions of times over.

That doesn’t mean you can’t make your New York captions for Instagram entirely unique, but it will certainly be a creative challenge. Here are some tips to make it happen:

  • Share personal stories about your trip in your next New York caption for Instagram. Even if your experience isn’t unique, your perspective will be!
  • Add some local slang to your New York City Instagram captions — and limit yourself to only slang you’ve actually heard someone use!
  • Pay attention to the smallest details — it’s good for more than avoiding pickpockets!  When you write Instagram captions for New York, your followers will be most impressed by those fascinating little moments that nobody else picks up on.
  • Don’t limit yourself to the most famous landmarks, but also dare to venture off the beaten path. The more obscure and local the sights, the easier it becomes to impress your audience and make unique observations.

FAQ About New York City Captions for Instagram

Why are Instagram captions for NYC so popular?

New York City is a bustling, vibrant metropolis with nearly eight million permanent inhabitants. Millions of tourists make their dreams come true by visiting the Big Apple every year. Of course, everyone whose life is in any way touched by NYC has to share those world famous sights — and they’re all scrambling to come up with unique Instagram captions New York itself could be proud of.

How do I write a New York Instagram caption that stands out?

It’s hard, but doable. Tap into your unique experience. Consider what you’re most impressed by, and don’t just take in the sights, either. Use all your senses and incorporate the season, weather, smells, and sounds into your next caption.

Remember that not everyone meets the same NYC, because everyone who visits sees the Big Apple through unique eyes. Consider making your captions about you rather than the city, and you’re much more likely to make them stand out.

How long should my NYC Instagram captions be?

That’s up to you. You can get away with very long captions if you use Instagram as your travel diary, but most people prefer  short New York Instagram captions that are easy to digest. Bonus points if you can say what you have to say in less than 120 characters, so your followers don’t have to tap that annoying More button to read your caption.

What are some essential hashtags to include in my Instagram captions for NYC?

You’ve got lots of great options to choose from! If you want to keep things simple, stick to #bigapple, #newyorkcity, #citythatneversleeps, #concretejungle, #newyorkgram, #newyorkexplored, and #newyorktrip.

Don’t forget to include geolocation tags in your Instagram posts if you want your followers to know exactly where you are!