90 Blue Captions for Instagram to Add Color to Your Feed

Associations with sadness aside, there’s little doubt that blue is the coolest color of them all! Shades of blue are…

Associations with sadness aside, there’s little doubt that blue is the coolest color of them all! Shades of blue are associated with trust, dependability, royalty, sophistication, serenity, and peace. Whether you’re rocking an elegant blue outfit, showing off blue flowers, or taking inspiration from nature, your blue-themed Instagram photos definitely deserve some caption love!

Color captions are some of the most creative ones out there. If you’re not sure how to caption your next blue photo, we’re thrilled to help you out with some epic blue captions for Instagram!

How to Write Creative Blue Color Captions for Instagram

So, you’ve got some fantastic pictures that scream “Insta-worthy moment” — and the color blue happens to be dominant? That calls for a cool blue caption for Instagram! Do you need a little help to get those creative juices flowing? We’re here for it!

Try these tips to level up your blue captions for Instagram:

  • Relentlessly play with words. Color captions practically beg to be turned into puns and rhymes. Can’t think of any right now? Either let your mind wander for a while (we promise that ideas will show up in no time) or head over to your friendly neighborhood search engine. Look for idioms and expressions relating to the color blue, or go straight for the rhyming dictionary!
  • Highlight your emotions. Nope, despite the color blue’s association with melancholy, you don’t have to make your blue Instagram captions sad. Blue is also associated with deep trust, awe, and calm — much more positive, right?
  • If you like, use metaphors to introduce your blue captions for Instagram. What else is blue? The ocean and the sky both offer plenty of opportunities to get poetic, as does ice. Grab that chance with both hands to craft compelling blues captions for Instagram.

Remember to write in the same consistent voice your Instagram followers know and love you for, no matter what topic you explore! While we’ve got a treasure trove of blue caption ideas for Instagram, and you can use any of them if you like, adding your own twist will make them even better.

How to Write Creative Blue Color Captions for Instagram

Blue Instagram Captions to Show Off Your Best Outfits

1. Keeping it cool today.

2. Ice Queen.

3. Feeling blue today.

4. Blue sticks to me like glue.

5. Too much blue? Never!

6. The cold never bothered me, anyway.

7. Blue is the new blue.

8. My hue of blue.

9. Making waves with a splash of blue.

10. Wide awake in the color of dreams.

Nature Inspired Blue Captions for Instagram

11. Finding my peace among the blue skies.

12. This view comes along once in a blue moon!

13. Sing in the rain — bring a blue umbrella.

14. Sky high on life itself!

15. Finding my peace in nature’s indigo hues.

16. Floating in the blue sky.

17. Blue — the color of magic and dreams come true.

18. Blue whispers of adventures yet to be painted…

19. Sailing through an ocean of serenity.

20.  Blue skies, hidden depths, fulfilled souls.

Serene Blue Instagram Captions

21. Wash away your troubles and find peace.

22. Look into the ocean, and the ocean will also look into you.

23. Keep calm and paint everything blue.

24. Sapphire vibes.

25. Cyan mode: Activated. Keep cool and carry on!

26. Lost in 50 shades of blue.

27. Find your peace.

28. Dive into your next adventure, knowing you’ve got this.

29. Meet me where the sky meets the ocean.

30. Cloudless skies, found my slice of paradise.

Funny Blue Captions for Instagram Using Idioms

31. Some might even say I have blue blood…

32. I totally blue it!

33. Well, that came out of the blue!

34. I could talk until I am blue in the face, but it’s better just to show you…

35. It came to me like a bolt out of the blue…

36. Meet the blue screen of life.

37. Blue has never felt so good!

38. Say hi to the boys in blue!

39. This photo deserves a blue ribbon!

40. Hi, sky! You look blue. Are you OK?

Funny Blue Captions for Instagram Using Idioms

Blue Instagram Captions About Home Decor

41. Blue is my love language.

42. My home is feeling blue today!

43. Something drew me to blue!

44. Coolest decor ever!

43. The color of hope, royalty, and serenity.

44. Embracing the calm whispers of blue.

45. My dreams, painted in shades of blue.

46. You can never be too blue!

47. Feeling cool and dreamy today.

48. The color of my imagination.

49. You do you. I do blue.

50. Sue me. I blue it.

Blue Color Captions for Instagram About Flowers

51. Elegance is the beauty that never fades.

52. A bouquet of sapphire dreams to make you beam.

53. A blue symphony.

54. Regal blue is for you!

55. Blue flowers come along once in a blue moon.

56. Nature’s most stylish picks.

57. Pure sophistication.

58. Tall and mysterious.

59. They’re blue-tiful!

60. Feeling blue? Say it with flowers.

Beautiful Quotes for Blue Instagram Captions

61. “If magic was a color, That color would be sparkling blue.” ― Lucy H Pearce

62. “I will do water — beautiful, blue water.” — Claude Monet

63. “In the night when the moon is large, the world spreads blue in every direction.” ― Lynda Barry

64. “I need the shade of blue that rips your heart out. You don’t see that type of blue around here.” ― Cath Crowley

65. “How sweet to be a cloud. Floating in the blue!” — Winnie the Pooh

66. “Midnight blue is the only color that can ever compete with black.” — Christian Dior

67. “I will see you again, is one of the names for blue. A color beyond the human sky of mind. One third up the ladder of blue is where we sit for grief.” ― Joy Harjo

68. “Great shades of blue, you find them in nature. They’re all magic.” — Bryan Batt

69. “I never get tired of the blue sky.” — Vincent van Gogh

70. “It was a beautiful bright autumn day, with air like cider and a sky so blue you could drown in it.” — Diana Gabaldon

Short Blue Captions for Instagram

71. True blue.

72. Feeling blue has never been this good.

73. You’re blue-tiful.

74. Choose tranquility.

75. You can never wear too much blue.

76. On Wednesdays, we wear blue.

77. I woke up feeling blue.

78. Beautiful in blue.

79. Covered in hues of blue.

80. I paint my canvas blue. Every shade elegant in its own way.

Short Blue Captions for Instagram

Creative Writing Prompts for Blue Color Captions for Instagram

Are you still looking for a great blue caption for Instagram that perfectly captures the mood of your picture? While we hope that our true blue list of caption ideas have inspired you, we know every Instagram post is unique — and captions specifically written for your context have extra power!

Try these creative writing prompts. Just finish the train of thought we’ve started, and you’re sure to come up with some brand new ideas!

81. My inner sanctuary is blue, because…

82. Nature’s rarest color speaks to me in…

83. The poetry of nature’s blue hues tells me that…

84. To me, feeling blue means…

85. Blue is the color of…

86. They’re all beautiful, but my favorite shade of blue is…

87. Keep calm, embrace the blue, and…

88. I paint my canvas blue because…

89. Keeping it cool with blue, because…

90. Meet me in the blue sky of my dreams, where…

FAQ About Blue Captions for Instagram

Where can I find inspiration for blue Instagram captions?

In nature! Don’t let water and the sky fool you — blue is actually one of the rarest colors you’ll find in the wold once you look beyond those two. This explains why the color blue was historically associated with royalty and why it’s still considered a uniquely elegant choice. Every little bit of natural blue you find can inspire you to write blue captions for Instagram that capture the color’s natural mystique.

How do I write engaging blue captions for Instagram?

Color captions are always a lot of fun to write, and the best way to make yours more engaging is to inject a sense of humor into your messages. Playing with idioms and rhymes is a fun way to spruce your captions up, but you can also find inspiration in pop lyrics or literature.

What are some great hashtags to add to my blue color captions for Instagram?

Unfortunately, the color blue has forever come to be associated with feelings of sadness and melancholy — making blue Instagram captions less popular than other color-themed captions. You do still have a lot of cool blue hashtags to choose from, though! Our favorites include #bluevibes, #azurebeauty, #shadesofblue, #bluedreams, and #skyhigh.

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