90 Cool Ice Cream Instagram Caption Ideas

Sometimes, a picture really does paint a thousand words — and ice cream photos are among those moments. Whether you’re…

Sometimes, a picture really does paint a thousand words — and ice cream photos are among those moments. Whether you’re sharing ice cream cones on the beach with your best friend, enjoying a fancy creation at an uptown establishment, or piling those scoops on while watching Netflix, your photo will say it all.

Still want to caption your post? Of course! A good ice cream Instagram caption adds flair to your post and inspires your followers to enjoy a virtual scoop in the comments section.

If you’ve got nothing to say but “we all scream for ice cream” (and you better believe you’ll be seeing that one again soon!), we’re here to help out. Because ice cream is too cool to deny it some caption love!

How to Write the Coolest Ice Cream Captions for Instagram

So, you want to level up your ice cream captions for Instagram and treat them to the “inside scoop?” The best approach to captioning your ice cream photos depends on the moment, but we’ve got some tips!

  • If you’re writing captions for “food-review-grade” ice cream photos, you’ll want to lean into your inner foodie and dig that vivid language out of your mind (or the thesaurus). As the creator of Ben & Jerry’s can definitely tell you, flavor is only half the story. You’ll also want to describe the textures you encounter.
  • Go crazy with silly puns. Ice cream gives you nearly endless opportunities to get punny, starting with “ice,” “cream,” “cool,” and “scoop” related puns. Shamelessly use them all, and pile it on thick. Once you reach a certain threshold of cheesiness, your Instagram followers will have no choice but to sit back and enjoy the ride.
  • Ice cream is uniquely associated with nostalgic childhood memories, and that’s one of the reasons we love it so much, even when we’re all grown up. Take a trip down memory lane when you write ice cream Instagram captions, and share your favorite ice cream moments from when you were little.
  • But, let’s face it, your ice cream Instagram caption won’t be the star of the show. That spot is reserved for your photo! Make sure it’s aesthetically appealing, and play with unique lighting and angles that share a favorite treat in a whole new light.

Silly Puns for Ice Cream Instagram Captions

1. Just giving you the inside scoop.

2. Sundae is my favorite day.

3. Got a soft spot for soft serve.

4. Too cool for school.

5. This scoop is mint to be.

6. Take a chill pill.

7. Ice, ice, baby.

8. Ice cool.

9. Cool off, they said, so I did.

10. Just got served!

Silly Puns for Ice Cream Instagram Captions

Cute Ice Cream Captions for Instagram

11. Ice spy, with my little eye, something very cool!

12. Don’t worry. Whatever the problem is, ice cream will fix it.

13. Life is short. Eat ice cream for breakfast.

14. Ice cream is the cheapest kind of therapy.

15. Ice see you there!

16. Scoop, you’re it!

17. Ice cream is my spirit animal.

18. I’m Team Ice Cream.

19. We all scream for ice cream, but I’m extra loud!

20. Melting for you.

Ice Cream Instagram Caption Ideas for Winter

21. Whoever says it’s too cold for ice cream just isn’t cool.

22. It’s always ice cream o’clock, even in winter!

23. Too good to wait until summer!

24. The cold never bothered me anyway.

25. Now doubly cool.

26. Ice Queen.

27. A taste of summer in the middle of winter.

28. What else are Christmas sweaters for?

29. Snowman, this isn’t your cousin, is it?

30. I like my winter treats like my heart. Ice cold.

Ice Cream Instagram Captions for Insta-Worthy Scoops

31. New art form.

32. Crafted with skill, eaten with love.

33. It’s not an ice cream. It’s a masterpiece in a cone.

34. Whoever said you can’t buy happiness hasn’t tried this.

35. Almost feel guilty about eating this piece of art… Almost.

36. You’ll live on in my memories, and in this photo! Best scoop of my life.

37. Perfection in a cone.

38. Staying cool made easy.

39. Ice love this fruity ice cream berry much.

40. This scoop made my day!

Nostalgic Ice Cream Captions for Instagram

41. The flavor? Time machine to childhood.

42. Childhood dreams in a cone.

43. Ice cream is like a cool hug from the past.

44. This is giving me “let’s skip school and eat ice cream” vibes.

45. Close your eyes, and you can almost taste your childhood.

46. The best scoops come with memories.

47. There will always be some things you’ll never outgrow. Ice cream is one of them.

48. Reliving the good old times, one scoop at a time.

49. And remember… sharing is caring!

50. Beach + ice cream + seagulls = time machine.

Ice Cream Instagram Captions for Cool Moments with Friends

61. My kind of flavor. The ice cream was good, too.

62. All you need is ice cream and good friends.

63. You’re the sprinkles to my ice cream!

64. House rules: I licked it, so it’s all mine.

65. But first, ice cream.

66. We’re skipping dinner and getting straight to the point, ‘cause what else are friends for?

67. Coolest crew in town.

68. Just chilling with my gang.

69. Friends are forever, but ice cream is for all the time.

70. Life is better with ice cream and friends.

Ice Cream Instagram Captions for Cool Moments with Friends

Short Ice Cream Instagram Caption Ideas

71. Can I get a scream?

72. Keep calm and stay cool.

73. Ice cream is my love language.

74. Melting for you.

75. I didn’t eat it. It melted, I swear…

76. I admit it, I’m a softie…

77. I lick you so much.

78. Let it go…

79. You had me at ice cream.

80. Like revenge, ice cream is best served cold.

Cool One Word Ice Cream Instagram Captions

81. Icy!

82. Bliss.

83. Yum.

84. Yes!

85. Elsa?

86. Always.

87. Savor.

88. Indulge.

89. Cool.

90. Memories.

FAQ About Ice Cream Captions for Instagram

How can I make my next ice cream Instagram caption stand out?

Our advice? Lean into those puns, and get really creative with words! Although every other Instagram user posting ice cream pics is doing the same, there are so many cool ice cream puns you won’t have much trouble adding a unique twist.

You could also go the other way, and turn your ice cream Instagram captions into a story about memories and fun. Everyone can relate to nostalgic ice cream captions!

What are the best hashtags to add to my ice cream Instagram captions?

Some of our favorite hashtags for your ice cream captions for Instagram include #scoopjoy, #frozenfantasy, #icecreamdreams, #icecreamlover, #instafood, #sweettooth, and #icecreamtime. You can add seasonal variations, though, especially if you’re enjoying a good scoop in the middle of winter!