90 Lash Captions for Instagram for Beautiful Drama Queens

Long, dramatic eyelashes are an amazing secret weapon in the battle of first impressions — and there’s zero question that…

Long, dramatic eyelashes are an amazing secret weapon in the battle of first impressions — and there’s zero question that you’ll want to flaunt them if you’ve got them!

Did you just get lash extensions for the first time ever? Are you gearing up for a wild party this weekend, and do you want to show your bold lashes off? Do you take pride in your naturally long lashes that don’t even need extensions?

Although your Insta followers’ eyes will naturally be drawn to all that lash drama, you’ll need compelling, eye-catching lash captions for Instagram if you want your lashes to be the star of the show.

Too busy looking cute to come up with lash caption ideas? Don’t worry. We have your back. We come bearing a long list of eyelash captions to choose from — and some tips for writing better captions!

How to Write Engaging Lash Extension Instagram Captions

You might think your pictures do all the talking on Instagram, but that’s not quite true. Just like your beautiful, dramatic eyelashes frame your eyes, your Instagram captions frame your photos and tell your followers what to pay attention to.

Get it right, and you can look forward to a barrage of likes and positive comments. Stumble, and you’ll be left with fewer likes at best and comments ridiculing your captions at worst. That poses a challenge, because writing winning lash extension captions Instagram users genuinely enjoy is pretty tricky.

Here’s how to get it right:

  • If you’re looking for a quick laugh, reach for silly puns. Yes, eyelashes are more punnable than you might think at first glance. For starters, jokes about lashing out will always hit the right tone, and you could also replace “I” with “eye” to add a touch of silly to your lash captions.
  • If you want to take a more serious or flirty tone when you write your eyelash captions for Instagram, don’t comment on how amazing you look at all. Go straight for dramatic, savage, or sexy vibes to intrigue your followers.
  • To take a friendly tone, thank the lash tech who made the magic come to life for your awesome looks. This helps you come off as humble while still showcasing your killer lashes.
  • Still not sure what to say in your lash Instagram captions? You could also look for quotes that capture the magic of eyelashes. We’ve got some about eyelashes themselves down below, but you can also look for quotes that focus on drama, mystery, or confidence.

Have fun writing your lashes Instagram captions, and don’t take them too seriously. As long as you keep it real and add a funny or intriguing twist, your followers will love your caption and reward you by leaving comments and likes.

Lashes Instagram Captions for Selfies

  1. Warning: Come too close, and I might just lash out.
  2. I’m all about that drama.
  3. I like long lashes and I cannot lie.
  4. Keep calm and flex your eyelashes.
  5. With long lashes and dramatic eye shadow, she was ready to conquer the world.
  6. I had a lash at it.
  7. The world seen through my eyelashes.
  8. Dreamy eyes and long lashes.
  9. Baddie vibes and dramatic lashes? Yes, please!
  10. In eyelashes we trust.

Funny Lash Captions for Instagram

  1. You’ve officially been sentenced to a thousand lashes.
  2. Make fun of me, and I’ll lash back.
  3. Flawless. I don’t even bat an eyelash.
  4. Got 99 problems, but these fresh lashes ain’t one.
  5. Guess what? I’m all lashed out.
  6. Big doll eye energy and here for it.
  7. Lash extensions? Eye am in!
  8. Because dramatic lashes speak louder than words.
  9. No matter the question, fresh lashes are always the answer.
  10. Lashes on fleek, attitude to match.

Cute Lash Instagram Captions

  1. Bambi eyes and daydreams…
  2. Just a cute girl with long, curly lashes.
  3. My lashes are my favorite accessory.
  4. With a twinkle in her eyes and beautiful long lashes to guide her way.
  5. Glitter in my lashes and a sparkle in my eyes.
  6. Am I ready for a wild night out? Why, yes, eye am.
  7. Everything you see here, I owe to my crazy lashes.
  8. BRB, just getting my lashes done.
  9. Because wild lashes are an extension of your sweet personality.
  10. Chic lashes, cute outfit. I’m ready for anything!

Dramatic Lash Extension Instagram Captions

  1. Wild eyes, long lashes, crazy vibes.
  2. Lash game strong, attitude stronger.
  3. Heels high, lashes long, attitude strong.
  4. If looks could kill, these lashes would be my secret weapon.
  5. Feeling fabu-lash.
  6. Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who has the longest lashes of them all?
  7. They’ll stare. Make sure they have something to look at.
  8. Yes, I woke up like this.
  9. Too hot to handle and ready to flash my lashes at you.
  10. Fashion priorities: It all starts with awesome lashes.

Long Lashes Instagram Captions

  1. Worry less, flash your long lashes more.
  2. Sorry, honey, I just don’t do subtle.
  3. I live for drama and my lashes are longer than yours.
  4. Chasing dreams and catching looks.
  5. Find me the longest, curliest lashes possible, and I’ll show you longer ones.
  6. I followed my heart, and it led me to the beauty salon for a lash upgrade.
  7. Slay all day, lash out all night.
  8. Young, wild, free, and ready to party.
  9. The devil is in the lashes.
  10. Life is short. Choose long lashes.

Inspirational Lash Captions for Instagram

  1. She wore her lashes like armor and her eye shadow like jewels.
  2. When life gives you long, curly lashes, raise the roof.
  3. Bold lashes, bright day, big dreams.
  4. Born with beautiful lashes, destined to create drama.
  5. Because beautiful lashes can fix almost anything.
  6. I’m the CEO of Dramatic Lashes, and I’m in it to win it.
  7. Who needs filters when you’ve got lash extensions?
  8. Go big or go home, eyelash edition.
  9. Flirty eyes? Activated!
  10. Don’t mind me. I’ll just be over here, batting my lashes.

Impactful Quotes for Lashes Instagram Captions

  1. “Your eyelashes will write on my heart the poem that could never come from the pen of a poet.” — Rumi
  2. “A good set of lashes can fix anything… even a mugshot.” — Tinsley Mortimer
  3. “Thank God for Redbull and fake eyelashes.” — Jeffree Star
  4. “Don’t save bold lashes and red lips for nighttime — do it in the day!” — Tyra Banks
  5. “Now I’m going to put my eyelashes on and stretch my legs out and do a show.” — Nana Visitor
  6. “Everyone knows I’m a lash girl by now. When I don’t have my lashes, I feel naked.” — Nicki Minaj
  7. “I always make sure my lashes look cute.” — Madison Beer
  8. “The pictures I make come from every blink of my lashes.” — Sam Taylor-Johnson
  9. “She was made of flesh and eyelashes.” — Leonard Cohen
  10. “I find that fake lashes really bump the beauty up a notch and make me feel great.” — Eva Amurri

Short Lash Extension Captions Instagram

  1. Lash out!
  2. Just a lass with long lashes.
  3. Live, laugh, and flash your lashes.
  4. Eye lash. Do you?
  5. Can’t live without my lashes.
  6. Life is too short for boring lashes.
  7. Maybe she was born with them. Maybe they are lash extensions.
  8. The magic is in the lashes.
  9. Don’t make me cry. It will ruin my lashes.
  10. Blessed and lashed, not stressed.

Creative Writing Prompts for Lash Captions for Instagram

Did our list of lashes Instagram captions inspire you to get creative? Do you want to keep the momentum going by writing some eyelash captions of your own? When you don’t know what to say, it only takes a spark of creativity to unleash a world of ideas, and that’s where writing prompts come in really handy.

Why not look through these sentences and see how you would finish them off? You never know — these sentence openers could just hold the secret to your next dramatic eyelash caption!

  1. Curly, thick, and 100%…
  2. Fluttering the day away with my…
  3. If my eyelashes could talk, they’d say…
  4. Life is short, but my eyelashes are…
  5. Finding the… in the lashes.
  6. All I need is long lashes and…
  7. I’m a Drama Queen, and I ain’t scared to…
  8. If eyes are windows to the soul, these lashes are…
  9. Batting my lashes and…
  10. I live for crazy nights and…

FAQ About Lash Instagram Captions

How long should my eyelash captions for Instagram be?

Eyelashes might be better when they’re longer, but the same isn’t true for Instagram captions. Keep them short and punchy to make the biggest impact, and, where possible, keep them under 220 characters.

Do you have any tips for beauty salons writing lash Instagram captions?

If you professionally apply eyelashes, your lash captions for Instagram have the power to boost sales and create an army of loyal customers. There are many ways to do this, but they include fun and lighthearted stories about lashes, an explanation of how you flawlessly apply lashes every time, and updates about special offers you run.

Always finish your lash captions for Instagram with a little call to action to encourage potential customers to get their lashes done!

Which emojis should I consider for my lash extension Instagram captions?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a dedicated eyelash emoji yet, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have a lot of great options. Think about the feelings you associate with beautiful, long lashes — drama, beauty, glamour, and power, right? Good emojis that match this vibe include 👁️‍🗨️, 😍, 💫, ✨, 🔥, 👑, and 💖.

What are the best hashtags to add to my lash extension captions for Instagram?

That’s a good question. Choosing the right hashtags doesn’t just make it easier for other people to discover your Instagram captions, but it also adds a touch of personality and flair to your captions. If your caption doesn’t make it obvious that you’re trying to show off your dramatic lashes, your hashtags can help with that, too.

Consider #lashes, #eyelashes, #lashlove, #lashextensions, #lashlift, #lashesonfleek, #lashqueen, and #lashaddict.