90 Nail Captions for Instagram for Beautiful Manicures

Whether you’re getting your nails done for a special occasion like a wedding or birthday party, or you wouldn’t be…

Whether you’re getting your nails done for a special occasion like a wedding or birthday party, or you wouldn’t be caught dead with plain and unmanicured nails, there will come a time when you want to show your beautiful hands off on Instagram.

Those who get it will get it — but you’ll still need engaging nail Instagram captions to make your nail art come to life! Not sure what to say? Luckily for you, we just made a giant list of nail captions for Instagram.

Scroll down and explore fun captions for crazy, classic, or creative nails. Tweak them to fit your vibe, or post them as they are, and wow your Instagram followers with your beautiful manicure!

How to Write Amazing Nails Captions for Instagram

So, you want to level up your Instagram caption game? If you often post pics of your cool nails, you could probably do with some tips to help you craft more creative captions. Here are some pointers to get you started:

  • If you enjoy writing funny captions that make your followers laugh, puns and idioms are always a good idea. You’d be surprised how many nail puns you can find! Start with “nailed it” and never look back.
  • Most nail enthusiasts (you know, the ladies who religiously get their nails done every week or learn to do it themselves) aren’t just in it for the super cute designs. They see manicures as a way to relax and enjoy some much-needed “me time.” Is that you? Consider writing short nail captions for Instagram about what makes getting your nails done so relaxing for you.
  • Tell the story behind a particular design to give your followers a closer look at what goes into creating great nail art. Narrative captions are always fun to read!
  • If you really don’t know what to say, you can always look for some famous quotes about nails and manicures. You’ll find some of the best ones on our list of nail captions for Instagram.

Have fun writing your nails Instagram captions, and let loose! As long as you stay authentic and convey what makes expressing yourself through nail art special to you, your followers won’t hesitate to like and comment on your posts!

Funny Nail Captions for Instagram

  1. Nailed it!
  2. You broke my nail? That’s the final nail in the coffin for me!
  3. I’m as tough as nails!
  4. I hit the nail on the head with this crazy nail art.
  5. Chasing acrylic dreams and crazy colors.
  6. I got 99 nail art ideas, but only 10 nails! Help!
  7. Life is short. Paint your nails.
  8. Life ain’t perfect, but my nails definitely can be!
  9. When all you’ve got is nail polish, everything looks like a nail.
  10. I like long nails and I cannot lie.

Cute Nail Instagram Captions

  1. Keep calm and remember to paint your nails.
  2. On Wednesdays, my nails wear pink.
  3. No matter the question, new nail polish is always the answer.
  4. A lot of creativity, way too much glitter, and a touch of cuteness overload.
  5. All you need is a little creativity and a lot of time.
  6. Your outfit isn’t complete until your nails look fabulous.
  7. Mood ring, nail art edition. Today, I’m feeling bright and sparkly!
  8. Just painting my nails. BRB.
  9. When in doubt, go all out.
  10. Who said cute nails couldn’t change your life?

Crazy Nails Instagram Captions

  1. When life gives you skills, paint little chickens on your nails.
  2. Oh, this scent? It’s called “Acetone and Acrylic.” Want a whiff?
  3. Halloween be like: Skulls or pumpkins? Ghosts or witches? Forget it. Do everything.
  4. With spring in the air and flowers on my nails.
  5. Jingle nails, jingle nails, jingle all the way.
  6. Every day is a good nail day, baby!
  7. Because nails speak louder than words.
  8. All you need to look the part is some crazy nail art.
  9. Believe in the power of nail art.
  10. Dress your nails to impress and express.

Classic Nails Instagram Captions

  1. Beauty fades, but elegance is forever.
  2. Say bonjour to my French mani!
  3. I’m all about that French connection.
  4. Less is more. Go pale pink.
  5. The magic lies in the simplicity.
  6. In a world full of crazy nails, be a classic.
  7. That feeling when less is more.
  8. Perfection in a bottle.
  9. Just a French manicure, please, but make it black instead of white.
  10. Classic, not basic.

Creative Nails Captions for Instagram

  1. 50 shades of green.
  2. Fruit ninja, nail art edition. Because why not?
  3. My nails are my canvas, and I’ll paint them in any way I like.
  4. I’m just here for my mani-cure. Because nails are medicine for the soul.
  5. The nail salon is my happy place.
  6. A little creativity and a whole lot of nail polish.
  7. Less drama, more nail art.
  8. Give me passion in a nail polish bottle and go wild.
  9. Nail polish is my favorite accessory.
  10. My nails always match my mood. What’s your superpower?

Nail Captions for Instagram for Nail Salons

  1. The nail salon: Where boring nails go to die.
  2. Because life’s best moments call for truly great nails.
  3. When life gives you lemons, paint your nails bright yellow!
  4. Be a voice, not an echo, and let your nails do all the talking.
  5. You dream it, we paint it!
  6. What happens at the nail salon shines everywhere else in the world!
  7. Where crazy nail dreams become a beautiful reality. You’re welcome.
  8. A lunch-hour mani-pedi can change everything. We’re ready for you!
  9. Because you deserve perfect nails.
  10. Fluent in nail art. Come talk to us!

Fire Quotes for Nails Instagram Captions

  1. “I’ve never seen nails go out of style.” — Tammy Taylor
  2. “I believe in manicures. I believe in overdressing. I believe in primping at leisure and wearing lipstick.” — Audrey Hepburn
  3. “You’re never fully dressed without a good manicure.” — Essie Weingarten
  4. “There were two kinds of women: those who wear nail polish and those who don’t. Which do you prefer?” — Regina Brett
  5. “Nail polish is like the icing on the beauty cake.” — Mary Helen
  6. “When your nails are part of your outfit, they become more than nails. They become an accessory.” — Holland Roden
  7. “Nails are the period at the end of the sentence. They complete the look.” — Prabal Gurung
  8. “I do my hair toss, check my nails.” — Lizzo
  9. “Painting my nails is a meditation. It’s my way of stopping time.” — Alexa Chung
  10. “All your mannerisms change easily when you have inch-long acrylic nails.” — Margot Robbie

Short Nail Captions for Instagram

  1. When in doubt, paint your nails.
  2. Live, laugh, and paint your nails.
  3. Confidence is my favorite accessory, but great nails are my second.
  4. But first, let’s get our nails done.
  5. Life is better with beautiful nails.
  6. Life life in full color.
  7. Acrylic is my favorite flavor.
  8. Crazy nails, full heart.
  9. Because manicures are cheaper than therapy.
  10. Living life one cute nail design at a time.

Creative Writing Prompts for Nail Captions for Instagram

We hope you found some inspiration on our list of nail Instagram captions, but we also know that some people prefer to write their own, original captions. That’s especially important if you run a nail salon, because your Instagram captions become mini sales pages in this case!

Creative prompts are a great way to expand your horizons and consider other caption formats and ideas, so have a look at these and see if anything sparks creativity for you!

  1. I paint my nails because…
  2. My crazy nail art in three words: …
  3. Nail art: Because naked nails feel like…
  4. All the best nail art adventures start with…
  5. Today’s sparkle and shine is brought to you by…
  6. Channeling my inner nail artist like…
  7. … Because nails are an art, not a science.
  8. I like my self-care routine with a touch of nail polish, because…
  9. If I could only ever paint my nails one color, I’d…
  10. This design looks…

FAQ Nail Instagram Captions

How long should my nails Instagram captions be?

It’s up to you, but we’d recommend keeping your nail captions for Instagram short and catchy. If you manage to get your message across in 140 characters or less, your followers won’t even have to tap the More button to read your whole nail caption — and they’ll silently thank you for it.

Do you have any tips on writing nail Instagram captions for nail salons?

Sure! Because every caption you write is a mini ad for your nail salon, “nailing it” is super important. Use your captions to highlight the relaxing and fun atmosphere at your salon, show off new designs and colors, and keep your customers updated on special deals you’re running.

Always finish your captions off with a cute call to action reminding people where to get their nails done!

What are the best emojis for nails captions for Instagram?

Remember that emoji hearts come in all colors of the rainbow, and put them to good use! Some other great emojis for nail art and manicures include 💅 (available in various skin tones, too), ✨, 🖌️, 🎉, 🎨, and 🎇.

What hashtags should I consider adding to my nail captions for Instagram?

Choosing your hashtags carefully is especially key if you run a nail salon, but great hashtags add personality and flair for everyone while simultaneously making it easier for other Instagram users to discover your nail-related content.

Some of your best options include #nailart, #nails, #manicure, #nailsofinstagram, #naildesigns, #nailsonfleek, #naillove, #nailtech, #nailswag, #nailaddict, #nailsoftheday, and #nailinspiration.