90 Paw-some Instagram Captions for Dogs

Your doggo might not have as many Instagram followers as Tuna Melts My Heart, Doug the Pug, or Maya the…

Your doggo might not have as many Instagram followers as Tuna Melts My Heart, Doug the Pug, or Maya the Samoyed, but we all know nothing beats heart-melting, soul-vibing pet pictures. The only thing that can make your followers fall in love faster than your cutest dog posts? The best Instagram captions for dogs, of course!

Looking for new ways to share the love you and your pooch share with the world? Allow this fur-tastic list of dog Instagram captions to lend you a paw!

How to Write the Best Dog Captions for Instagram

The good news? Pet captions for Instagram practically write themselves! To caption the moment and make your friends and followers fall for your K9 hard, just:

  • Capture that mood. What’s your doggo doing in your picture? Cute, naughty, active, hilarious, and profound moments all call for their own style of dog captions Instagram can’t get enough of.
  • Get creative. There’s literally no end of silly puns to fuel your funny dog Instagram captions, and you have a ton of inspiring quotes to draw from, too. Dogs have been man’s best friend for centuries, and our greatest authors have always had something to say about them. But you? You know your doggo like no other — so you’re better than anyone at penning Instagram dog captions that show your pet’s most delightful qualities.

We’d normally warn you to know your audience, but your dog’s cute moments have a universal appeal — and nobody who isn’t a psycho can fail to fall in love with your Puppy Instagram captions. Milk that cuteness for all it’s worth, because your dog pictures give you the easiest opportunity to get creative on Instagram!

Funny Dog Captions for Instagram

Let’s face it —  you don’t need a hilarious caption to show the world what a good boy your dog is! All dogs are born comedians, and a picture still paints a thousand words. Especially on Insta. Instagram has its own dog vibe going on, though, and leveling up your humor definitely helps your dog get as famous as he or she deserves to be! Try these funny dog captions Instagram followers won’t be able to resist!

1. Keepin’ things paw-sitive.

2. This boy can be terrier-fying sometimes!

3. Stop hounding around!

4. Wrong, human. I didn’t steal the treats. I was just scanning the barkcodes.

5. Top dog.

6. Doggo wishes you bone-appetite.

7. Let’s raise the woof!

8. Trust me, I’m a dog-tor.

9. No bones about it, my dog is my best friend.

10. I canine help but love you!

Funny Dog Captions for Instagram

Cute Dog Instagram Captions

Looking for an Instagram dog caption that etches the wettest slobbers and biggest eyes into your followers’ hearts? To let your dog be the shining star on Insta short dog captions for Instagram are your best bet! Try these cute but funny short dog captions for Instagram!

11. Much Doge. So Doge.

12. Me? I rate you a ca-nine out of 10, human.

13. Snuggles and huggles with my dog.

14. You make my heart wag.

15. My love for you is fur real.

16. My dog is like a warm, fuzzy blanket.

17. My favorite paw-son in the whole world.

18. So fur-tunate to have you in my life.

19. But I love fetching smiles most of all.

20. Who’s a good boi?

Naughty Dog Captions for Instagram

Some of the funniest dogs captions for Instagram show your pooch’s naughtiest moments! Just remember to keep your camera handy whenever your dog gets up to no good. Whether you manage to capture the action or only arrive in time for that guilty look, those unique moments wouldn’t be complete without cute dog captions for Instagram.

21. Chewed my stuff up, dog-gone-it!

22. In the dog house.

23. Someone’s been barking up the wrong tree.

24. But I’m still barking mad at you!

25. So much dog-struction.

26. It wasn’t me!

27. The puggle is real.

28. Hello! Look what I did! Look! Look!

29. Guilty as charged.

30. I chews trouble.

Clever Dog Instagram Captions

Has your Instagram profile been taken over by cute, funny, beautiful, and loving dog photos? There’s no point denying it — you and your pooch are traveling the journey of dog-fluencers. If you’re looking for a great caption for dog Instagram, where you’re among (furry) friends and dog lovers, you can inject some fun, clever dog captions that get to the heart of a dog-centric life.

31. Sorry, my dog and I already have plans.

32. My therapist has a wet nose, four legs, and a soft coat of fur.

33. Hanging out with my dog is a walk in the park.

34. Hi guys! Welcome to my dog-umentary!

35. Having a ruff day? I’m here to cheer you pup!

36. Working like a dog, but at least my pup’s here with me.

37. “Everything I learned, I learned from dogs.”

38. “Scratch a dog and you’ll find a permanent job.”

39. Me and my legal beagle.

40. Studying for his dog-torate.

Deep Dog Instagram Captions

Deep Dog Instagram Captions

Share your life with a dog, and cuteness overload and hilarious moments instantly become an essential part of your daily routine. There’s so much more to the bond you share with your loyal canine, though. Once in a while, you’ll snap pictures that capture your dog’s kind, wise eyes — and you know your captions for dog Instagram can delve that bit deeper. When that happens, choose a dog Instagram caption that does your dog justice.

41. Pure heart, true beauty, best friend.

42. My best friend is covered in fur.

43. “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”

44. They say dogs look like their humans, but I’ve become convinced it’s the other way around.

35. A dog’s silent companionship cuts through all the noise.

36. “There is no faith which has never yet been broken, except that of a truly faithful dog.”

37. When your dog looks into your soul to reflect your truest self…

38. Your dog knows you better than you know yourself.

39. Dog is where the home is.

40. If you can’t fall in love with these eyes, I can’t rust you.

Puppy Captions for Instagram

Nothing’s as exciting (or as cute!) as life with a brand new puppy! Introduce your new pup to your followers in style — with a puppy Instagram caption sweet enough to melt anyone’s soul! The puppy captions Instagram loves best combine cuteness with humor. Short and simple is fine — keep those new puppy Instagram captions brief enough to let your viewers revel in the cuteness!

41. Puppy love.

42. Nothing better than a good movie and some pupcorn.

42. Looking at me with those puppy eyes…

43. A puppy’s sweet kiss can cure anything.

44. Having a wag of a time together!

45. Welcome home, sweet pup.

46. Smuggle the snuggles.

47. Run, it’s the pup-arazzi!

48. She stole my heart, so she’s welcome to my shoes, too.

49. Tiny dog, huge heart.

50. Wiggles and squiggles.

Girl and Dog Instagram Captions

Posting group photos? Great! Instagram captions with dogs and girls show the best of humanity, all in one cute bundle! Have fun — or just nail the essence of a life filled with canine kisses and wild adventures. Whether you’re looking for new dog Instagram captions to show off your tiny pup or new arrival, or you’re capturing your everyday doggo moments, you can’t go wrong with these captions!

51. In my life, the only welcome male has a wagging tail.

52. Say hi to the pup-ular crowd!

53. Girls just want to have fur(ry friends).

54. A girl and her dog.

55. Happily ever after.

56. My heart is covered in paw prints.

57. These snuggles ease all your struggles.

58. I trust my dog. If she doesn’t trust you, I won’t, either.

59. Crazy dog lady.

60. Thick as thieves.

Dog and Cat Pet Instagram Captions

Got a dynamic cat and dog duo? When they love and fight love siblings, you’ll never have to wait long for an adorable pet caption for Instagram! Use these pets captions for Instagram to show off their unique personalities!

61. Yin and yang.

62. Fur-midable friends.

63. Fur-ocious buddies.

64. When dogs bark and cats purr, let’s be real and admit they both just want a meal.

65. Can’t live with him, can’t live without him…

66. Never a dull moment.

67. I live for snuggles.

68. The Thelma to her Louise.

69. You’ll always find us in the kitchen at parties.

70. Friends are the family you choose.

Unique Instagram Captions for Dog Breeds

Unique Instagram Captions for Dog Breeds

After you’ve run out of dog puns for your Instagram captions, spice things up by getting creative about your dog’s breed! Whether you need golden retriever Instagram captions, Goldendoodle captions for Instagram, or have another “flavor” of pooch, check these out!

71. Oodles and oodles of doodle.

72. Retrieve me if you can…

73. I Labrador you.

74. Woof, he says with his Husky voice…

75. We have a terrier-ific time together.

76. My Goldendoodle only sketches joy.

77. Life’s one big Lab test.

78. You better Bull-ieve it.

79. Chihuahua did you say?

80. 50 shades of greyhound.

Short Dog Captions for Instagram

Need a caption for dogs Instagram followers won’t be bored by? Keep it short and simple with these captions for dogs Instagrams least patient users won’t mind.

81. Doggo.

82. Paw-tners in crime.

83. Who let the dogs out? Me!

84. It’s a dog’s life.

85. Born to be wild.

86. The meaning of life.

86. I’m paw-some.

87. Hugs, wags, and kisses.

88. Home is where the dog is.

89. Woof!

90. The best God is spelled backward.

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