90 Thanksgiving Instagram Captions to Make the Holiday Come to Life

The Thanksgiving spirit is all about… taking countless pictures of beautiful moments and posting them on Instagram to amass as…

The Thanksgiving spirit is all about… taking countless pictures of beautiful moments and posting them on Instagram to amass as many likes and comments as possible. Obviously. Because who’d know there was anything to be thankful for if they couldn’t see it on Instagram?

As you prep the perfect Thanksgiving turkey, set the table with love and care, and enjoy the timeless post-feast tradition of shopping for new clothes (10 sizes bigger), or settle in to watch Thanksgiving Day football games, there’s an Instagram-worthy moment at every turn.

Whether you’re after laughs, gratitude, or simply celebrating the art of food photography, we’ve got you covered with these great Thanksgiving captions for Instagram.

So, grab your camera, strike a pose, and make this Thanksgiving unforgettable for your followers, one Instagram caption at a time!

How to Write Thanksgiving Captions for Instagram

Thanksgiving is a beautifully versatile holiday — and we’re not just talking about the impressive dinner table. There’s something for everyone to enjoy, and unless you’re neck-deep in the throws of organizing an amazing feast for your family and friends, you’ll have plenty of time to snap cool photos your Instagram followers will enjoy.

The best thing about Thanksgiving on Instagram? You’re not boxed into any particular caption style! You can focus on the elements you love best, and that can result in a long of different messages.

You might like to write thankful captions for Instagram, post meaningful captions about togetherness and holiday traditions, or unleash your inner foodie in the most shameless way possible. It’s all good!

If there’s one rule about writing Thanksgiving captions Instagram users will love, like, and comment on, it’s this — don’t be afraid to add a little humor to your captions, and definitely consider leaning into cheesy puns about turkeys, pumpkin pie, and cranberries.

Need a little inspiration to get started? No worries. You can use these Thanksgiving Instagram captions as inspiration to craft new ones or just add them straight to your Instagram feed!

How to Write Thanksgiving Captions for Instagram

Funny Thanksgiving Captions for Instagram

1. I’m stuffed. Stuffed but thankful.

2. Too busy napping to pay attention to the family drama. Thanks, turkey!

3. Feeling thankful for stretchy pants.

4. I came, I saw, I conquered, I napped.

5. I liked this dinner cranberry much.

6. Full heart, fuller stomach.

7. Choo, choo! All aboard the gravy train!

8. I yam stuffed.

9. Corn to be wild. It’s a-maize-ing!

10. Do or do not. There is no pie.

Cute Thanksgiving Instagram Captions

11. This pumpkin pie and I see eye to eye.

12. Winner, winner, turkey dinner!

13. Thanksgiving mode activated.

14. Hi! You said there would be food?

15. Go home and go big.

16. You’re my gravy!

17. Home is where the comfort food is.

18. Thanksgiving is better together… except for this pumpkin pie. That’s all mine.

19. Let’s bake the world a better place, one pumpkin pie at a time!

20. Gobble till you can’t even wobble.

Instagram Captions for Thanksgiving About Gratitude

21. All you need is a big heart and open arms.

22. Thankful for so much more than the pumpkin pie, but that’s definitely a nice perk.

23. An attitude of gratitude.

24. Find me in my happy place this Thanksgiving.

25. Empty plates, full bellies, grateful hearts.

26. Thanks for giving me something to wine about this Thanksgiving!

27. Thankful for family time… and the food that makes it impossible for some of them to talk too much.

28. It was love at first bite for us!

29. Exploding with gratitude. Or was that the dinner?

30. An endless supply of laughter and pie.

Thanksgiving Captions for Instagram About Family

31. Thankful for my Insta fam, too!

32. Feeling grateful… that Uncle Bob decided to keep his political theories to himself this year. Thanks!

33. With these guys, I’m too blessed to be stressed.

34. Feeling grateful for my family and the best excuse ever to get together.

35. Birds of a feather flock together.

36. So happy I get to spend my Thanksgiving with these weirdos.

37. Family is the most important thing. Everything else is gravy. But gravy is tasty, too.

38. Hey! Let’s be couch potatoes together!

39. When your sister packs extra sweatpants for you on Thanksgiving, you know the true meaning of family.

40. The food is gone, but the love only gets bigger.

Thanksgiving Instagram Captions About Food

Thanksgiving Instagram Captions About Food

41. The best kind of “too much on your plate”!

42. Little Miss Stuffed.

43. It’s corny, but today’s feast will make me smile all year.

44. Warning, cutie pie overload!

45. Feast your eyes!

46. A great dinner is the tur-key to my heart!

47. I only have pies for you this Thanksgiving!

48. Little nibble, sneaky bite? Nah, give me a shovel.

49. This is just how we casse-roll.

50. I yam so full…

Football Instagram Captions for Thanksgiving

51. It’s game time!

52. Sorry for the terrible things I said during the game.

53. The dinner forced me to the couch, but the football kept me there.

54. Let them watch football. I’ll be napping.

55. Thanksgiving has all my favorite F words. Family, Food, and Football!

56. Get off the gravy time and pass me the remote! It’s game time!

57. Having a football with my family today!

58. Thankful for football season.

59. Half-time is time for seconds!

60. Food and football. What could be better?

Blessed Thankful Captions for Instagram About Charity

61. There’s no truer blessing than giving.

62. Life is a blessing. Brighten someone’s day today!

63. Grateful for the opportunity to share my blessings this year.

64. Don’t count your blessings; share them.

65. Thankful hearts open to others’ needs.

66. The more we give, the happier we become.

67. Shared food tastes better.

68. Be generous when you can.

69. Happiness is homemade and shared.

70. Eat, drink, be thankful… and spread the love.

Short Thanksgiving Instagram Captions

71. Gobble till you wobble.

72. Blessed + grateful.

73. It’s harvest time! Get your forks out!

74. Family is the gift that keeps on giving.

75. Food tastes better together.

76. The Thanksgiving table is my happy place.

77. Go vegan. Give the turkeys something to be thankful for.

78. Plymouth rock on in your stretchy pants.

79. Who’s ready for seconds?

80. I’ve never met a Thanksgiving dinner I didn’t like.

Creative Prompts to Help You Write Great Thanksgiving Captions for Instagram

Creative Prompts to Help You Write Great Thanksgiving Captions for Instagram

Are you having a hard time coming up with Thanksgiving Instagram captions, perhaps because it often seems like every great and punny idea is already wildly overused? Are you still determined to make your next caption creative, interesting, and unique?

Discover the power of creative writing prompts! If you need a little help deciding how to spread your attitude of gratitude this Thanksgiving, you can just complete the sentences below with a cute, funny, or beautiful moment from your Thanksgiving dinner.

81. This Thanksgiving, I’m most grateful for…

82. Everyone’s talking about turkey, but for me, Thanksgiving is all about…

83. Remember that time when… did…?

84. If the Thanksgiving table could talk, it would warn us to…

85. This Thanksgiving, my biggest smiles come from…

86. One thing I don’t like about Thanksgiving is…

87. In my family, we…

88. One Thanksgiving dish I look forward to all year is…

89. Thanksgiving to-do list:…

90. My favorite way to bring smiles to others during Thanksgiving is…

FAQ About Instagram Thanksgiving Captions

How can I come up with creative and unique Thanksgiving captions for Instagram?

It’s not easy, but you can do it! The easiest ways to make your Instagram Thanksgiving captions unique are sharing the funniest or heartwarming moments from your Thanksgiving table, writing about your planning process, or talking about the people you’re spending the holiday with.

Should Instagram Thanksgiving captions focus on humor, gratitude, or family?

You’re posting more than one Thanksgiving picture to your feed, no? Simply said, there’s no need to choose. Mix and match thankful Instagram captions with funny ones — and don’t be afraid to highlight the power of family and friends, either.

When should I post Thanksgiving captions for Instagram?

Get ahead of everyone else, and start posting in the lead-up to Thanksgiving! Your followers will be busy planning for the holiday. If you have unique recipes, Thanksgiving table ideas, or Thanksgiving crafts, inspire others!

If you post Thanksgiving photos on the day itself, mornings and afternoons are great. You’ll reel in those likes if you catch your followers while they’re recovering from their meals.

What hashtags should I add to my Instagram captions for Thanksgiving?

Classic Thanksgiving hashtags that add flair to your posts include #turkeyday, #grateful, #familytime, #blessed, #gobblegobble, and #holidaytraditions.

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