App to See Who Views Your Instagram Free

While Instagram is all about engagement and being able to monitor and track your interactions for an enhanced user experience,…

While Instagram is all about engagement and being able to monitor and track your interactions for an enhanced user experience, there are some actions that Instagram itself doesn’t support.

One of those is the visibility of users who view your profile – with Instagram battening down the hatches of any information relating to profile and grid post views.

But that’s not to say you can’t find the information elsewhere… for example, with the help of a series of free apps that all claim to be able to access a list of users who have viewed your profile in recent weeks and months.

Why Is Profile Viewer Information Useful?

Before we share the top apps that uncover profile views for free, it’s worth noting why this information is important.

For business and creator profiles, knowing who visits and views your profile can be useful for creating tailored and targeted content. What’s more, it can give you some insight into when these users are active and seeking out your content – helping you to finetune your posting schedule according to when they are likely to be on the app.

For private accounts, knowing who is visiting your profile is a good way to track regular visits – both from friends and from potentially unwanted browsers. We’ve all been in a situation where we’ve wondered if a friend or even an ex has visited our Instagram profile, with these apps designed to give you a definitive answer.

Here are some of the top recommended apps that grant access to this information at no charge.

The Top (Free) Apps That Let You Stalk Your Stalkers…

1. Influxy

Top of the list is an app which unlocks tons of information about your profile, who views it, how often they view it, and how long they stay for. This app can also give you an overview of your own activity, showing fluctuations in follower and following figures, and will even let you know if anyone has recently blocked (or unblocked) your profile.

Requiring just your username and password, Influxy is an excellent app for influencers who want to know more about the backend of their app use, and for private users who want to learn more about their community.

2. Reports for Followers

Another app which pulls together a plethora of information from across Instagram, Reports for Followers lets users track any lost followers and find out which time periods are the best in terms of both engagement and post views.

This app is largely targeted at assessing and monitoring follower data, with one of the most useful insights actually being the users who you follow but who don’t follow you back.

3. Analytics Reports+

This Analytics app for Instagram focuses on engagement and follower activity, and lets you know who your top fans are (ideal for influencers and those who manage creator accounts).

Displayed in a clear and distinctive way, this analytical app lists all of your “stalkers” by letting you know how many likes and comments they have left on your profile and content in recent days and weeks – while also letting you know who ignores your content completely.

Some other notable apps worth mentioning and researching if you want to track profile views and know who engages with (and who ignores) your content, include:

  • Profeel, great for creator accounts with information on how many subscribers unsubscribed and which of your posts received the most views.
  • InStalker, unlocking information about who viewed your account but didn’t interact or engage.
  • InLook, a behind the scenes look at your account from the perspective of Instagram itself, looking at regular visitors and unsubscribes, and letting you know who is connecting with and stalking who. This is a particularly good app for those users who want to know more than just their own stats, covering the activity of other users too.

We hope that some of these apps offer the insight and information that you are looking for, letting you know who is secretly checking out your profile on Instagram – and when!