Can You See Who Views Your Instagram Reels?

If you are looking to expand your profile and reach, and earn kudos as an Instagram creator, then it’s only…

If you are looking to expand your profile and reach, and earn kudos as an Instagram creator, then it’s only natural that you will want to see which users are viewing and engaging with your content.

While you can often deduce who is the most engaged with your content and reels by looking at who regularly likes and comments, unfortunately there is no direct way to see exactly who has viewed your reels.

Why is this?

A lot of it likely comes down to the logistics of tracking who views every single reel. What’s more, qualifying a view can be difficult.

How long does someone have to watch in order for it to count?

Does watching of the reel qualify as a view?

These questions highlight the challenges associated with tracking and providing insight into reel views – which is why it isn’t really possible.

But there are some things you can look at to determine who is definitely watching your reels.

How to See Who Has Definitely Watched Your Reels

The number one way to see who has definitely watched a reel that you’ve posted is to open the reel, click on the “Liked By” button, and identify the users in that list.

In order to like your reel, the user will have had to open and watch the reel in full, meaning that they are definitely viewers.

While not an exhaustive list, this is certainly a good place to start and can help to unlock some information about your audience demographic, most engaged followers, and the style of content that provokes the most engagement.

The Benefit of Adding a CTA

If you really want to know who has watched a reel that you’ve created and posted, why not ask users directly to engage if they watch and like what they see!

Encouraging action via a CTA at the end of your reel is a surefire way of seeing how many users have not only watched but taken something from your content. It could be as simple as asking them to like or comment on the reel as per the above section. Or it could be asking them to tag a friend, follow your profile, or head to your website for more information.

Whichever way you choose to track and monitor engagement with your profile and Instagram reels, the reality is that while viewer details are not accessible, there’s plenty of other information you can use to ascertain the value of your content.