Can You See Who Views Your Instagram Videos?

There are few different ways of posting a video on Instagram, from a Reel to a grid post and an…

There are few different ways of posting a video on Instagram, from a Reel to a grid post and an Instagram Story update.

While it is possible to track views on your Story and see exactly who has watched your video, it is not possible to see who has viewed your Instagram story via their newsfeed or from searching for your profile.

What you can see is how many people have viewed each video and how popular each video is in terms of likes and comments.

Here’s a quick guide on how to check who has viewed your Instagram Story video update, and what information you can access relating to videos you post on your feed.

How to Check Who Has Viewed Your Instagram Story Video

In order to see who has viewed a video on your Instagram Story, you first need to find the story that you are interested in tracking.

You can do this by clicking on your own profile picture.

In the bottom left hand corner, you will see a selection of profile pictures above the word ‘Activity’.

Clicking on this will bring you to an overview of your Story post, including the total number of views and who those viewers are.

From here, you can head to each user’s profile, restrict, or even block their access to future content, and hide your story from them. Unlock these actions and more by clicking on the three dots next to each name.

Information Available Relating to Each Instagram Video Post

If you post a video to your feed or grid feed, there is some information available to you.

For Personal Account Holders

Above the caption that you post, you will see a total number of views.

Clicking on this number will open an insight screen which again shows you the total number of views of your video, as well as a list of everyone who liked the video.

For Business Account Holders

Each post comes with its own Post Insights page, on which you can see how many accounts were reached in a set period of time, how many accounts engaged with your post, and whether your post sparked any future activity.

So, while you may not be able to see who viewed your video, you can certainly see how broad the audience and viewership, and how popular your video was from an engagement perspective.

How to Learn More About Who Views Your Videos

If you’re keen to know a bit more about your audience and the kinds of users who are watching your videos and looking out for your content updates, then the best thing to do is to share your video post to your story.

This will allow you to see who views your story and will give you some insight into how many of those viewers then click through to the full post as a result of seeing your story.