Celebrate Love with These 95 Wedding Captions for Instagram

Social media research has uncovered a fascinating fact about modern wedding guests — they share, on average, 22 wedding pics…

Social media research has uncovered a fascinating fact about modern wedding guests — they share, on average, 22 wedding pics on Instagram and other social networks. It’s almost as if weddings are so magical that we just can’t help ourselves!

Somehow, we have no idea how many wedding photos brides and grooms themselves share — but we don’t doubt for a second that the happy couple goes more Insta-crazy than even the most enthusiastic guest! You know what they say, after all. If it’s not on Insta, it didn’t happen!

Whether you’re taking center stage by broadcasting the moment you and your beloved said “I do!” on Instagram or you were one of the lucky guests to be part of someone else’s special day, one thing is clear. Wedding captions for Instagram have a special place in the hearts of those in it to celebrate love — and they’re nearly as important as the photos themselves.

Every Instagram wedding caption gives you the chance to shower the wedding couple or your wonderful guests with love and appreciation. Every Instagram wedding caption becomes a powerful reminder of a day filled with love. Don’t miss the opportunity to make your best photos shine!

The captions you write for the pictures you take of a once in a lifetime event — the moment two souls join together as one — deserve far more attention than your average social media caption. So, the search for the best married couple captions for Instagram is on! Find unique wedding vibes captions for Instagram that perfectly match your style on this list, and have fun!

Just Married Instagram Captions for Your Own Wedding

Looking for the best Instagram caption for wedding photos that celebrate your own marriage? The wedding captions Instagram will go crazy over celebrate your love, capture the day’s silliest moments, and allow your guests to swoon over the most beautiful bridal photos.

They also go a step further, though — unless you eloped, they should also thank everyone who attended your special day for witnessing your union.  Don’t forget to throw in an Instagram caption for wedding guests here and there!

Just Married Instagram Captions for Your Own Wedding

Wedding Date Instagram Captions

Have you decided on a day? You’ll need to know all your friends and family know it’s time to save the day! Although you’ll probably send out formal invites, wedding date captions for Instagram are another great way to remind everyone in your life to come to your wedding! Here’s how you can go about that creatively.

1. Mark your calendars! We’ve set the date for [insert date here]!

2. Fairy tales do exist! Our happily ever after starts on [your planned wedding date]!

3. A love story worth celebrating! We’re getting married on [date]!

4. [Date]: The day we say “I do” and forever tie our fates together! Save the date!

5. So excited for you all to share in the happiest day of our lives on [date]!

Funny Wedding Instagram Captions

The best weddings aren’t just joyous — they also have their fair share of hilariously silly moments! Choose the best caption for wedding pics on Instagram to inject a sense of lighthearted humor into the memories of your special day (and please, for the love of all that’s holy, don’t be scared to share some funny “mishap” pics!).

6. Marriage: Because finding someone you can annoy for for the rest of your life is a rare and beautiful thing.

7. Every part of our wedding was special, but this moment definitely takes the cake!

8. When we’re old, gray, and wrinkled, we’ll sit on the porch together, reminiscing about the moment [share your biggest wedding mishap here]!

9. My ride or die.

10. The best part? We’ll never have to plan another wedding ever again!

Romantic Instagram wedding Captions

No social media wedding celebration is complete without the cheesiest, sappiest, and most romantic marriage captions for Instagram! After all, if you can’t let your inner romantic lead the way on your wedding day, when will you get the chance? We hope these wedding day captions for Instagram inspire you!

11. Individually imperfect. Good job we complete each other.

12. Our love story is more magical and enchanting than any fairy tale, because this one’s for real!

13. Our adventure didn’t start with “I do,” but it’s where we vowed never to stop traveling together…

14. Here’s to memories that last a lifetime.

15. My person. Forever.

16. Home is wherever I’m with you.

17. I do, I do! Yes, baby, I do!

18. Once in a lifetime.

19. But the day I met you is still my favorite!

20. You’re my everything.

Cute Wedding Instagram Captions

Are cute just married Instagram captions more your thing? Add a little extra sugar with a super cute wedding caption Instagram can go wild over (and maybe even get a little jealous about).

21. When you finally find that special someone, never let go…

22. Wishing for a lifetime of growing old with you, my dear.

23. Let’s be a mess together. A beautiful mess.

24. You don’t mean the world to me. You’re my entire universe, my dear.

25. Our love is forever.

26. More beautiful than the bridal bouquet.

27. Love is in the air… now and forever.

28. Finding my forever reflection in your loving eyes.

29. You’re my one and only!

30. Let’s be idiots together!

Sweet Bridal Captions for Instagram

Sweet Bridal Captions for Instagram

Bride captions for Instagram always get the most attention, so celebrate those moments when you look like a Queen in style. Try these sweet wedding photos Instagram captions to add some shine and sparkle to your crown!

31. Love, laughter, and a touch of magic.

32. Walking toward my happily ever after!

33. I love you to the moon and back!

34. But first, I said Yes to the dress!

35. Think I look bling? You should see my heart.

36. Fairy tale mode: Activated.

37. Because life is too short to spend another moment without you.

38. White is the new black.

39. It was always gonna be you.

40. By your side is my favorite place in the world.

Popping Wedding Party Instagram Captions

Finding your forever person and making that lifetime commitment deserves to be celebrated with an insane party your guests will remember forever! Remind your friends and family of the craziest party moments with Instagram captions wedding guests can smile at!

41. Till death do us party.

42. The champagne convinced them they could dance.

43. No worries. We were too drunk on each other to notice your terrible dance skills.

44. Celebrating love, friendship, and insane dance moves!

45. Let’s kick off those heels and dance!

46. This one’s for the friends who become family.

47. Danced like nobody was watching. (You were wrong.)

48. At least our love is in perfect sync.

49. Dancing with my one and only.

50. Time to tango the night away.

Elopement Wedding Photo Captions for Instagram

So, you couldn’t wait any longer, seized the moment, and tied the knot? Congratulations! Your elopement marriage Instagram caption might just serve as a very big and unexpected announcement, so get creative!

51. Oh, yes, we did!

52. Not all who wander are lost, and we found each other!

53. Skipped the Bridezilla moments and went straight for the happily ever after.

54. Just us… and Elvis.

55. When you have a shot at tying the knot, you take it on the spot.

56. We just got married. And how’s your day going?

57. Hey, let’s get married!

58. We ran straight into each other’s arms!

59. Just eloped.

60. Don’t need anything fancy. Just you.

Simple Wedding Captions for Instagram

If you don’t feel like dressing your wedding Instagram caption up with fancy words and prefer simplicity and elegance, try these on for size! The classics never go out of style, after all!

61. Just married!

62. The new Mr. and Mrs. [name]!

63. The “I do” crew!

64. To infinity and back.

65. Just made it official!

66. Everything’s more beautiful with you.

67. Mine for a lifetime.

68. Newlyweds!

69. The best day of the rest of our lives.

70. You and me.

Wedding Instagram Captions for Guests

Wedding guests are the life of the party! Whether you were a best man, bridesmaid, close family member, or “just” a guest (or even a plus one!), you’ll need a great wedding guest Instagram caption to tell the new couple how much fun you had on their big day. We’ve separated these wedding guest captions Instagram can celebrate into sections that make finding your match super easy.

Cool Wedding Party Captions for Instagram

As the bride and groom commit to each other forever, the wedding guests’ main job is celebrating their love — and those wedding parties get wild! Show the happy couple how much fun you had with these awesome wedding guests Instagram captions.

71. Cheers to the happy couple!

72. These two proved that forever love exists. We… just proved we can’t drink and dance.

73. We heard there was a party, so we showed up…

74. Came for the wedding, stayed for the cake, danced like there was no tomorrow.

75. They tied the knot. We did shots.

76. I’m not just a guest, I’m the best.

77. Best wedding I’ve ever been to.

78. I said “I do” to the dancefloor!

79. You were meant to be, and I’ll drink to that!

80. Perfect excuse to dress up and dance.

Family Wedding Captions for Instagram

Are you celebrating the wedding of a close relative — a sibling, child, or cousin — with the best wedding photos Insta has ever seen? You’ll need the best marriage Instagram captions to show the fresh new couple how happy you are to celebrate with them!

81. My [relative] finally tied the knot! It was about time!

82. Forever looks good on these two.

83. When Cupid gets it right.

84. The cutest couple I’ve ever seen.

85. Blessed to be a part of your life!

86. Love is the best thing you can’t eat.

87. All you need is love, music, and a dancefloor.

88. I approve.

89. Just remember… the best is yet to come!

90. Best day ever!

Family Wedding Captions for Instagram

Wedding Day Instagram Captions for Bridesmaids

Think bride Instagram captions and photos are never complete without the sassiest, funniest bridesmaids? You might be onto something! Bridesmaids don’t just make the big day run smoothly. They’ll always be a part of the couple’s life! Sneak in some cute or funny wedding photo Instagram captions to celebrate those wonderful bridesmaid moments!

91. A fabulous squad of bridesmaids is the secret to every sparkly wedding!

92. Bridesmaid for a day, bestie for a lifetime.

93. Bridesmaids, assemble!

84. We’re Team Bride!

85. Life’s a party!

86. Bridesmaids: The other loves of your life.

87. She’s getting married, I’m getting drunk.

88. So blessed to be part of your happily ever after!

89. I stand by her side with pride!

90. Anything for you, dear, but please don’t make us wear matching dresses at all your parties!

Savage Instagram Captions for Weddings

VIP guests, especially those who helped plan the big day, get to joke around a little. Does any traditionally romantic wedding guest caption Instagram has ever seen make you feel like throwing up a little in your mouth, but do you still want to celebrate the wedding in style? Try these savage

Instagram captions for wedding photos instead!

91. Better you than me, I guess.

92. Yes, you did. Now, let’s have some cake.

93. I think I’m in love with the dancefloor.

94. Two more friends off the market and another awesome party. I love wedding season!

95. May your wedding last even longer than your uncle’s hangover.

FAQ About Wedding Captions for Instagram

Why are wedding Instagram captions so important?

You may or may not remember the days before we started taking pictures of everything. Wedding photos were a big deal even then! They’re so much more than pictures. They’re visual evidence of very special memories. Your Instagram captions for weddings you attend, or for your own wedding, add crucial context. They capture the vibe.

How can I write better wedding captions for Instagram?

If it’s wedding season Instagram captions may be on your mind for quite a while! Always consider the mood you want to convey and tailor your best captions to the happy couple’s personality! Some newlyweds will find joy in savage captions, while others prefer traditional and romantic messages.

What can I do to personalize the wedding captions for Instagram on this list?

Some of the captions you’ll find here are “plug and play,” but it’s always great to add a personal touch. Consider your relation to the couple getting married, and add a unique twist that references the moment your picture captures. Even plus one Instagram captions can offer a hilarious and unexpected take on the big day, for example. If you’re “just” the caterer or another professional, simple wedding captions where you show how much you appreciated being part of the bride and groom’s big day are the best way to go.

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