Does TikTok Notify When You Screen Record?

Screen recording means capturing what happens on your smartphone screen in real time. It works in much the same way…

Screen recording means capturing what happens on your smartphone screen in real time. It works in much the same way as a screenshot but has the ability to capture a video rather than just a quick still of the screen.

But does TikTok notify a user if you screen record their video or live stream?

The short answer is no, TikTok does not send notifications when you screen record someone’s content on the app. This means that you can screen record covertly as well as capture stills and screenshots.

Here are a few other things you need to know about screen recording…

How Do You Screen Record on TikTok?

If you see a video or live that you want to screen record for future reference or to send to someone outside of the app, you can do so by following the screen record guidance for your device.

On an iPhone, the screen record feature is accessible by your settings – accessing the control centre and switching on the tool to Screen Record. This will add it to your device control panel, which is accessed by dragging down on the screen from the top right hand corner.

When a piece of footage, live stream, or video that you want to record is playing, hold your finger and drag down from that corner, before tapping the new ‘Screen Record’ button.

On an Android device, the tool is found via your device’s ‘Quick Settings’, tapping on the Screen Recorder button and then ‘Start Recording’.

What Happens When You Use Screen Record?

If the original poster or creator isn’t notified when you screen record their content, what exactly does happen?

Recorded videos can generally be found in your device album – and will be saved as standard videos that you can send via any platform or social app.

NOTE: It is important to know, especially if you are a creator yourself, that this means any other user can screen record you content in return and you will not know or be notified. So, be wary of those who may be copying your content or capturing it to share elsewhere, and always add the TikTok copyright box to your content so that when shared on other devices it adds your username for full transparency.

We hope this helps! Happy screen recording!