Even When the Sun Don’t Shine TikTok

Have you heard the ‘When the Sun Don’t Shine’ song on TikTok? If you’ve been on the app for the…

Have you heard the ‘When the Sun Don’t Shine’ song on TikTok?

If you’ve been on the app for the past few years, then the chances are that you have – because back in 2021 the song went viral and was used on countless TikTok videos produced by creators all over the world.

However, more recently the song has made headlines for a different reason.

It turns out the song, which is actually called ‘Sure Thing’ was never credited back to its original writer and artist Miguel.

The ‘even When the Sun Don’t Shine’ Lyric

The song was made famous and rose in popularity thanks to several lines and lyrics – one of the standout being the line ‘Even When The Sun Don’t Shine’.

This became so prolific that the song has been referred to by this lyric, especially by those who don’t know the actual title of the song.

While it is unclear exactly how and when the song became so popular, a number of comments and stories have now popped up claiming that the song was stolen and never formally credited – proof of what can happen when a song is used outside of the artist’s agreement.

How Is the Song Used?

Videos which use the song are generally very heartfelt or sad, linking to the emotion of the music and the lyrics.

The original version of the song was covered by an unknown artist, who never credited the original creator and singer. Since then, the song has been linked to thousands of videos and played millions of times on TikTok.

Is Miguel an artist that you have heard of? We hope that this story highlights the importance of proper crediting when creating and sharing a song or audio on TikTok!