How Are Instagram Followers Sorted?

Have you ever clicked to view your ‘Followers’ list on Instagram and wondered how and why they are sorted in…

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Have you ever clicked to view your ‘Followers’ list on Instagram and wondered how and why they are sorted in a particular order?

In most cases, the order of your followers is sorted by Instagram’s own algorithm – something we will share a little bit more about in the next section. In cases where you have less than 200 followers, this list tends to be sorted into alphabetical order instead.

What Affects The Sorting List of Followers?

Let’s take a look at some of the factors which, it is believed, help to influencer the order in which your followers are sorted.

1. Interaction Between Users

Any account that you have a high and very active level of engagement with will appear towards or even at the top of your followers list.

In order for a user to rank highly on your follower list, you need to be following them back – otherwise they will be pushed down the sorting list regardless of how much they interact with you.

2. Similar Interests

If you share similar content to another user, and you display similar interests, then you can be fairly sure that they will sit near the top of your follower list. This is because Instagram places heavy emphasis on common interests and on helping users to form and connect with a community of likeminded users.

3. Regular Profile Stops

If you visit the profile of another user on a regular basis, then the chances are that they too will be high up on your follower list.

It is worth nothing here that no matter how many times a user visits your profile, this does not affect their position in your follower list. It is only the profiles that you visit which will be elevated to the top of the list.

4. A New Follower

Finally, new followers may well appear towards the top of your follower list, as Instagram considers them to be relevant and therefore worth prioritising (at least initially).

Of course, there is a high chance that all of these statements apply to the profiles of your best friends and family members – which is why you will so often find that these users at the top of your follower list. However, we hope this helps you to understand what may be pushing other followers further down the list (if, for example, you don’t follow them back). Plus, this may just help to explain the presence of a few unexpected usernames at the top of your list!