How Do I Remove TikTok From My Phone?

Is having TikTok on the go creating a distraction in your everyday life? If so, then there are two major…

Is having TikTok on the go creating a distraction in your everyday life?

If so, then there are two major steps that we recommend taking:

  1. Deleting the app to remove the quick and easy one-click access to TikTok
  2. Delete your account completely

These two steps will prevent you from accessing TikTok through the app or online.

Here’s how to do it…

How to Delete the TikTok App

Most smartphone owners know how to remove or delete an app from their device.

Typically, you press the hold on the icon that you want to delete, until a small pop up appears. Select ‘Delete’ and the icon will disappear.

NOTE: This action will log you out of your device and, in turn, will delete any drafts that you had saved in TikTok. Do not delete the app until you are confident that you know your log in details should you need them, and do not have any ‘work in progress’ drafts that you still need to complete.

How to Delete Your TikTok Account

If you want to remove your access to TikTok on a wider scale by deleting your account altogether, then the process is a little more long-winded and complicated.

The request to delete your TikTok account will grant you a grace period of 30 days. During this time, your account is deactivated and cannot be searched by other users – but you have the benefit of being able to reverse the action and reactivate it should you want to.

If you can stick it out and last the full 30 days, then your account deletion will be confirmed.

Here’s how to start the process…

  1. Navigate to your profile page on TikTok and click on the menu button in the top right hand corner
  2. Select ‘Settings and Privacy’ then ‘Account’ at the top of the menu
  3. Select ‘Deactivate or Delete Account’

This will take you to a menu which explains what we just mentioned above. Deactivating your account is a more temporary solution which allows you to unlock your account and start using it again at any time.

Tap the ‘Delete Account Permanently’ option to fully remove access to TikTok – via both the app and all online browser tabs.

And voila! After the 30 day grace period, your account will be deleted for good.

We hope this helps. Managing your own access to social channels is an important part of responsible usage – whether that means taking a step away for a period of time or deleting the app permanently.