How Many Violations to Get Banned on TikTok?

In other words, how many times can you get it wrong before TikTok gives you a long term punishment in…

In other words, how many times can you get it wrong before TikTok gives you a long term punishment in the form of a ban?

TikTok’s community guidelines are incredibly clear, with content violations evaluated by both humans and robots to ensure the right level of action.

Having said that, there are lots of variables at play, with the number of violations depending on the severity of the issue and the content breach, before culminating in a complete ban.

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What Kind of Activity is Considered a Violation?

Content moderation is designed to protect TikTok users from harmful and damaging content.

Content which violates the community guidelines is often reviewed and will be removed. It may or may not result in a strike against the creator or poster.

Some of the content that is considered a violation of the guidelines includes:

  • Impersonating another user
  • Posting about or promoting child sexual abuse material
  • Promoting or threatening violence
  • Posting content that facilitates trafficking, rape, molestation, and other human rights issues

You can appeal a strike or even a full ban following a violation, if you feel it was unfairly judged. However, any of the above will culminate in a strike or even a full ban based on the severity of the issue.

How Many Strikes Do You Need to Receive a Ban?

Your account may be banned if you receive a number of strikes for the same violation, or if you engage in a serious violation which is deemed particularly harmful.

It is worth noting that strikes are wiped from your account after 90 days, and so cannot be used against you or to support a permanent ban if a previous violation has surpassed the three month window.

In short, TikTok’s community guidelines are there to keep users safe. They don’t just deal in violations and dangerous content, but also in inaccurate ages and birth dates, and other issues which can lead to inappropriate content being shared.

Whatever the issue, if your account receives a violation or is banned permanently, there will likely be a reason – and if needs be, you can report or flag the issue with TikTok for a more thorough review.