How Much Does TikTok Live Pay?

TikTok Live is a feature reserved for creators with more than 1,000 followers. It offers eligible creators a platform on…

TikTok Live is a feature reserved for creators with more than 1,000 followers.

It offers eligible creators a platform on which to “go live” to their followers, presenting a live stream where they perform, chat with followers directly, share tips and advice on a specific topic, and more.

Crucially, for creators at least, TikTok Live is where it becomes possible to earn money on the platform – through gifts selected and shared by their followers and fans.

In this article, we’re taking a look at how much you can earn through TikTok Live.

How Do Creators Earn Money on TikTok Live?

There are a few different ways of making money through TikTok Live.

  1. By receiving gifts from followers and fans. These are purchased by users with real money, and can be converted by the creator into diamonds which then convert into TikTok income
  2. Through high engagement, which may result in extra diamonds awarded by the platform
  3. Live selling, which offers a direct opportunity to sell to followers through brand collaborations
  4. Live subscriptions, where followers pay to become an active and loyal member of your community. This is offered at a set rate determined by the creator, making it one of the best ways of making a predictable income

With a number of different income streams, TikTok is the place to be if you want to earn money as a social media side hustle – or as part of your commitment to building a sustainable brand.

So, how much can you earn?

How Much Does TikTok Pay Creators?

This depends on how you choose to earn money through TikTok, and how prominent and popular your profile is.

TikTok is notoriously demanding when it comes to the commission kept by the platform. This means that even those who earn lots of gifts from followers during live streams will find that a high percentage of that income is lost in commission.

Most creators combine a number of these income streams in order to maximise their earnings – with subscriptions and live selling through brand collaborations generally considered as the most lucrative opportunities.

Different types of influencers can earn different amounts based on their following and reputation – however, those who partner with brands for live selling collaborations can earn anywhere between £10 per post and £10,000+ per post.

Subscriptions are set by the creator with average rates varying from £4.99 per month to £25 per month. Those who subscribe receive extra content from creators, as well as subscriber-only chats and updates. TikTok again takes a commission, but the earning potential is higher.

How to Maximise Your Earnings Through TikTok Live

Aside from building a strong and reputable enough TikTok profile to earn extra diamonds and boost your engagement on Live Streams, the best way to maximise earnings is to diversify and tap into all (or some) of the above income streams.

If you can earn gifts from followers, work with brands on Live collaborations, and impress TikTok with high engagement, then your earning potential will be high, and you will find your profile becomes more than a small side hustle.