How Much is a TikTok Universe?

TikTok gifts are just one way in which creators can be paid for their content. Gifts are purchased by followers…

TikTok gifts are just one way in which creators can be paid for their content. Gifts are purchased by followers during a live stream, using coins that they buy through the app.

There are a plethora of different gifts available to purchase, all of which cost varying amounts. Most importantly for creators, this also means that gifts translate to different values in overall income.

Now, for those who are already familiar with TikTok gifts, you will know they aren’t worth much. Even the most expensive – and most impressive – gifts often translate to a few pounds in real money, by the time they have been converted into TikTok diamonds and then into real money. Which is why those who want to make a sustainable income on TikTok can only really do so by accessing a number of different income streams.

Having said that, it’s good to know what different gifts are worth both as a creator and as a user who wants to buy and share gifts – so you know what to buy and for whom. And despite the reputation that TikTok has for not giving creators much financial value from its gifts, there are some that come at a high cost.

The Universe is one of them.

What is the TikTok Universe?

The TikTok Universe is the most expensive gift you can buy and send via the app.

It is priced for buyers at 44,999 coins, which costs around £450 in real money.

Like we said earlier, it is important to note that creators do not get the full bulk of what you spend on a gift. All gifts received are converted into diamonds, which are worth about half the value of the gift. On top of that, the platform takes a 50% commission from each gift. Ultimately, of the £450 gift, the creator will receive about £200.

Is the Universe Worth the Cost?

It all depends on who you are buying the gift for and the statement that you want to make. When you buy a gift, it is presented on the screen during a live stream, seen by both the creator and other followers.

It is a very “out there” way of showing your appreciation for a favourite creator. Gifting the TikTok Universe is the highest accolade you could share.

We hope this helps! For creators specifically, TikTok gifts are certainly not the best way of earning a sustainable income. For users, gifts are a fun way to show creators that you’re there – but spending hundreds of pounds on a gift doesn’t mean the creator receives that gift.