How Much Is TikTok Worth?

As one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, you might be wondering just how much TikTok…

As one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, you might be wondering just how much TikTok is worth.

Not only is it home to countless standalone creators and influencers who have earned prominence through their videos and engaging content, but it has also become an integral marketing tool for brands and businesses across all industries.

It connects brands – both corporate and small businesses – with followers in a unique and engaging way, and offers consumers a new way to discover content, products, services, and more.

It also supports different streams of income and offers different advertising opportunities for creators and businesses, becoming so much more than just a social media platform along the way.

What all of this tells us is that TikTok is invaluable when it comes to profile growth and audience engagement. But how much is the app actually worth?

In 2023, it was reported that TikTok and Douyin combined were worth around $66 billion US dollars.

(NOTE: Douyin is the Chinese version of TikTok, which works in much the same way but is exclusively available in mainland China. Both TikTok and Douyin are Chinese owned, under the parent company ByteDance).

How Much Is the Founder of TikTok Worth?

The Founder of TikTok is a largely unknown software engineer, who rarely gives interviews and is not a major presence on the global stage – despite having founded and spearheaded the most popular social media app ever.

Zhang Yiming, who came up with the concept in 2012 (initially creating Douyin before expanding into TikTok for the global market), has a net worth of over $49.5 billion US dollars. He is the second wealthiest person in China and is believed to be in the top 30 wealthiest people in the world.

What This Value Tells Us About TikTok’s Future…

Needless to say, the incredible success and year-on-year growth of TikTok gives the app a fairly rock solid future.

Creators can tap into a diverse series of features to really maximise their profile and earn some money from the app, building connections with their followers and exchanging great content for gifts, customer conversion, and more.