How to Add Admin to Instagram

Do you have a business account that you manage in partnership with someone else? The reasons why you might want…

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Do you have a business account that you manage in partnership with someone else?

The reasons why you might want to have more than one administrator on an Instagram business account vary hugely: from sharing the responsibility of regular posting, to keeping on top of DM’s and comments from active followers and customers alike.

But how do you add admin to your page, so that both you and your business partner or social team members can all access the account for posting and management with ease?

5 Steps to Add Admin to Instagram

  1. Step one in your journey to adding more admin members to your Instagram account is more of a checklist – checking that your account is a business account, that your Instagram is linked to a Facebook account, and that you have access to Facebook Business Manager
  2. Head to Facebook Business Manager and find the Meta Business Suite

(NOTE: Meta is the umbrella company for Facebook and Instagram, with any connected activity like adding admin performed from within the overarching Meta Business Suite)

  1. In the top left hand corner of the Business Suite screen, select the menu button then click on ‘People’
  2. You will now be able to see everyone who is already marked as admin, and what they have access to – i.e., whether they are admin on Instagram, Facebook, or both
  3. Click on the ‘Add Admin’ button and fill in the information required to add a member of admin to your Instagram team. This information includes a work email address and which areas of the page you would like them to be able to access

And voila! Once complete your team member will receive an invitation to gain admin access to the Instagram account.

Did You Know…

As both business accounts and creator accounts are considered to be ‘professional’ accounts, they both receive access to the same dashboard for account tracking and insight data. Therefore, creator accounts can also add admin members to their page if they want to, granting backend access to assistants and agents as well as other users whose support they need to finesse their online presence.

The more admin you have connected to your account, the more individuals there are working to make your page the best it can be. However, do ensure that you are vigilant and remove users who you no longer want to be able to access your account – following steps 1-4 as listed above to access the full list of admin.