How to Add Captions on TikTok

There are a few different ways of enhancing your TikTok content with added text. You can add a caption to…

There are a few different ways of enhancing your TikTok content with added text.

  1. You can add a caption to the post, which appears at the bottom of your content and is what most creators use to include hashtags and other contextual details.
  2. You can add a box of text to the TikTok itself, for example following the ‘POV’ trend which centres the visual content around a specific perspective or story.
  3. You can caption your voiceover to make content more accessible to those who are browsing TikTok in silent mode or without audio.

The option you choose for your TikTok post will depend on the message you are sharing. Most creators will combine option 1 with another form of text, creating a caption to support their post as well as adding some kind of text to the post.

Here’s how to add captions to your TikTok, both in and underneath the post.

How to Add a Caption to Your Post

The classic caption is the one which sits underneath your TikTok, containing hashtags and some context for your post. This is added on the final edit screen when your TikTok is finished and ready to share. You can add emojis and other tags to this caption, tagging other users, businesses, and locations.

How to Add Text to Your TikTok Content

If you want a text box to appear on your TikTok, you first need to upload the video content or images. Then click on the ‘text’ icon from the menu down the right hand side of the screen. This enables you to add a caption to the entire video or TikTok post.

If you want the text to only appear at a certain point, make sure that your TikTok is set as a ‘video’ post rather than ‘photos’ post, and then tap ‘Edit’. this takes you to an editing screen with layers of different features. Click on the box which contains your text and adjust its length and placement according to where on the video you want it to appear.

How to Add Captions

If your TikTok uses a voiceover or song, and you want the lyrics or words to appear on the screen for accessibility and a better user experience, you can add these by using the auto caption tool.

Once your content is uploaded, click on the ‘Captions’ tool on the right hand side of your screen and let the app automatically work out what is being said and when. These captions will run with your content – you can even change the language for quick and easy translation if you want to!

And there you have it! 3 of the best ways to enhance your TikTok content with captions – whether it’s a short contextual caption or full audio captions or subtitles to compliment your video. We hope this helps you to create videos that have an impact for your audience!