How to Add Custom Instagram Fonts for Captions

If you’re an enthusiastic Instagram user, there’s no way that you haven’t come across a popular caption telling you to…

If you’re an enthusiastic Instagram user, there’s no way that you haven’t come across a popular caption telling you to “be a voice, not an echo” before. Do you want your captions to stand out? You might feel like the platform’s usual font, a custom typeface called “Instagram Regular,” is too basic for you.

If you want to experiment with a different Instagram font for captions (bio and feed) and comments, there’s no easy way to consistently get great results — because Instagram doesn’t give users the option of selecting different fonts. However, you do have some options, and this guide will discuss them.

How to Use Unique Instagram Fonts for Captions with Third-Party Tools

If you Google “fonts for Instagram captions” or a similar search term right now, we guarantee that you’ll instantly be met with an abundance of websites that promise to liberate you from Instagram Regular.

These custom font websites come and go and can often be used in other settings, like video games, as well. Many of these websites work, but watch out — not all of them are reputable. Some of them might even harbor malware and viruses.

If you’re so desperate for new Instagram captions fonts that you’re willing to way through these third-party websites, take some steps to stay safe:

  • Make sure you have anti-virus software installed.
  • Use a good ad and pop-up blocker to prevent pop-ups from appearing.
  • Only ever use websites that use the HTTPS protocol, and steer clear of any sites still using the much less secure, and severely outdated, HHTP protocol.

Once you find a secure, working website that transforms the font Instagram captions appear in, just write your caption there and copy and paste it to your Instagram post when you are ready.

How to Change Your Instagram Captions Font Using a Word Processor

Does turning to random websites not seem like a good idea, but are you still committed to changing the Instagram fonts captions display? You can always experiment with trusted tools you already have on your phone and computer — your favorite word processors!

MS Word, Google Docs, and iOS Pages are all reputable products guaranteed to be malware-free — and they all support an amazing range of different fonts. What if you could simply write your Instagram caption, select your chosen font, and copy and paste the resulting work of art into your Instagram feed?

Well, perhaps you can. Your mileage will vary, but you can certainly try.

If you want to give this experiment a go, be aware that only regular Instagram font captions always look the same across every device. Instagram doesn’t promise to preserve the font and formatting you pasted into the caption bar. Even if it looks like you transferred the font to Instagram correctly, your followers may see something completely different.

We would advise you to check what your Instagram caption looks like on Android, iOS, and the web version of Instagram if you go this route.

How to Change the Instagram Captions Font in Stories

Do you only want to change the display font for the closed captions on your Instagram Stories? In that case, you’ll have a much easier time! Instagram currently supports five unique Instagram font captions — classic, neon, strong, modern, and typewriter.

Each of these cool fonts for Instagram captions adds a different vibe to your Story, although some users may find the neon font a little difficult to read.

To add one of these special fonts, simply:

  • Upload your Instagram Story.
  • Tap the Sticker button at the top of your screen.
    How to Add Custom Instagram Fonts for Captions 1
  • Select Captions from the menu and enable closed captions — Instagram will take a while to scan your video.
  • Tap the “Aa” button to select your chosen font for Instagram captions.
    How to Add Custom Instagram Fonts for Captions 2
  • Use your fingers to increase or decrease the size of your text and move it to your preferred location on the screen.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Using Custom Instagram Fonts in Your Bio and Feed Captions?

There’s a reason Instagram doesn’t offer its users a selection of fonts. Not only is the Instagram Regular font we’re all familiar with part of the social media platform’s branding, but it also ensures a clean, uniform look across the board.

If you want to look beyond the ordinary and spice up your Instagram captions with a custom font the platform doesn’t support, you stand a lot to gain — but you also have something to lose.

On the upside, a custom font will immediately draw attention to your bio or feed caption. Nobody will scroll past your content without a second look. If you choose your unique font wisely, you can add beauty to your captions, resulting in more likes, views, comments, and followers.

There is a downside, however. Outrageous fonts definitely get people to look, but they might not like what they see. You also run the risk that the font you chose so carefully won’t display properly on your readers’ end, and they only see a series of empty boxes. That’s not a good look!

A Final Word

There is still no easy and reliable way to beautify your Instagram captions with custom fonts. While users have several ways to add unique fonts to their Instagram captions, they are not guaranteed to work — and you always run the risk of landing on a website that harbors malware as you explore the latest way to spruce up your Instagram content.

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