How to Add Music to Instagram Reels

Reels are short snippets of content which are both highly engaging and incredibly shareable. Brands and creators will often produce…

Reels are short snippets of content which are both highly engaging and incredibly shareable. Brands and creators will often produce reels which tap into trending concepts, layouts, dance routines, and audio clips in order to boost their visibility, and will use reels as a way to draw followers in.

One of the best things about Instagram reels is the versatility in content, which allows users to create branded clips, comic clips, text-heavy clips, and everything in between.

But how exactly do you add music – and how do you know which audio clips to add to your reels to help them perform well?

5 Steps to Add Music To a Reel

  1. Head to your profile page on Instagram, then click on the plus sign in the square box. Select ‘Create Reel’
  2. There are a number of different ways of creating a reel – with users able to access templates and input their own visuals and photos or start from scratch. If starting from scratch, use the ‘Select’ button to choose all the photos and video clips that you want to add to your reel.
  3. When you’re happy with your selection, click ‘Next’

NOTE: The numbers in the corner of each image you select will indicate the order in which the images and clips will be displayed in your reel. You can edit this later down the line, though making sure you are happy with the order at this early stage is good for extra ease and convenience.

  1. Along the bottom of the screen, underneath your selected images, you will see a heading ‘Suggested Audio’. These are the songs that Instagram recommends playing with your reel, complimenting the style of images and visuals. You can select one of these, or find your own using the ‘Search’ icon
  2. Click ‘Next’ to view your full reel with the audio clip that you’ve chosen. If you want to change the portion of the song that is being played, click on ‘Edit video’ then highlight the music bar underneath your carousel of images. Tools listed under the music bar will invite you to adjust the section of the song that you play, snip, and edit how it plays, slow it down, and more

And voila! Your reel is now set to music which will engage and inspire your audience.

How to Choose The Best Music For a Reel

If you’ve made it this far but you’re still not sure how to choose the best music for your reel, then we’ve compiled a few top tips to really optimise your content and ensure it sticks in your followers’ minds for all the right reasons…

  • Look at which audio clips Instagram suggests. These tend to be trending clips or popular tunes which are popping up across the platform – so can effortlessly contribute towards your profile and visibility.
  • Find a memorable tune with lyrics which connect to the theme or content in your reel. If the lyrics are particularly compelling, then consider adding the lyrics to your reel!
  • Use a song which showcases your personality or the personality of your brand. Adding music to a reel can and should be a fun way to really show off what you’re all about.
  • Use audio from TV shows or movies, that your followers can relate to.

We hope these tips, and the information above, help you to enhance your Instagram reels through the use of music!

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