How to Add Pictures to TikTok?

Did you know that TikTok allows you to create videos from a selection of pictures, fusing them together into a…

Did you know that TikTok allows you to create videos from a selection of pictures, fusing them together into a seamless video with your choice of transition from one image to the next?

Adding pictures to a TikTok, whether as part of a video or as a complete collage post, is a fun way to mix up your content and make it even more engaging.

And in this article, we’re going to tell you exactly how to do it.

Creating an Image Collage TikTok

A picture collage TikTok uses photos and other images from your camera reel or device, with your choice of transition and audio to breathe life into the content.

To create a TikTok from photos and images, simply select the large plus sign in the bottom centre position of your screen and then tap ‘Upload’ to the right of the capture button.

Tap in the top right hand corner of each image you want to upload, paying attention to the order in which you select them. When you’re happy with your selection, tap ‘Next’.

A toggle at the bottom of the preview screen lets you choose between editing and sharing the post as ‘Photo’ or ‘Video’. When you select ‘Video’, you get more control over editing and the transition between the images – whereas selecting ‘Photo’ makes your post a little more static but much easier to edit and share.

Adding Pictures With a Video

Alternatively, you may decide to combine some images and pictures with a video, which automatically turns your post into a video – letting you adjust the duration of each image’s appearance on the screen, add filters and other playful edits, and even layer sound and other features on top of your content.

When you opt for this style of TikTok content, you can also select the ‘Template’ icon which inputs your media into an existing format and content template – with creative transitions and extra features.

Should You Add Pictures to TikTok?

With all that in mind, are pictures and photos really as engaging as videos on TikTok?

Yes! They absolutely can be – provided you engage the editing features on offer and ensure that your images have context and added sound and other filters which enhance the content.

We hope this helps! Adding pictures is another way of creating content and turning static memories into an engaging and diverse form of content for your profile.