How to Add Your Own Sound to TikTok

One of the great things about TikTok is the balance between available content and features, and things that you can…

One of the great things about TikTok is the balance between available content and features, and things that you can add to enhance your content and make it unique.

Sounds and songs are one of those things that can easily move across the platform as underlying trends – or you can create and add your own sounds in the form of voiceovers.

What are Voiceovers on TikTok?

A voiceover on TikTok is a way of recording your own audio, which can be added to your content independently from the visual. Some users will create a compilation video of images and small video clips and use a voiceover to connect them, while others will use a voiceover to add context to a video they’re sharing.

However you choose to use the voiceover tool, this is the easiest way of enhancing your TikTok content from within the app. Alternatively, you can use third party apps which we will discuss a little more later in this article.

How to Record a Sound Via the Voiceover Tool

  1. Head to TikTok and click on the plus sign in the bottom centre of your screen, to create a new post or piece of content
  2. Record your video or upload your pictures and video clips as normal
  3. Make sure that your content is set to ‘Video’ at the bottom of the screen
  4. Select the down arrow which is underneath the icons dictating the various editing tools available to you. When you can see a full list of options and their titles, click ‘Voice’
  5. You can now browse the trending voiceover filters and sounds, or record something completely unique to match the visual aspect of your video
  6. Once you’re happy, you will move onto the editing screen which allows you to play your voiceover and video image at the same time, to see how well the two match
  7. Complete your TikTok and post it as normal

This is the best way to add your own sound to TikTok. But there are other tools available if you’re happy to use an alternative platform.

How to Add a Sound Using Third Party Apps

If you choose to use a third party app instead, you can do so by recording the sound on the other app and then uploading it to TikTok in the edit screen.

This tends to be the best option if you want to be able to edit the sound before uploading it to TikTok.

And there you have it – a quick guide to adding your own sound to TikTok. Remember, you can enable your sound to be made public and used by other creators, or you can keep it private and reserved only for your post. Choosing the former can be a good way to showcase your creativity and your profile and push your content out to a new reel of followers.

Happy recording!