How to Auto Scroll on TikTok

Auto scroll is a relatively new feature on TikTok which enables you to keep moving through and viewing new TikTok…

Auto scroll is a relatively new feature on TikTok which enables you to keep moving through and viewing new TikTok videos as soon as the previous one ends.

If you haven’t tried this already, we’d put money on you wondering whether your app does this already… after all, it feels like you’re always seeing new videos and TikTok’s right? Well, this is because scrolling is super straightforward and easy – so easy that it feels like we’re not even doing anything.

But auto scroll takes this a step further, by removing the need for you to scroll up when a video ends to watch the next one. Leaving you free to keep cooking, washing up, doing your make up, or whatever else you do when watching TikTok videos!

So, how does it work – and how do you know if you have it?

What Does Auto Scroll Do?

The way that auto scroll works is simple. Users watch a video on their ‘For You’ page, and if auto scroll is activated then that video is replaced with the next one as soon as it’s over. No manual intervention required at all.

What Are The Conditions for Auto Scroll?

As a relatively new feature on TikTok, it follows that you will need to be running an up to date version of TikTok in order to access this feature.

In addition, it’s important to note that auto scroll does not work on sponsored posts, and so before checking if you have auto scroll enabled on your device or app, scroll until you find a standard post shared by a user or creator.

Finally, you cannot auto scroll through photo posts, only videos. So, even if you enable the feature, it will pause when your ‘For You’ feed comes across a photo post.

How to Find Auto Scroll

Make sure that you are watching a TikTok video that’s been created by a user or creator and is not a paid ad or sponsored post.

Press and hold on the screen while the TikTok video is playing.

If auto scroll is available, you will see a grey icon with an arrow point upwards, and the arrow itself fading into dots at the bottom. This will be sat alongside the caption ‘Auto Scroll’.

Tap this button to activate the feature – and then watch to the end of the TikTok to see if it automatically moves onto the next video!

Is Auto Scroll Activated?

If your app is set to auto scroll, you will see a grey circle with an arrow pointing upwards, in the top right hand corner of your home screen under the magnifying glass search icon.

Clicking this icon will take you out of auto scroll mode – which tells you that if it’s there, your app is set to scroll automatically.

So, there you have it! A quick guide to the exciting new feature which makes TikTok discovery even easier to access and use as part of your everyday routines and habits!