How to Become a TikTok Moderator

TikTok is an incredibly intuitive app, with a comprehensive approach to privacy and security which supports and protects users of…

TikTok is an incredibly intuitive app, with a comprehensive approach to privacy and security which supports and protects users of all ages from harmful content, data breaches, and more.

While the app itself has bots behind it which help to assess and flag content that has been reported, moderators offer a crucial human touch which is designed to ensure problematic content does not slip through the cracks.

In this article, we’re talking all things TikTok moderators – why they’re important and how to become one yourself.

What is a TikTok Moderator?

There are two different types of moderator on TikTok.

  1. Standard TikTok Moderators
  2. TikTok Live Moderators

The standard TikTok moderators are responsible for ensuring that users on TikTok remain compliant with community guidelines. They enforce content policies as laid out by the platform and are typically employed directly by TikTok as part of the user protection scheme.

TikTok Live Moderators play a very different role and are generally volunteers whose role is to assist creators in maintaining a positive environment during a live stream. These moderators will be appointed by the creator in advance of or during the live stream and will have the power to moderate comments and chats throughout the live stream.

Becoming a Volunteer Moderator

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer moderator then you will likely fall into camp two, as a TikTok Live Moderator.

As well as maintaining a positive environment for all participants in a live stream, your other responsibilities will include:

  • Addressing inappropriate comments
  • Muting or blocking users if needs be
  • Applying keyword filters to protect specific topics from being addressed
  • Responding to user questions or concerns

These moderators are chosen by the creator and do not need to have experience but rather simply be committed to protecting the online experience of users associated with the creator.

Conversely, the process of becoming a TikTok moderator is a little more complicated…

What do You Need to Become a TikTok Moderator?

As a paid role, employed by TikTok, moderators need to be able to prove an understanding of the TikTok community guidelines, and experience in moderating online environments for users of all ages and demographics.

Eligible moderator candidates must be at least 18 years old and speak fluent English, and they must also have skills in customer service, analytics, TikTok tool and features, and general social media comms.

Their overall role is to step in once a piece of content has been flagged, evaluating the content as per TikTok’s guidelines and determining whether or not it breaks protocol and poses a risk to other users.

If it does, they can either remove the content, reinstate it, restrict visibility, or take the violation to the next step with suspension or account bans.

So, how do you prove that you’ve got what it takes to become a TikTok moderator? It all starts with a strong presence on the platform.

Top Tips on Becoming a Moderator

Aside from being able to prove your competency, some other things you can do to increase your chance of being chosen as a TikTok moderator include:

  • Engaging and networking with prolific creators, to prove to TikTok that you are committed to providing a positive experience for all users
  • Engaging with the community by following and partaking in trends and challenges
  • Acting as a volunteer moderator for experience

You can then start to think about applying for moderator roles, by searching for such roles on professional job sites and marketplaces.

And there you have it. Not only is TikTok always on the lookout for new content moderator, but becoming a volunteer or live stream moderator can also help to unlock even better connections between you and the app’s most prolific creators. Happy moderating!