How to Become an Instagram Model

Are people always telling you that “you could be a model”? If so, then this is the article for you,…

Are people always telling you that “you could be a model”?

If so, then this is the article for you, packed with advice on how to turn a charming smile into an Instagram modelling career.

What Is an Instagram Model?

An Instagram model is the same as any other model, but their work is largely centred around Instagram. This provides a direct line of contact with countless brands and businesses that may reach out and ask you to become a part of their campaign – plus it allows you to build a portfolio of work from the ground up.

Successful Instagram models will carve out a niche for themselves on the platform, resonating with both brands and followers via a certain style or look that they have. It could be plus size modelling, disability modelling, or something else; whatever it is, success as an Instagram model comes when brands and businesses reach out and want to use you as a model due to the platform you have built.

What Are Brands Looking For When Choosing an Instagram Model?

The first thing that brands want to see when choosing Instagram models is their following.

In much the same way as they do when identifying and choosing influencers, brands will look for models that share the same vision as them and that have a following that mimics the target demographic of the brand.

If, for example, a brand wants to appeal to young women in business, it will most likely reach out to potential models that fall under this umbrella and have a following that centres around this demographic.

As well as following, brands will look for models that have the right “look” for their brand.

Finally – and this is a fairly new trend – they will look for models that bring personality to their content, rather than simply taking a good photo.

So, how do you become a model using these as guiding principles?

Tips on Becoming an Instagram Model

  • Take good photos which showcase your whole look
  • Mix up your content with videos, packing your personality into as much content as you can
  • Be real and authentic on Instagram
  • Make sure that everything you post is linked back with the niche that you have carved out for yourself
  • Don’t be afraid to share reviews alongside your content. Brands are increasingly looking for models who are unapologetically authentic and who resonate with customers by sharing what the wider audience is thinking
  • Put contact information in your bio if you are interested in receiving partnership deals and offers
  • Share photos and content on stories as well as grid posts – and always be ready to take a photo when inspiration strikes!
  • Post regularly
  • Tag any brands that you are wearing in the captions under your posts, to show a commitment to authenticity and brand promotion (even if the brand hasn’t yet connected with you!)
  • Tag your photographer as well as the brands
  • Be sociable in your posts and share stories and posts which encourage engagement
  • Put together a portfolio that you can send out to interested brands and collaborators

Finally, it’s important to note that while becoming a successful Instagram model can be a good way of making some extra money, it is not going to happen overnight. You need to establish a presence and a “look” before you can hope to make money from your modelling and will likely need to model for free or in exchange for products instead of money at least initially.

Becoming an Instagram model can be a lot of fun! Have you got any tips that you can share from your own experiences?