How to Boost Instagram Followers

If engagement and stats matter to you, then you’re probably here looking for advice on how to quickly boost the…

If engagement and stats matter to you, then you’re probably here looking for advice on how to quickly boost the number of Instagram followers that you have on your profile.

There are a number of ways of doing this, spanning everything from buying authentic followers online to taking steps which maximise your reach and help to get your profile noticed by a wider pool of users.

In this article, we’re sharing some of the most effective ways of increasing your follower count – but first, a few insights on why Instagram follower count matters.

Why Might You Need to Boost Instagram Followers?

Instagram is an incredibly sociable platform and relies on engagement between followers and connected users that give each other likes and that comments on each other’s posts.

The number of followers you have is not a remote number that means nothing – it represents your Instagram community. For business and brand accounts that want to use Instagram as a marketing tool, followers are crucial for generating a return on their posts. For creators, the number of followers that they have is important for promoting their content and widening their reach.

Of course, we can’t talk about follower count without mentioning the Instagram algorithm and the fact that, like it or not, the app favours those with a big community and plenty of engagement. The more likes or comments a post gets, the more likely Instagram is to share it as a suggested post and add it to the Discovery page for potential followers – and in order to maximise those engagement numbers, you need followers.

Suffice to say, follower count isn’t just something to be proud of. It translates to…

  • More credibility with Instagram and other potential customers or clients
  • A better return on each post
  • More influence in your niche sector or industry

Here are some of the best ways to boost your follower count.

1. Know Your Audience

Perhaps the most important thing to do when setting up an Instagram account is to define and understand who your audience is. Once you have a clear idea of who you are reaching out and talking to, you can create content which is compelling to that demographic and that they will be more likely to share and hook others onto.

2. Create an Aesthetically Pleasing Grid

People use Instagram because it is full of beautiful photos, inspirational ideas, and aesthetic posts. Making your content attractive and cohesive in design is a really good way of delivering the experience that users want – they don’t want to find a chaotic and confused message, but rather something clear and concise that they can engage with.

3. Know When To Post

There’s nothing more annoying than when a really good post flies under the radar. The chances are, if this happens then you’ve posted at the wrong time for your audience.

This links back to point 1 about knowing your audience – more specifically perhaps, knowing when your audience is active and engaged.

4. Work With Other Accounts

This is one of the best tips we can give you with regards to boosting your followers – because it will get your content and profile under the eyes of prospective new followers completely effortlessly.

There are different ways of working with and collaborating with other accounts. It could be an influencer in your market that you work with, paying them or gifting them products that they will share and promote among their following. Or it could be a collaboration post with another authority figure in your industry.

5. Optimise Your Bio and Content

Content optimisation is more important than many realise on Instagram. When users search for specific keywords and search terms, Instagram uses things like your bio and your captions and use of hashtags to determine whether your content is a good fit for that search.

When handled correctly, content optimisation can be a great way of positioning your profile in the line of sight of potential new followers!

6. Create Shareable Content

How many times have you seen or read about a small brand that went viral as a result of shareable and highly compelling content?

If you can create content that users will want to share and get involved in, then you will see your follower count rise exponentially – and consistently.

7. Use The Right CTAs

CTAs, otherwise known as Calls to Action, are the statements that you put at the bottom of an Instagram caption (or indeed halfway through the caption – there are no rules!)

If you want to boost your follower count, then these CTAs should be geared towards asking users to share the post with their friends. You can ask them to tag others, save the post, add it to their own Instagram story, or simply comment with their thoughts – all actions that will promote your profile to their own pool of followers.

8. Cross-Promotion

This one is a bit of a no brainer, but if you have a really good following on another platform or a very successful website or online marketplace store, then use that as a base from which to market your Instagram profile.

You will see that many physical storefronts now have QR codes on show in their stores which connect customers to their social media accounts and profiles – a great example of using an existing set-up to boost Instagram engagement.

9. Buy Authentic Followers From a Reputable Source

Emphasis here on the ‘reputable source’ – something which is not always the standard in the social media industry.

If you want to boost your Instagram followers quickly, then there is no easier solution than buying followers – but they need to be authentic and high in quality, or else this action will simply penalise your profile and impact your position. That’s why it’s important to do your research and only opt for companies like Twicsy that protect your purchase and only work with and sell lists of real followers and users.

And there you have it – a comprehensive list of some of the best things you can do to boost your Instagram following quickly and effectively.

Have you tried any of these? Which ones work best for you?