How to Boost Reels on Instagram

Have you recently created and shared a reel on Instagram that you think has the potential to go viral –…

Have you recently created and shared a reel on Instagram that you think has the potential to go viral – if only you could boost its viewing numbers?

This is a very real problem (excuse the pun) that’s faced by countless Instagram users – with a lack of following meaning that the visibility of their reels is somewhat limited.

Which is where reel boosts come in.

Boosting a reel is essentially a way of pushing your reel out to more users, by selecting a target demographic, a budget, a goal for your reel, and how long you want the boost to remain active for.

If you are familiar with social media ads, then this operates in much the same way.

Here’s how to boost your reel on Instagram in just a few short steps.

3 Steps to Boost a Reel

  1. Open the reel that you want to boost from within your Instagram app
  2. Click on ‘Boost’ at the bottom of the reel
  3. Fill out all of the details requested, including audience, budget, duration, and end goal – then confirm your boost and overall spend

NOTE: Any reel which you request to boost will be submitted to Instagram for approval, meaning that your boost will not happen instantly. You will be notified as and when your boost is approved (or not).

Considerations Prior to Boosting a Reel

Before you head off into your Instagram app to start boosting reels and expanding the reach of your content, it’s worth noting a few limitations.

A reel which uses copyrighted music cannot be boosted. Similarly, any reel which contains interactive stickers or camera filters produced by other creators cannot be boosted.

This means that if you want to boost a reel, you need to be using footage and audio which has, ideally, been produced originally on your own device.

You also cannot boost a reel which has been shared to Facebook.

Is it Worth Boosting Reels?

If visibility and an increase in engagement is one of your main goals on Instagram, then yes – boosting your reels can be an excellent way to increase the number of eyes on your content and the exposure to your brand.

Our advice for users considering boosting their reels is to be strategic with what you post and when.

Consider the message of your reel and boost content which links seamlessly back to your brand and vision. Remember, a boosted reel may be the first interaction a potential follower or customer has ever had with your brand – so you want them to remember the content and you as a brand for all the right reasons!

We hope this helps! Boosting reels can be an efficient and effective way of pushing your content out to a wider audience – but that doesn’t mean that every reel you create will be suitable to boost.

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