How to Buy an Instagram Account

If you want to harness the following and reputation of an existing profile, then you might want to consider buying…

If you want to harness the following and reputation of an existing profile, then you might want to consider buying an Instagram account.

Now, hear us out – because this might sound odd, but it’s actually more common and more popular than you might think.

Buying an Instagram account means that you will benefit from an established audience and a pool of followers that are already engaged with that account. It could be that you are buying a specific account which operates in a chosen niche – or it could be that you’re buying an account that’s ready to populate with your own style of content and updates. Whatever your end goal, buying an account can be an easy and incredibly safe way of unlocking the best bits of Instagram virtually overnight!

The most important thing to focus on, however, is reputation and how authentic the followers on an account that you purchase are.

Things to Check When Buying an Account

If you decide to buy an Instagram account, here are a few tips to keep in mind…

  • Check what the previous usernames attached to the account were and use this information to determine how many times the account has been sold. Too many sales, and too many involved users, will lead to the account breaking violations and being penalised by Instagram.
  • Check the follower count and ensure that they are authentic by clicking on names to see if they have real and active profiles of their own.
  • Make sure that as part of the purchase, you get access to the original email address and password – so that the seller can’t lock you out of the account once they have your money!
  • Once you have the email address and password, change it to your own credentials as a matter of urgency.
  • Buy from a reputable seller only – this is crucial.

Where to Buy an Instagram Account

If you’re in the market for an established account with a multitude of followers, then you need to do your research to discover what an account you’re interested in is worth. You should also look at whether you want to buy an account within your niche industry or market and continue to post on top of its existing content or start from scratch.

Typically you can use online forums and platforms like eBay, approach account owners directly and see if they are willing to sell their account or try buying an account via a middleman company that deals in these transactions.

Whatever you decide to do, the number one rule of buying an account, followers, or anything like that is to check authenticity and ensure that you do everything in your power to protect your purchase!