How to Change Location on TikTok

There are a few different ways that TikTok uses and accesses location data. For one thing, being able to see…

There are a few different ways that TikTok uses and accesses location data.

For one thing, being able to see where you and your device are can help the app to personalise the user experience. This means that TikTok can show ads for locations that are close to you and ensure that you only see applicable and relevant local content.

In addition, having your location data on means that you can add and tag locations in your posts and uploads. This is especially valuable if you are sharing content from a specific location and want to share that information with followers.

But how do you set / change your location in TikTok?

Accessing Location Services on TikTok

Before we talk about the location services available on TikTok, a few things to note…

  • Location data services are only available for users over the age of 18
  • Some regions do not support or allow location services

If location services are available in your region and you are over the age of 18, then you can find them in your settings.

Head to your profile and select the menu button, then ‘Settings and Privacy’. Click on ‘Privacy’ then head into the ‘Location Services’ menu.

In this part of your settings, you can personalise the way that TikTok uses location data from your device. The benefit of having location services on is that the app will continue to personalise and tailor content according to your location. However, if you turn the setting off then TikTok will only be able to estimate your location.

You can even delete all past location data and history with a quick press of the button at the bottom of the menu.

Adding a Location to a Post

If you want to add a location to a TikTok post, to highlight a local business or add context to your latest upload, you can do so in the final editing screen before sharing your TikTok.

On the final screen, which is where you will also add the caption and tag any other users, you will be invited to add a Location. You can either search for the destination that you want to tag and choose a specific location remotely, or let your app identify where you are and tag your position.

We hope this helps you to personalise your experience – and shows that location isn’t just something that TikTok uses to see where you are. In fact, it can help to make your TikTok experience even better!