How to Change Order of Instagram Post?

If you’re a fan of a carousel post or looking to update your followers on a recent day out or…

If you’re a fan of a carousel post or looking to update your followers on a recent day out or celebration with a multi-image post, then this article is for you.

In it, we’re letting you know how to change the order of your Instagram post so that you have complete control over the carousel cover and the order through which your followers can view each picture.

5 Steps to Change The Order Of a Carousel Post

  1. Click on the plus icon in a square box to start a new post
  2. Above the grid of available photos to add to your post, select the icon that looks like a stack of squares on top of each other. Each photo underneath this button should now have a circle in the corner.
  3. Select the image that you want to start your carousel post with. This is important because this will form the first slide on your carousel and is the first picture that followers will see when they come across your post.
  4. Select photos in the order that you want to them to appear, up to a total of 10 images. If you decide that you’ve got the order wrong, click on the incorrect image again to remove it from the line up and to push all the other pictures forward.

NOTE: Every picture you add to your carousel immediately falls into last place on the order, but you can delete any picture from earlier in the post to move it up one.

  1. Keep playing around until the numbers in the circles on each picture match the order that you want the pictures to appear.

You can double check the order and how the images look in that order by selecting ‘Next’ at any time and scrolling through the full carousel. Any changes can be made quickly and easily by clicking back to the ‘Next Post’ page and changing the order as above.

Can You Change The Order After Posting?

There are some things that you can change about an Instagram post after sharing it with your followers. Unfortunately, the order of your carousel of pictures is not one of them.

If you share an update and accidentally add a picture that you didn’t want to share into your carousel, you will need to delete the post and start again.

Why Would You Change The Order of a Post?

There are countless reasons why you might want to change the order of a post – either because an existing order doesn’t make sense, or because you missed something out in the middle of a carousel.

Whatever your reason, changing the order of your post couldn’t be easier in the editing stage of the upload. Just be sure to make any changes before you decide to share the post to your page – otherwise you will find that the only way to fix the order is by deleting the post and starting again!