How to Change Theme on Instagram

Did you know that Instagram comes in a couple of different colours and themes? In a bid to make the…

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Did you know that Instagram comes in a couple of different colours and themes?

In a bid to make the app and user experience as accessible as possible, Instagram has added a new Themes function which builds on the idea of dark mode for Instagram and lets users adjust the theme of individual chats and group chats.

The theme is, in short, a way of colour coding the chat. It changes everything from the colour of the buttons to the background of the chat – with Instagram adding themes which link to popular movies and media concepts as well as simple colours.

In this short blog, we’re sharing a 3 step guide on changing the theme of an Instagram chat.

3 Steps to Change Your Instagram DM Theme

  1. Open Instagram messages using the paper airplane icon in the top right hand corner. Select the chat that you want to personalise and theme.
  2. Click on the name of the user or chat along the top of the screen. A screen will appear, presenting all of your shared media in a grid format as well as other options to visit their profile, mute the chat, or search within the chat for some more information.
  3. Click on ‘Theme’ and scroll through the different themes available.

Once you select a theme, you will instantly notice that the look and aesthetic of your chat changes. Instagram’s most popular themes are the colourful ones linked with relevant media releases and trends, found at the top of the list of options. Scrolling down will show you countless colour schemes to theme your chats on instead.

We hope this helps you to make your Instagram a more colourful experience!

And don’t forget, depending on the device that you access Instagram on, you can also adjust your entire app colour palette and move it from Light to Dark. On Android, this can be done within the app itself while on iPhone, you have to adjust the entire device settings to move from Light to Dark mode and vice versa.