How to Delete All TikTok Videos At Once

TikTok is an app that’s built on the sharing of videos. As such, everything that users and creators do is…

TikTok is an app that’s built on the sharing of videos.

As such, everything that users and creators do is geared towards creating, sharing, engaging with, and searching for great videos and memorable content that either feeds a specific interest or offers inspiration.

But what happens when you want to take your TikTok account in a different direction, or start from scratch with a whole new range of content and a new community to boot?

Sure, you could simply create a new account and build from scratch. But if you’ve already got a high following and a solid community, you might think it’s easier to delete all your videos and start from zero.

Well, if you’re leaning towards the latter, we hope you’ve got some time on your hands. Because unfortunately, TikTok does not make deleting all of your videos quite that easy. Instead, deleting videos is something that has to be done manually, one at a time.

Why Can’t You Delete All Videos At Once?

The answer to this could go in a number of directions – however, the chances are that TikTok doesn’t allow the deletion of your videos all in one go, because of the high risk of making a mistake and accidentally deleting everything if you only meant to delete one or two.

The manual deleting process is mainly considered a means of protecting content from being accidentally selected and deleted – by making the process slow and more considered.

The Best Way to Delete Multiple Videos

If you do want to strip your TikTok account of video content and start from scratch, the best thing to do is open each video manually and delete it via the sweeping arrow pop up menu.

NOTE: Once videos are deleted, the action is permanent, and they cannot be recovered. If you think you may change your mind in the future, considering archiving or downloading them before you delete them, so that they remain available should you want them.

Suffice to say, deleting all of your TikTok videos is not necessarily a quick or easy process – but if you’re committed and want to start again with zero videos, you can do it manually via the individual video delete button.