How to Delete an Instagram Account Without The Password

If you decide to delete your Instagram account, you might be wondering what exactly you need to do. Well, in…

If you decide to delete your Instagram account, you might be wondering what exactly you need to do.

Well, in order to verify and confirm the action, you will need to enter your password.

Why? Because deleting an account cannot be done through the Instagram app on a mobile device – which is what most users choose to access Instagram from on a regular basis. Instead, if you want to delete your account you need to do so from a computer or at least via the web browser on your device rather than the app.

For most users, this means first logging in and then deleting the account.

How to Access Your Password

If you’ve forgotten your password, whether it be due to inactivity or because you’ve been logged into the app for so long that you’ve forgotten the password completely, then you will first need to reset it.

To do this, use the device that you commonly use to access Instagram and visit your profile page. From there, head to your privacy settings, then select ‘Accounts Centre’, ‘Password and Security’, and ‘Change password’.

Once you’re in, you can change the password for your Instagram account to something that you will remember more easily, then use this new password to login on a web browser or computer.

How to Delete Your Account

Having changed the password and successfully logged into your Instagram account, you can visit the ‘Delete Account’ page on a web browser and complete the process here.

As part of this, you will be asked for a reason why you are deleting your account.

Once complete and confirmed, your account will be hidden for 30 days and then removed completely after that. If, during the 30 days, you change your mind, then you can unlock and undo the deletion with relative ease – restoring full access to your account.

NOTE: If you find that you are already logged into the browser but cannot remember the password to confirm you want to delete the account, you can also reset your password from the ‘Delete’ page.

How to Bypass The Password Completely

There is another way of having an account deleted without following any of the above steps, and that’s by reporting the account or profile and having it deleted by Instagram internally.

It may be possible for you to report the account as a fake or imposter profile, which will result in it getting deleted on your behalf without further action. This may take time and will rely on you using another login to access the reporting feature – however, if you’re simply removing an old or dormant profile that you no longer have easy access to, this can be the easiest way to bypass the password.

Following these steps should help you to delete an old or unused Instagram account, whether or not you already know all the login details. If you want to hide the account but may wish to access it again in the future, another option is to disable the account so that it is not visible but can still be reopened should you want to.