How to Delete Liked Videos on TikTok

There are two different ways of removing or deleting a video that you have liked on TikTok. The ‘Like’ action…

There are two different ways of removing or deleting a video that you have liked on TikTok.

The ‘Like’ action is linked to the little heart icon, and lets creators know how many people have watched and engaged with their content. This heart icon which sits next to each video on TikTok supports the algorithm and is a quick indication of how popular a particular video is.

In this article, we’re letting you know how to delete a like, both immediately after liking and at a later date.

How to Remove a Like Immediately

When you ‘Like’ a video on TikTok, you can simply click on the heart icon which is positioned on the right hand side of the video. This lets the creator know that you appreciate their content and lets TikTok know that you enjoy this kind of content.

If you accidentally click the ‘Like’ button or want to remove your interaction for whatever reason, you can do so by simply clicking on the heart again.

The heart, which turns pink when you ‘Like’ the video, will turn white again upon removal of your like.

This is the preferred method of deleting a like if you still have the video open on your feed.

Deleting a Video From Your Liked Videos Grid at a Later Date

If you ‘Like’ a video and then want to delete it from your Liked videos at a later date, follow these steps…

  1. Navigate to your profile on TikTok
  2. Along the top of your grid, you will see a series of icons. Click on the one on the far right, which is a small heart
  3. When this heart is selected, every video that you have liked on TikTok will appear
  4. To delete a video from this ‘Liked’ grid on your profile, simply click on the video to open it and then tap the heart to remove your like

And there you have it! Deleting your liked videos will help to keep your content fresh and will keep TikTok informed of the kind of content that you enjoy and want to see more of in your ‘For You’ feed. We hope this helps.