How to Do a Poll on Instagram

An Instagram poll is a great tool for engagement and for easily collecting the opinions of your followers – whether…

An Instagram poll is a great tool for engagement and for easily collecting the opinions of your followers – whether as part of a personal venture or something relating to a brand or business page.

How you conduct a poll is completely up to you, with every part of the poll easy to edit – enabling you to collect anything from ‘Yes/No’ answers to more specific responses spanning wider options depending on your audience and the question that you want to ask.

Creating a poll couldn’t be easier. Here’s how to do it in just 5 steps.

5 Steps to Create a Poll on Instagram

  1. Navigate to your Instagram profile and click on the plus sign in the square box to create a new piece of content. Select ‘Story’.
    How to Do a Poll on Instagram 1
  2. Choose or take a photo to act as the backdrop for your poll. This could be relevant to the vote that you want to collect, or something random but aesthetically pleasing. Once you’ve got the background image sorted, click on the square with a smiley face to add layers to your story.
    How to Do a Poll on Instagram 2
  3. Click on ‘Poll’ which should be somewhere towards the top of your interactive options.
  4. Your poll box will appear – complete with editable ‘Ask a Question’ and the answer boxes. You can add more boxes if you have more than two answers that you want to offer, tailoring the poll to your audience and end goal.
  5. Once your poll is ready to go, post your story as normal and watch the votes and responses start to flood in!

How to Access The Results of Your Poll

As with any Instagram story, your poll will be live for 24 hours before disappearing – however, you don’t have to wait that long to start seeing the results.

As soon as a single user has voted once, the poll will start to update live, with followers able to see the full poll once they themselves have voted. This is shown as a percentage, though as the creator you can see exact votes, who voted for which answer, and how many total voters you had through your story view stats.

The Benefits of Polls on Instagram

On a primarily interactive app, where the best and most successful business and creator profiles engage in back-and-forth communication with their followers, polls are a quick and easy way to collect feedback, identify topics to discuss, and share opinions.

When you share a poll on your Instagram story, you create a very easy Call to Action which inspires your followers to get involved. This gives you further insight into who is actively engaged with your content, and who isn’t.

What’s more, a poll can be a genuinely useful way of collecting useful and important information from your community.

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