How to Do Green Screen on TikTok

Green screens are synonymous with action movies, with fantastical sets, and with the kind of things we see on screen…

Green screens are synonymous with action movies, with fantastical sets, and with the kind of things we see on screen that can’t possibly be real.

You wouldn’t believe how many TV slides and movie clips that we watch are filmed on or again a green screen backdrop, from children’s movies to the daily weather update in your region.

But green screens take on a whole new lease of life when it comes to TikTok – enabling users to turn their actual background into the kind of backdrop which reflects and adds context to their video. Best of all, you don’t need a physical green screen to access and use this feature on TikTok, as the app has a built in feature which does it all for you.

What is the Green Screen Feature on TikTok?

The green screen feature or tool on TikTok is a type of filter which enables users to change the background of their video to a photo or image of their choosing.

There are different variations and intensities of this feature. For example, while some reserve the personalisation to the background only, other green screen tools allow you to change the colour and pattern on an item of clothing or detail in the foreground of your video.

What Can You Do With the Green Screen Feature?

The green screen effect can be used to personalise and tailor the setting on any TikTok video.

It is a popular effect used for those filming a reaction to an existing video or photo, placing their face over the top of the contextual imagery or clip.

By doing this, your content delivers even more impact and is a great way to bring visuals to life.

5 Steps to Use the Green Screen Feature on TikTok

  1. Inside the TikTok app, click on the plus sign in the centre of the screen along the bottom. This will open the screen which invites you to start creating a new TikTok
  2. Click on the ‘Effects’ button, located to the left of the main record button
  3. Along the scrollable list of different ‘Effects’ filters, scroll until you find the ‘Green Screen’ settings option
  4. Browse the various options in the grid below, which include placing a photo behind your face, uploading a video, placing yourself beside a video, adding your face to an existing body, splitting the screen, and so much more
  5. Once you’ve found the right option for you, set your chosen background image or video and then capture your TikTok on top of it

And voila! This feature makes for even more tailored and engaging content and is a fun way to produce your own reaction video to something trending. Happy green screening!