How to Do the Ageing Filter on TikTok

TikTok is rife with trends – some of which are fun and easy to get involved in, and others of…

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TikTok is rife with trends – some of which are fun and easy to get involved in, and others of which are a little more niche.

The ageing filter is one of the trends that we would slot into the former category of fun and engaging, giving users a chance to age themselves from the comfort of their own home, and share a look at their reflection many years or even decades down the line.

Here’s how to get involved.

Finding the Age Filter

The old age filter uses AI to guess how users might look many years down the line – adding wrinkles, grey hair, and other features that will change as they age.

This is not a new concept with both Snapchat and third party apps offering this kind of feature and trend in the past, however with AI becoming more and more astute, it seems as if the results are genuinely engaging people with their future reflections.

To get involved on TikTok, users need to put their face in the frame and then search for ‘Aged’ in the effects tab. A specific filter will appear which takes your image and transforms it in front of your eyes.

Users can take a photo or record a video with their new look, sharing it with followers (or reserving it for their eyes only!)

Younger Users – Worry Not!

Believe it or not, this playful trend is actually igniting some fears among younger users who see the state of their reflection and are worried about the effects of ageing.

Experts have been quick to remind users of all ages that these trends and filters are just for fun, and that someone’s appearance cannot be accurately predicted as so much relies on their lifestyle, habits, health, and more.

The ageing filter should be regarded as simply a fun trend to get involved with – nothing more or less!