How to Do Transitions on TikTok

The transition on a TikTok video is the part of a video which teases and leads into the next section…

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The transition on a TikTok video is the part of a video which teases and leads into the next section – in a way which is not only relevant but also creative and clever.

This transition needs to be quick and seamless, but it also needs to make sense.

Some popular examples include:

  • Walking up to the camera with a hand outstretched, and then walking away with a whole new look
  • Swiping your hand to mimic a swipe to the next screen
  • Snapping your fingers to change outfit, change location, or change your look

In essence, the transition of a video is the creative way that you change the visual and make your video both more engaging and more immersive.

In this article, we’re sharing a quick guide on how to create and perfect one of these transitions on your next TikTok video.

7 Steps to Create a Transition for Your TikTok Video

  1. Tap the plus sign in the bottom of your TikTok screen to create a new video
  2. Select the ideal duration for your TikTok video, e.g., 15 seconds
  3. Tap the ‘Timer’ icon. This breaks your full 15 second video in a series of small timer sections
  4. During each small section, perform the same transition movement that you’ve chosen – in different locations, outfits, or settings
  5. When you click the red tick, you will be able to watch your full 15 second TikTok through, stitching together the different sections that have been filmed individually
  6. You can now enter the editing phase, where you can adjust the playback to ensure the most seamless possible transition – ensuring that each click, clap, or swipe of your hand runs perfectly into the next frame
  7. Once you’re happy, you can add any other elements (for example, text boxes, audio, and captions), and finally share your TikTok

And voila! This is a process which will only improve with practice. And with so many different transition ideas to try out, you can rest assured that your videos will never be boring!